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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Collection picture spam!

I've been way off task lately because of all sorts of serious business taking place. Today would be no exception as I've been working all day to get the store fully stocked and things prepped for cyber Monday tomorrow (Psst the coupon code is Cyber and it will get you $5 off a purchase of a purchase of $20 or more!) So instead throwing up another whine, whine, whine, I'm too busy to write a blog post type of thing, I thought I'd spam with some collection picture instead. These are broing collction pictures though, just dvds and video games, not much in the way of fun toys and figures. (which is the sort of suff I like seeing/talking about more) It does give you a bit more of an idea of the scope of our collections and a very good idea as to why we know so much about our store stock.

First off our dvd and game shelves note that each shelf holds 200 items roughly and that we still couldn't make it all fit properly.

We;ve actually changed our set-up a bit now and there are even more games now, though there's less spillover at the tops and under the shelves.

More games, older games this time:

Once again our setup has changed from when I took that picture. Our trophy figures are still out, but the 8-bit bottlecaps are elsewhere and the games in that shelving has changed drastically.

That's about half our game collection maybe when I've got more time, I'll take shots of our PC collection, all our strat guides, and some update shots of the shelvses. Totally exciting stuff right?


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