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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freezepop concert preview

Today is the big day. Well for me anyway. It is the day Freezepop has found their way back to Duluth. This will be time number three that I have been able to catch one of their shows. I am a little sad I won't be able to follow them to their Mankato show tomorrow, but life comes first.

We have been trying to hit every show we can when they are in the Minnesota area. How awesome is it to be able to see your favorite band three times in the part two years? Not only that but to still be able to meet and talk to them.

Last time when they were in the Twin Cities I was able to get a signed CD from them. We talked about it in an earlier entry here. This time around I'm hoping to get a signed poster out of the deal. The last time they were at UMD people ended up taking the posters down from the walls and having the band sign them. This time I got one early so I won't miss out. I also am going to bring my camera and hopefully get a couple pictures of the band. Both times before I forgot the camera.

This entry is going to be cut short due to the fact we are going to have to fly out the door to make it in time. Hopefully my next entry will be filled with stories and pictures of another wonderful Freezepop show.


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