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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New and Improved Avane!

We recently undertook the huge task of completely moving and rebuilding! In addition to a new look and a new system we have some great new features for new and returning customers.

1. Permanent Cart
Now when you log in all items stay in your cart indefinitely until you either purchase them or they're sold out. So you can log in,  add all your favorite finds and then come back to pick them up on pay day.

2. Points Program
We now have a points program, every item you buy earns you points to trade in for money off a future purchase. So now you get rewarded for buying the stuff you were going to buy anyway. Everyone who makes a purchase is eligible for points and you get 200 points just for signing up for a new account with us! Check out all the details of our points program here.

3. Address Book
Our new customer account system allows you to save multiple addresses now so you can have your items easily sent to your home, work, or friends whenever you want using the same account.

4. New Products Category
We now have a New Products category featuring only our newest store additions, to make it easier for regular customers to see our most latest items at a glance. Check it out here. Currently it's a bit full as we just launched our new site with over 600 items from our back catalog,  but we added over 20 items that haven't been on the store before just this week!

Those are just the largest and most significant changes we've made. There's a lot of things to explore on the new! We've added new categories, changed our layouts and  made all sorts of little tweaks to make your shopping experience better. We did keep some things the same though, we still have tons of vintage toys, games anime and collectibles for sale. We moved over 600 items from our previous store and we're adding more regularly. We also recently added our popular Sailor Moon and Utena coloring pages (scanned from our collection of vintage coloring books) to the new build.

If that's not enough incentive to visit check out some of our newly added items:
New in Package Charizard Tomy Figure for sale

Neo Queen Serenity Keychain for sale

Sailor Moon Senshi in Swimsuits mug for sale

We've got a ton more items available and adding more on all the while so stop by and check it out.

Don't forget to stop by our shop:


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