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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Collection Update: Cel Gallery Update

We recently had the chance to add some more niece piece to our cel collection and we're thrilled to share them.

First up Toon Makers Sailor Moon cel:

This features the alternate universe Sailor Moon in what we can only assume is some version of Moon Tiara action. There's several intersting costume changes from the real Sailor moon we all know and love like the extra tired sleeves, the higher necked bodices, the pink accent color and of course her hair style.  Even more interesting is that on one of her sketches, her vaguely moon shaped broach is a rose instead. Both the sketches can be viewed in our cel gallery. I think anyone who's a Sailor moon fan is happy that the Toon Makers version of Sailor Moon never made it past the pilot stage. However as collectors who love cels and getting some of the weirdest Sailor Moon merchandise we can this cel is an exciting find.

Next is Jajuka from the Escaflowne movie:

The escaflowne movie has redesigned characters as opposed to the anime and we personally prefer them, though honestly we're pretty happy with just about anything Nobuteru Yuki does character designs for and he did both movie and TV series. In any case we've been looking for some nice cels from the movie for some time, our search has mostly been focuse on Allen but with Jen's cat collecting habits Jajuka isn't surprising. This cel has really great art, from the movement in his hair, to his piercing eyes, and even the blood spray, it's all beautiful.

Next Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Miyu:

This is beautiful shot of Miyu from one of the OVAs we actually spotted this shot when we last watched them a few months back, but then promptly forgot which one it's from. Really gorgeous art here though the little details make this really special like the two small strands of hair framing the side of her face, her individual eyelashes and the slight dip in her Kimono, Such a lovely piece we're pleased to have added to our collection

Finally Kohaku from the Wish Music Video:

We both really liked the Wish Manga and are sad that it never got it's own anime. At least we got a cute music video to collect cels from, unfortunately as there is only a short music video cels are very rare. We've been after a nice cel of adult Kohaku for a long time and when this one popped up we didn't hesitate to buy it immediately.She's loks so beautiful and serene here right before she opens her hands to Suichiro. We're very happy to have it in our collection.

Those are our favorites among our most recent additions, but we have a few more new pieces in our cel gallery. We hope you enjoy looking at them at much as we do :)


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last minute Christmas shopping guide: 11 Gifts for Retro Gamers

There's a few shopping days left before mailing cut offs. So if you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered. If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

 We're doing a series of these shopping guides and this is our final guide, gift for retro gamers.

We have tons of vintage game collectibles for sale. Gaming goods are our primary personal collection and because we like them so much we stock a bunch of them.

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Plushie:

Knuckles plush for sale

Back when Sonic and Knuckles came out, it was the coolest thing most gamers had ever seen. Not only did we get a sweet new sonic character, but he could be back ported into the previous Sonic games. And thus everyone's love for knuckles was born. This plush is a lot newer but it still retains Knuckles' vintage flair. A fun gift for any fan priced at just $8.

1989 Legend of Zelda Link Shaped Gum Container:

Vintage Legend of Zelda Collectible for sale
This is a super vintage NES era Link gum container, note his delightfully simplistic old school character design. Everyone loves the Link, so there's pretty much no way to go wrong with this gift choice unless the recipient tries to eat the 24 year old candy. If you don't let that happen it's $13 worth of vintage gift goodness.

Sonic The Hedgehog Joyride Figure:

Joyride Sonic the Hedgehog Figure for Sale

Sonic has been a fan favorite ever since his first game hit the Genesis back in 1991, and with good reason as the vintage sonic games are some of the best ever made. This particular Sonic is made by Joyride and was a aprt of the hard to find 90s line of Gamepro figures. He's a piece missing from a lot of sonic collection a great gift choice for $40.

Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Figure:

Final Fantasy 8 Seifer Figure for sale
Final Fantasy has been a staple game series for the last 26 years, but the Playstation era games really took them up a notch. Anyone who owned a playstation and had even a passing interest in RPGs put at least few hours into the games. Really those 90s days of excellent PS1 RPGs hasn't been matched since.  Help a friend remember those glorious PS1 days where the JRPGS were plentiful and well crafted by giving them Seifer with his trademark gunblade just $10.

Tekken 3 Xiaoyu and Panda Figure:

Tekken 3 Figure for Sale
Tekken was the fighter that defined fighting games for the PS1 and Tekken 3 is certainly one of the best Tekken games ever made, if not the best. Xiaoyu's first appearance is in Tekken 3 (though she's in every subsequent game) and this vintage figure from 1998 features her in her original outfit with panda. She's only $12 and the perfect gift for an old school Tekken fan.

Vintage Super Mario Brothers Trophy Figure:

Mario Trophy Figure for sale
This is a vintage 1998 Mario Trophy Figure featuring Bowser and Princess Peach. This has both of them with their original 80's character designs. This is in great shape and would be sure to delight any retro Mario fan. It's an awesome gift priced at $30.

Virtua Fighter UFO Catcher Plush Pai:

Virtua Fighter Pai for Sale
I'm old enough to remember when Virtua Fighter was the hottest thing in the arcade. While other games where still relying on old 2D sprites, Virtua Fighter introduced us to the world of 3D fighting. By today's standards it's pretty amazingly polygonal and kind of ugly, but that doesn't mean it doesn't ignite the flame of nostalgia. This is UFO Catcher plush features Pai in her Virtua Fighter 2 outfit and thankfully is a lot less blocky than her in game counterpart. She's got her original tag and is the perfect gift for retro fighting game enthusiasts priced at just $6

Vintage 1987 NES Promo Box Art RC Pro AM:

Vintage NES promo for sale
This is an incredibly hard to find Mock Up Box for the NES Classic, RC Pro AM. This features full box art from the front and the back of the game on heavy weight card stock. This was probably used in stores in lieu of letting customers handle actual games before purchase. A really unique piece for anyone's collection, if you know a hardcore NES fanis sure to be one of the most unique things they've ever gotten and it's a deal at $12.

Vintage 1980s Pacman Mug:

Vintage Pacman Mug for Sale
There's not a lot to say about Pac-Man other than seriously, who doesn't love Pac-Man? You could give this mug to your grandma and she'd know who it was how many video game characters can most of us say that about? This mug feature's Pac-Man's old design where he still had a nose and the ghost have arms. At $12 this is a really delightful gift sure to make anyone's morning coffee better.

 1982 Donkey Kong Sticker Card of Mario:

1980s Mario from Donkey Kong Sticker for Sale
I know this will be hard for some people to believe but at one time Mario wasn't a plumber, he was a carpenter. Not only that he sported a curly handlebar mustache and was in love with Pauline instead of Princess Peach. Crazy but true. This card is part of the Donkey Kong card collection (of which we have several if you're looking for vintage DK/mario/pauline goodness) and is a really fun image of that earliest incarnation of the Mario we know and love today. Just $2 to give your favorite Mario fan a laugh.

Street Fighter Alpha Pencilboard:

Street Fighter Alpha Pencil Board for sale
Street Fighter Alpha was one  of 1995's best arcade games,  and was a treat for Street Fighter fans who  had to wait 4 years for a game that wasn't just a variation on Street Fighter II. It introduced new character and storylines that became part of the standard story for the games. This Street Fighter pencil baord has an awesome image of Akuma and Ryu facing off. it would look fantastic in anyones game room, a great gift choice and it's on sale for just $6.

We seriously have tons more gift perfect for the retro game lover in your life, so if you don't like this list check out the rest of our vintage (and newer) gaming memorabilia for sale.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last minute Christmas shopping guide: 10 gifts for 90's Kids

There's a few shopping days left before mailing cut offs. So if you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered. If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're doing a series of these shopping guides and this is our third, a 90s toy guide.

Here's 10 gifts guaranteed to make any 90's kid glow with warm fuzzy nostalgia.

Original Tamagotchi New in Box:

Vintage 90s Tamagotchi Toy new in box
Tamgotchi and similar digital pets were just about everywhere in the mid to late 90s. This one is the original US release and is still new in it's original box. A Fantastic gift for just $25

Vintage 6 inch Sailor Moon Doll from 1995:

Vintage Sailor Moon doll for sale.
 You can't talk about the 90's and ignore Sailor Moon it just can't be done! This is Sailor Moon doll is from the very first line of Sailor Moon toys released in the US. Many people who caught Sailor Moons first run in the US (before it was on Toonami) probably had one of these of desperately wanted one. This one is still sealed in the box and she's only $10  making a perfect, wallet friendly gift for Sailor Moon fans who grew up watching the show.

Micro Machines Z bots toy:

Vintage Z-bots figure for sale
Z-bots were basically the Micro Machines version of transformers, half vehicle half robot in the delightfully small Micro Machines scale.This is Skyborg the helicopter and is a military variant so he has a camo pattern, a great little stocking stuffer priced at $2.50.

Spice Girls Doll Ginger Spice:

Ginger Spice doll for sale
The Spice Girls epitomized the 90s an all girl group with chunky highlights, singing infectious pop songs in platform shoes. This vintage doll is still in the box and would make a fantastic bit of kitschy nostalgia for any 90s kid,  a great gift choice for just $8.

Xena Warrior Princess Figure:

Vintage Xena Warrior Princess Figure for Sale
The 90's were full of live action fantasy TV shows, and Xena may have been one of the most memorable that was aimed at adults. This is an action figure of Xena in her original outfit from when she was just a recurring character on Hercules. A fun piece of nostalgia priced at $5.00

X-Men Wolverine Plush:

Japanese X-Men Wolverine Plush for sale
Obviously X-Men is older than the '90s,  but many of us spent our Saturday Mornings faithfully watching every episode of the cartoon show on Fox Kids. This is fan favorite wolverine as a cuddly Japanese UFO Catcher doll from 1994. (the cartoon show was dubbed for Japan and ran at about the same time). These plush are hard to find so it's unlikely most X-Men fans already have them.  For $12 you can be a great gifter and remedy that for them.

Power Rangers Lord Zedd Figure:

Power Rangers Lord Zedd Figure for sale
I'm pretty sure everyone watched Power rangers in the 90's even if you didn't like it, you watched it because it was everywhere. Even though Power rangers has gone through many incarnations now I think many of us still fondly remember the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and probably think that in spite of it's many flaws it was the best one of the series. This is a newer figure of Zedd in a SD form, but he's still bring anyold school  Power Rangers fan a bit of nostalgia. At only $5 a great choice for a stocking stuffer.

Star Trek The Next Generation Q Figure:

Star Trek The Next Generation Figure for sale
Star Trek TNG started in the late 80s. but most of us associate it with the 90s. This is the enigmatic trickster, Q in action figure form. This figure has Q in a medieval style clothing with a variety of weapons. Still new in the original package, a perfect gift for just $5.

Pokemon Butterfree Figure:

Pokemon Butterfree Figure for sale
One of the greatest gifts of the 90's was surely the Pokemon explosion,  which luckily for fans like myself,  is still going strong today. This is one of the original 150 Pokemon, Butterfree. This is a cute little figure and a great nostalgia piece for the Pokemon fan on your shopping list priced at only $6.

Disney Pocahontas and Meeko Figure:

Disney Pochahontas Figure
The 90's Disney Renaissance gave us some of the best animated films ever made, Pocahontas fell near the end of that period and though it's incredibly historically inaccurate it's still an enjoyable memorable film. This is an adorable little figure of Meeko braiding Pocahontas' hair. A cute little gift for any fan that's just $5.

We've got lots more vintage 90's collectibles for sale on our site as well so even if you don't see something on this list, we've probably got the perfect gift just waiting to be found.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: 10 Gifts for Sailor Moon Fans

There's a few shopping days left before mailing cut offs. So if you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered. If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our second Sailor Moon guide. If you've got a Sailor Moon fan on your holiday shopping list, we have a huge selection of  vintage Sailor Moon items available. We have everything from Sailor Moon manga to Sailor Moon dolls to sailor Moon Stationery & Stickers and just about anything else Sailor Moon you can think of!

 We have variety of unique and interesting Sailor Moon toys available.

Sailor Moon  Sailor Neptune Doll in Box:

Sailor Neptune Doll for Sale
This Sailor Neptune doll is part of the old "noseless" line of dolls released in North America way back in 1995. She's been opened but is still in the box with most her original accessories. Neptune is a hard to find doll and she'd be welcome addition to a lot of Sailor Moon collection a great gift for $38.

Japanese Sailor Moon Bottle Opener:

Sailor Moon Bottle Opener for Sale
There's a whole variety of Japanese Sailor moon kitchen items for the Moonie with Culinary interests but this bottle opener is great even for those who's cooking tends to be more about opening a take out menu. This bottle opener is still new on the card a great gift for a Sailor Moon fan who has almost everything else  and at only $9 it's well within most gift budgets.

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Keychain:

Sailor Mars Key Chain for Sale
This Sailor Moon Key Chain is from Sailor Moon's first merchandise revival around the year 2000. This is a flat PVC Keychain of Sailor Mars, it'd make a great stocking stuffer and is only $4.50. (If Mars isn't your preferred scout we have a few others in this style as well)

Japanese Sailor Moon S Sliding Puzzle:

Japanese Sailor Moon Puzzle for Sale
This is a plastic sliding style tray puzzle. It features a great Sailor Moon group shot that includes: Sailor Moon Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Luna and Artemis. This is still in it's original package with the toei seal on it. Only $10 for this fun gift.

Japanese Sailor Moon Magnet Set:

Sailor Moon Magnet set for sale
This Japanese set of magnets has 8 different designs. These would be great gracing the front of any Moonie's fridge. A fun and unique gift for only $8.

Sailor Moon Necklace and Earrings Set:

Sailor Moon Necklace Set for sale
A vintage Sailor Moon Jewelry set dating from around 1995. This features the a 5 of the Sailor Senshi from the original anime in a circular pendant with star earrings, kind of dated looking at this point, but certainly a fun vintage accessory for any fan priced at $8.

Sailor Jupiter Bento Plushie:

Sailor Jupiter Plush Doll for sale
This plushie features Makoto Kino, AKA Sailor Jupiter in her school uniform holding a bento bag. She's super cute and still has her original hang tag. And adorable gift for any Jupiter fan that's only $10

Sailor Moon Tea Set Miniature Tea Cup:

Sailor Moon Mini Porcelain Tea Cup For Sale
This tiny teacup was part of a Sailor Moon gashapon miniature tea set. This cup is a little larger than a US penny and is the perfect size for dolls or just as a display piece. It's new in package and is just $6.50, a really cute unique gift for any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Moon 6 inch Dolls New in Box:

Sailor Moon pretty face doll for sale
This is a 2000 era "pretty face" 6 inch Sailor Moon doll still sealed in her original box. This is Sailor Moon herself. A cute little doll and would make a fantastic gift for just about any moon fan at only $15 it won't break the bank either.

Sailor Moon animation cel:

Sailor Moon anime cel for sale
For a gift that's truly unique, we have this Sailor Moon animation cel. This was hand painted by a Japanese animator and was actually used in the making of Sailor Moon episode 81. This one of a kind collectible is only $25 a great deal for such an amazing gift.

Those are some of our top toy picks, but we have loads of other Sailor Moon Merchandise available we certainly have something wonderful in stock for your moonie fan.

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: 10 Gifts for 80s kids

There's a few shopping days left before mailing cut offs. So fi you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next couple days and this is our first focusing on gifts for 80s kids. Being old enough to fondly remember our 80's childhoods means that we stock a decent amount of 80s collectibles. We have stuff from Care BearsMasters of the Universe, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids and at least a little something from just about every corner of 80s pop culture.

Here's our this years top gift picks for those of us who still fondly remember 80s toys.

Vintage Pac Man and Ghosts Sheet:

Vintage Pac-Man Bedsheet for sale
Pac-Man was everywhere in the early 80s pretty much everyone succumbed to Pac-man fever at one point or another. This vintage twin sized sheet is an especially fun pattern as it shows the many faces of 80s Pac-man, big nose Pac-man, vaguely ghost shaped with legs Pac-man, and the more recognizable, pie with a slice missing Pac-man, who appears in both his 3d and 2d versions in this pattern. In addition to being great for  for just $12.

Jem Animation Sketch Signed by Samantha Newark:

Jem and the Holograms animation sketch for sale

Jem was one of the most iconic and memorable cartoons from the 80s and is currently in the process of getting a movie treatment. This is an original animation sketch of Jerrica, Jem's normal personality. This sketch signed by Samantha Newark who was the speaking voice of both Jem & Jerrica. This is a unique piece and would be an amazing gift for any Jem for only $55.

Fashion Star Fillies Chloe:

Fashion Star Fillies Chole for sale

Fashion Star Fillies were like My Little Pony's elegant older sisters. It's very likely if you liked ponies you probably got a few of these Kenner made counterparts. This particular Filly is Chloe and is still looks lovely even though she's fast approaching 30. She's $10  and is sure to delight anyone who grew up coveting pretty ponies.

Masters of The Unicerse He-Man & Skeletor Laundry Bag:

Vintage He-Man Collectible for sale
Anyone who knows someone who collects Masters of the Universe toys and collectibles knows that there's a ton of merchandise available but most of it is fairly similar. So if you're looking for something unique for a collector who has just about everything else, this He-Man Laundry bag is great choice. It's very rare, we've only seen a handful of them for sale, so most collectors don't even knew it exsists! $25 for this gift to surprise and delight your favorite MOTU fan.

ALF Robin  Hood Figure:

ALF figure for sale
ALF the fuzzy cat munching alien from Melmac was an 80s phenomenon appealing to kids and adults alike. This little figure of him dressed as Robin Hood actually comes from the cartoon show, which actually ran into the early 90s, but ALF is defintely an 80s icon. This fun piece of Kitsch it's only $2 a great stocking stuffer!

Tranformers Record and Storybook:

Vintage 80s Transformers Book and Record for sale
 I remember loads of these book and record combos from my 80s childhood. (records played on Fisher Price record players naturally) This Transformers book is in good shape for it's age and the accompanying record is in even better shape. This set is $10 and a really fun piece of nostalgia any Transformers fan would love to get as a gift. Double fun if you give it to someone with kids and watch them attempt to explain how the big black things can play music and sounds.

Fisher Price Toyland Radio:

Vintage Fisher Price Radio for Sale
Fisher Price has been making toys since the 30s and is still making them today and there's a good number of fun memorable pieces from the 80s. This is a Toyland Radio Music box it still plays music and would be a great way to replace a childhood memory for only $5.

Vintage 80s G1 My Little Pony Princess Misty:

My Little Pony Princess Misty for sale

My Little Pony has rather successfully been rebooted as Friendship is magic, but many of us still love the cute chubby pastel ponies from the early days. This is Misty, part of the princess line of ponies with shiny hair and 3d symbols. This cute little unicorn is $6.50 and a great gift for any pony lover.

Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite Romeo:

Vintage Rainbow Brite Sprite Romeo
Rainbow Brite was a childhood favorite of mine a distinction I know I share with many other 80s little girls. I know I'd be thrilled to get this cute little plush sprite. This one is Romeo and he is 30 years old now, so he's got some wear, but still looks really cute. A wonderful gift choice for only $7.

Gremlins Gizmo Figure:

Vintage Gremlins Gizmo figure for sale

As one of the most iconic films of the 80s Gremlins still has quite a following. This vintage figure of Gizmo is sure to please any fan and at $4 is perfectly priced to be a stocking stuffer.

We have so many great 80s toys that it was hard to limit this list to just 10! So if you don't see something in this list we probably still have something great on our site just waiting to be discovered. This is especially true for Vintage Super Mario toys which didn't make this list but are a huge part of our inventory!

Don't forget to stop by our shop:


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