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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Collection Oddities: Mario Brothers Glasses Case

Today's oddity doesn't have a lot of moving parts or weird attachments or anything like that. It is however, one of the geekiest items currently in our possession.

It is an official Nintendo of America eyeglasses case featuring Mario.

Given the long standing association between nerds/geeks (I use the terms interchangeably)and eyeglasses I can't think of anything nerdier than a video game related glasses case..well maybe a pocket protector (runs off to see such an item exsists)I originally found one of these while looking to replace my vintage Mario 2 drinking glasses. I saw an auction for eyeglasses and a case like this one. For some reason I don't fully understand, Nintendo makes eyeglasses as well.*

I missed out on that first combo auction, but a case came up separately a few months later and I snagged it. It's quite a useful collectible, one of the few things I can use daily. I have a few complaints about it though, it's made out of pretty cheap plastic and the inside is a thin layer of foam type felt. However, when I bought my glasses they had no case and this one has yet to cause any issues. besides, I'd love it's weirdness too much to really complain even if it was the worst thing I'd ever stored my glasses in ever.


*Though be warned even if you're a Nintendo loving mega dork like I am who would be interested in such things they're almost exclusively child sized and they're some of the least attractive frame styles I've ever seen in my life

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