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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sometimes you're know you're crazy.

There are a variety of reasons that I'm totally crazy. I mean how many others would devote so much of their time and money to do some of the stupid crazy stuff we do? Case in point being our large and silly collection of vintage Nintendo stuff. I mean I know I'm not the only one who collects that stuff, but I have to think I'd be the only one really excited about some of the really odd ball stuff. Like for example this Zelda Trash Can that recently went across eBay.

Now I really, really really wanted that trash can I wanted it so much I bid $30 not including the $10 shipping fee, for it. In my mind that was way higher than I probably should have bid considering I'm pretty much tapped out at the moment, but still was enough that I thought it was secure victory. If I had won it I was going to declare it an early christmas present from Jen. However when I came home from running errands that day it ended and saw that I lost, I was of course disappointed, and expected I'd probably lsot by $0.50 or so like usual but, no Someone was not only crazier than me they were twice as crazy as I was and it ended at over $60 not including the shipping. Someboday paid $70 ($72.09 to be completely accurate) to own a small metal trash can. First I thought, well they sure are crazy, I wouldn't pay that much. Then reality hit me, I wouldn't pay that much because I couldn't afford that much. If I had the money I'd totally be bragging about my $70 small metal trash can right now.

See, totally crazy.


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