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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last minute Christmas shopping guide: Gifts for Retro Gamers

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our sixth  and final guide focusing on gifts for retro gaming fans. Be sure to check our  previous guides for Sailor Moon Dolls, Sailor Moon Toys, Anime Collectibles15 gifts for 80's Kids & 10 gifts for 90s kids.

We have tons of vintage game collectibles for sale. Gaming goods are our primary personal collection and because we like them so much we stock a bunch of them.

Spyro The Dragon 32 inch Plush Doll:

Vintage Spyro the dragon plush
This Spyro Plush falls a bit outside the realm of retro having been released in the early '00s, but it's still his old loveable character design popularized in the late 90s PS1 days. I remember back when Spyro was the "face" of the PS1 along with Crash Bandicoot and Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) from Twisted Metal. The perfect gift choice for thos who fondly recall picking up gems, hunting dragon eggs and trying to set those annoying egg thieves on fire. Due size and rarity he's priced at $50 but it's a small price to pay for such an awesome present.

1989 Legend of Zelda Link Shaped Gum Container:

Vintage Legend of Zelda Collectible for sale
This is a super vintage NES era Link gum container, note his delightfully simplistic old school character design. Everyone loves the Link, so there's pretty much no way to go wrong with this gift choice unless the recipient tries to eat the 24 year old candy. If you don't let that happen it's $13 worth of vintage gift goodness. (we also them available in blue & red)

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Knuckles Figure:

Sonic Knuckles Figure for Sale
Back when Sonic and Knuckles came out, it was the coolest thing most gamers had ever seen. Not only did we get a sweet new sonic character, but he could be back ported into the previous Sonic games. And thus everyone's love for knuckles was born. This figure was technically a Sonic 3 promo but probably came out  a few months after Sonic 3 was released to coincide with Sonic and Knuckles. This Knuckles is just $3 and his special lock on technology allows him to be placed just about anywhere one needs some vintage gaming nostalgia.

Final Fantasy VIII Zell Figure:

Final Fantasy 8 Zell Figure for Sale
Final Fantasy has been a staple game series for the last 26 years, but the Playstation era games really took them up a notch. Anyone who owned a playstation and had even a passing interest in RPGs put at least few hours into the game. Really those 90s days of excellent PS1 RPGs hasn't been matched since. So for $4 Give Zell to friend to help them remember those glorious PS1 days where the JRPGS were plentiful and well crafted.

Super Mario Brothers 3 Wristband:
Super Mario Brothers 3 Raccoon Mario for Sale
This is a newer product only a few years old but features Mario's vintage classic SMB3 Raccoon Design embroidered on the front. Mario 3 was one of the greatest games ever made so you're sure to have some on your gift list who's appreciate this, and it's easy on the wallet at only $6.

Tekken 3 Xiaoyu and Panda Figure:

Tekken 3 Figure for Sale
Tekken was the fighter that defined fighting games for the PS1 and Tekken 3 is certainly one of the best Tekken games ever made, if not the best. Xiaoyu first appearance is in Tekken 3 (though she's in every subsequent game) and this vintage figure from 1998 features her in her original outfit with panda. She's only $12 and the perfect gift for an old school Tekken fan.

Vintage Super Mario Brothers 2 Mario on Vine Figure:

Vintage Mario Figure for Sale
This is a super vintage 24 year old figure from SMB2. Applause did a a set of these Mario 2 figures with Mario in various situations and this particular one is Mario climbing a vine, no word however as to whether or not there's a hoopster nearby. This $7 figure features Mario old school character design and would be well loved by anyone with an appreciation for NES Mario. (we've also got Mario Jumping a Koopa and Mario with  mushroom from this same line)

Virtua Fighter UFO Catcher Plush Pai:

Virtua Fighter Pai for Sale
I'm old enough to remember when Virtua Fighter was the hottest thing in the arcade. While other games where still relying on old 2D sprites, Virtua Fighter introduced us to the world of 3D fighting. By today's standards it's pretty amazingly polygonal and kind of ugly, but that doesn't mean it doesn't ignite the flame of nostalgia. This is UFO Catcher plush features Pai in her Virtua Fighter 2 outfit and thankfully is a lot less blocky than her in game counterpart. She's got her original tag and is the perfect gift for retro fighting game enthusiasts priced at just $6

Vintage 1987 NES Promo Box Art Rad Racer:

Rare NES Promo Box for Sale

This is an incredibly hard to find Mock Up Box for the NES Classic, Rade Racer. This features full box art from the front and the back of the game on heavy weight card stock. This was probably used in stores in lieu of letting customers handle actual games before purchase. A really unique piece for anyone's collection, if you know a hardcore NES fan this $25 gift is sure to be one of the most unique things they've ever gotten.

Vintage 1980s Pacman Mug:

Vintage Pacman Mug for Sale
There's not a lot to say about Pacman other than seriously, who doesn't love Pacman? You could give this mug to your grandma and she'd know who it was how many video game characters can most of us say that about? This mug feature's pacman's old design where he still had a nose and the ghost have arms. At $12 this is a really delightful gift sure to make anyone's morning coffee better.

 1982 Donkey Kong Sticker Card of Mario:

1980s Mario from Donkey Kong Sticker for Sale
I know this will be hard for some people to believe but at one time Mario wasn't a plumber, he was a carpenter. Not only that he sported a curly handlebar mustache and was in love with Pauline instead of Princess Peach. Crazy but true. This card is part of the Donkey Kong card collection (of which we have several if you're looking for vintage DK/mario/pauline goodness) and is a really fun image of that earliest incarnation of the Mario we know and love today. Just $2 to give your favorite Mario fan a laugh.

Soul Calibur Mitsurugi Action figure:

Soul Calibur figure for Sale
I'm going to come right out and say it, Soul Calibur was the best reason to own a Dreamcast. Don't get me wrong there were great games on the Dreamcast, especially fighting games (I'm looking at you Marvel Vs Capcom 2) but Soul Calibur was the pinnacle. This figure was from the first run of figures for Soul Calibur and features regular character, Mitsurugi the angry Samurai. This figure is new on card and is $15 of gift giving perfection. (we also have Xianghua from the same line)

Donkey Kong Cereal Commercial Cel:

Donkey Kong Cereal Commercial Cel for Sale

Donkey Kong cereal was made for only 2 years from 1982 to 1984, but those who got it remember it very fondly. This is an original Animation cel of the Donkey Kong Cereal Commercial and features DK about to toss some of the cereal's signature crunchy "barrels" down at Mario. It's in really amazing shape for being 30 years old! It's $26 and makes a really unique gift for any Donkey fan.

We seriously have tons more gift perfect for the retro game lover in your life, so if you don't like this list check out the rest of our vintage (and newer) gaming memorabilia for sale.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Last minute Christmas shopping guide: 10 gifts for 90's Kids

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our fifth guide focusing on Gifts for 90s kids. Be sure to check our  previous guides for Sailor Moon Dolls, Sailor Moon Toys, Anime Collectibles, & 15 gifts for 80's Kids. Here's 10 gifts guaranteed to make any 90's kid glow with warm fuzzy nostalgia.

Vintage Tiger Handheld Game Baseball:

Vintage Tiger Handheld Game for sale
These little Tiger games were stuffed into the pocket of every child in the late 80s and early 90s. Basball was one of the more popular titles, as it's basic it's fun and it could have an unlimited run because there weren't any licensing fees involved. This is the 1997 reissue of the original Tiger Baseball still sealed in the original package. A fun and nostalgic gift on sale for $13.

Ghost Writer Board Game:

Ghost Writer Board Game

Ghost Writer is a weird concept,  a ghostly presence helps kids solve mysteries and somehow most of the time nobody gets freaked out about it. Somehow though it worked because I know several people who watched it pretty faithfully. This game is for kids, but we tried it and it's a bit easy but still works for adult players. Only $5 to get the ghost writer theme song stuck in a loved one's head.

 Darkwing Duck Megavolt Figure:

Darkwing Duck figure for sale
My preteen afternoons in the 90s were filled with a lot of Disney Cartoons and the over the top ridiculousness of Darkwing Duck made it a favorite. This is a small figure of the fabulously inept villain Megavolt. For just $2.50,  this little guy could hang out your loved ones cubicle making it a little more fun. hough if Megavolt isn't their cup of tea we have a Gosalyn as well.

My Little Pony Beanie Plush Sky Skimmer:

My Little Pony beanie Plush for Sale

My Litte Pony never really goes away, it just gets reinvented. So in 1997 Hasbro did the first major revamp of the MLP toy line resulting in G2 Ponies. Sky Skimmer is a G2 exclusive pony and looks insanely cute in beanie form. Even pony lovers who didn't love the G2 line would be powerless to resist her. For $6 you can make someone's holiday season much cuter.

X-Men Wolverine Plush:

Japanese X-Men Wolverine Plush for sale
Obviously X-Men is older than the '90s,  but many of us spent our Saturday Mornings faithfully watching every episode of the cartoon show on Fox Kids. This is fan favorite wolverine as a cuddly Japanese UFO Catcher doll from 1994. (the cartoon show was dubbed for Japan and ran at about the same time). These plush are hard to find so it's unlikely most X-Men fans already have them.  For $12 you can be a great gifter and remedy that for them. (we also have Storm and Professor X from the same series if your loved ones aren't Wolvie fans)

Power Rangers Blue Ranger Figure:

Vintage Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figure for sale
I'm pretty sure everyone watched Power rangers in the 90's even if you didn't like it, you watched it because it was everywhere. Even though Power rangers has gone through many incarnations now I think many of us still fondly remember the original Might Morphin' Power Rangers and probably think that in spite of it's many flaws it was the best one of the series. This is a small figure of the blue ranger, Billy at the time (my personal favorite), and is still sealed in it's original package. Sure to bring waves positive nostalgia over the gift recipient and it's on sale for just $5.

Vintage 6 inch Sailor Moon Doll from 1995:

Vintage Sailor Moon doll for sale.
This is a bit of cheat because this doll was already featured on one of my shopping guides, but you can't talk about the 90's and ignore Sailor Moon it just can't be done! This is Sailor Moon doll is from the very first line of Sailor Moon toys released in the US. Many people who caught Sailor Moons first run in the US (before it was on Toonami) probably had one of these of desperately wanted one. This one is still sealed in the box and she's only $10  making a perfect, wallet friendly gift for Sailor Moon fans who grew up watching the show.

Vintage Pokemon Team Rocket Puzzle:

Vintage Pokemon Puzzle for sale
Much like I couldn't cover the 90's without mentioning Sailor Moon I'd be severely remiss if I missed Pokemon. One of the greatest gifts of the 90's was surely the Pokemon explosion which is still going strong today. This is a piece from the early days when there were only a 151 pokemon and you could recite them all to the Pokerap. This puzzle is complete and features an image most dominated by Jesse & James of Team Rocket. A great nostalgia piece for the Pokemon fan on your shopping list priced at just $5.

Vintage Lion King Movie Figure Pumba:

Lion King Figure for Sale
Arguably the Crown Jewel in the array of films released during the 90's "Disney Renaissance" was the Lion King.I have never met someone who doesn't love the Lion King, and with good reason. This figure dates back to around the time the film was released around 1994/1995 so it's good and vintage! Pretty much everyone saw and loved this film so this would be a perfect gift for just about anyone you know and it's only $3.

Dr. Doom Animation Sketch:

Marvel Dr. Doom Animation Cel Sketch for sale

Marvel released a lot of good cartoons in the '90s. In addition to X-Men which eveyone remembers and loves there was Spiderman, Iron Man & The Fantastic Four. These were glory days for Marvel fans. This Sketch of Dr. Doom lwas used in the making of either Spiderman or the Fantastic four cartoon, we unfortunately don't know which. It's a really dynamic animators sketch of one of the most enduring villain Marvel ever created. This one of a kind piece is $25 and perfect for the marvel fan on your gift list.

We've got lots more vintage 90's collectibles for sale on our site as well so even if you don't see something on this list, we've probably got the perfect gift just waiting to be found.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: 15 Gifts for 80s kids

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our fourth guide focusing on Gifts for 80s kids. Being old enough to fondly remember our 80's childhoods means that we stock a decent amount of 80s collectibles. We have stuff from Care BearsMasters of the Universe, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids and at least a little something from just about every corner of 80s pop culture.

Here's our top gift picks for those of us who still fondly remember 80s toys.

She-Ra Glimmer of Hope Storybook:

Vintage She-Ra Book For Sale
I think every child of the era had some collection of these softcover books covering 80's cartoons. Some naturally being better than others. This She-Ra Book  is actually pretty readable and has great art especially on the cover. It's in really great condition for it's age (perhaps a little girl got She-Ra when she wanted He-man and shunned it?) It's $5 for this gift sure to spark nostalgia.

Vintage Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles Sheet:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sheet for sale
TMNT has recently gotten a reboot, but clearly the best show about turtles with Martial arts was the original. This vintage sheet features all the turtles in their 80s design glory in an all over pattern.  Make your gift recipient say Cowabunga! for just $12.

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure:

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure
The Cabbage Patch Kids were huge in the 80s. Most people remember the cherubic faced dolls that every child was dying for but there was actually a good deal of other merchandise made as well. This porcelain playhouse figure is slightly easier to work into adult decor than a baby doll. Anyone who remembers adopting their own Cabbage Patch Kid back in 1986 or so would love to get this under the tree this year and it's only $10.

Care Bears Animation Cel of Lotsa Heart Elephant:

Vintage Care Bear Cousins Cel For Sale
I think the Care Bears were one of the most defining cartoons of the era, pretty much everyone alive in the 80s and even into the early 90s saw the Care Bears. This is an original Hand Painted production cel used in the production of the Care Bears cartoon. It's a really wonderful image of Care Bear Cousin Lotsa Heart Elephant and comes with a certificate of Authenticity. A one of kind gift for any Care Bears fan priced at $20.

Vintage 80s GoBots Storybook:

80s Gobots book for sale
As I mentioned with the She-Ra book, I fondly remember lots of kids have piles of these things around (myself included). GoBots kind of got a bad shake being the less pretty, less popular and less interesting Transformers. That didn't mean that some of us don't still have fond memories of it. In addition to being a vintage GoBots book the art was done by classic Marvel Illustrator Steve Ditko. An interesting little collectible that at $5 makes a fun little gift for any 80s kid that won't break your budget.

Fashion Star Fillies Ariel:

Fashion Star Fillies for sale
Fashion Star Fillies were like My Little Pony's elegant older sisters. It's very likely if you liked ponies you probably got a few of these Kenner made counterparts. This particular Filly is Ariel from the Sassy Sixteens Line and comes with her original headband. She's $14.00 and would be a great gift sure to delight any lover of retro pretty ponies.

Charmkins Commercial Cel:

Vintage 80s Charmkins for sale

Charmkins toys were cute little charms and jewlery that turned into figures and playsets. They were made by Hasbro which meant the horse charmkin looked suspicously similar to a My Little Pony. It also meant they used the same MLP team to do their commercials. This cel is from one of those commercials and features multiple Charmkins characters. Cel art from Charmkins is very rare as there were only a few animated commercials and one short animated episode. Production cels are hand painted one of a kind making this a really unique gift for a vintage toy collector at $30.

Masters of The Unicerse He-Man & Skeletor Laundry Bag:

Vintage He-Man Collectible for sale
Anyone who knows someone who collects Masters of the Universe toys and collectibles knows that there's a ton of merchandise available but most of it is fairly similar. So if you're looking for something unique for a collector who has just about everything else, this He-Man Laundry bag is great choice. It's very rare, we've only seen a handful of them for sale, so most collectors don't even knew it exsists! $25 for this gift to surprise and delight your favorite MOTU fan.

Vintage Smurf Village Pattern Sheet:

Vintage Smurfs Sheet for sale
The Smurfs have gotten a number of reboots over the years, but I think they're probably best remembered from their 80s cartoon show. This vintage sheet is from the era and has a really great all over print of the smurfs going on about their smurfing in their village. It's still in great shape, is $25 and would be perfect gift one of the many generations of Smurfs fans.

Vintage Poochie Jigsaw Puzzle:

80s poochie toy for sale
Poochie had a load of cutsey merchandise back in the early 80s and in turn lots of little girls loved the cute pink poodle who was basically the dog answer to Hello Kitty. This vintage puzzle has a great image of Poochie helping out another poodle in her boutique. At just $4 this cheap unique little gift is perfect for your favorite 80s girl.

Tranformers Record and Storybook:

Vintage 80s Transformers Book and Record for sale
Much like I remember stacks of softcover storybooks I remember loads of these book and record combos for various series. (records best played on fisher price record player of course) This Transformers book is in good shape for it's age and the accompanying record is in even better shape. This set is $10 and a really fun piece of nostalgia any Transformers fan would love to get as a gift. Double fun if you give it to someone with kids and watch them attempt to explain how the big black things can play music.

Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie Doll Pillow:

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie for sale
The kits that made these Strawberry shortcake shaped pillows must have been popular in the 80s because I still have the one my mom made me of Strawberry Shortcake herself and I've known mutiple people who had similar ones. This one is on the harder to find side and is of the lone  good male character in the series, Huckleberry Pie. Though it was handmade from an official kit it's sewn well and in great shape. $7 for this cutie to be the best throw pillow in your BFFs apartment.

Vintage Popples Pillow Case:

Vintage Popples Pillowcase for sale
The popularity of Popples is a bit confusing. They're fuzzy creatures that can turn into fuzzy balls. It's like a less committal take on transformers. Something about it was magical though, because I loved the Popples and so did a lot of others. This Pillow Case has a great all over pattern of the main popples from the 80s cartoon, is $10 and sure to bring a smile to the gift recipients face.

Vintage 80s G1 My Little Pony Sprinkles:

Vintage G1 My Little Pony for Sale
My Little Pony has rather successfully been rebooted as Friendship is magic, but many of us still love the cute chubby pastel ponies from the early days. With time and Pony customizers taking their toll G1s in good condition are getting hard to find in great shape. This Sprinkles however is in gorgeous gift shape! Just a few tiny age spots otherwise great paint and shiny silky hair, seriously amazing shape for a toys that's almost 30 years old. This is just $8 and would be sure to make any vintage pony fan squeal with delight.

Rainbow Brite Red Butler Plush Doll:

Rainbow Bride Red Butler Doll for sale
This is a little bit of cheat as this is a '00 era re-release of  Red Butler, but we couldn't make an 80's list and ignore Rainbow Brite! While newer (though it's still about 10 years old now) this has the same look as the vintage dolls. At 18 inches tall this is large doll and is sure to make an impression on the gift recipient and he's on sale for $10.

We have so many great 80s toys that it was hard to limit this list to just 15! So if you don't see something in this list we probably still have something great on our site just waiting to be discovered. This is especially true for Vintage Super Mario toys which didn't make this list but are a huge part of our inventory!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: Anime Collectibles

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our third guide focusing on vintage anime toys. We have tons of anime collectibles from various series ranging from figures, to plushies to original production cels. We mostly carry items from older animes, pre-2000 vintage, but we carry a few items from newer shows as well.

These are our top Anime gift picks!

Card Captor Sakura Summer School Doll Complete in Box:

Card Captor Sakura doll for sale
This doll is a North American release from When Card Captor Sakura was re-branded as Cardcaptors back in 2000. The North American edit of the CCS anime wasn't great, but the dolls are very similar to the Japanese releases. This doll is Sakura in her School fuku and is still sealed in the original box very cute and a perfect gift for any CCS fan at $15.

Peach English Artbook by Peach Girl Mangaka Miwa Ueda:

Peach Girl artbook for sale

Miwa Ueda's peach girl is a shoujo staple and this artbook is full of beautiful illustrations from Momo's journey through adolescence and love. In addition to there's gorgeous illustrations from Ueda's lesser known works as well. This is a US release so all image information is in English. A really lovely gift for a shoujo fan and very affordable at just $5.

Premium Sculpt Naruto Shadow Clone Figure:

Naruto Premium Sculpt Figure for Sale

Generally speaking Naruto is a newer series than we normally carry but this figure is too great not to share. It's a US release figure from mattel. It's one of the premium sculpts meaning it's larger and more detailed than the normal figures in this line. It features an 8 inch Naruto figure with interchangeable hands and FX background of his shadow clones. At just $15 it's less than it retail and would be the perfect gift for any naruto fan.

Utena Movie Pencil Board:

Utena Pencil Board for Sale
People either love or hate the Utena Movie, with little inbetween. However even haters can agree that it had beautiful artwork. This rare Japanese Shitajiki  or Pencil board has a beautiful nearly full cast shot. It's still in the original plastic and is on sale for $11 making it a wonderful gift for utena fan.

Japanese Yu Yu Hakusho Botan Figure:

Yu Yu Hakusho Figure for sale
This figure was a ufo catcher prize and is part of Yujin's Super Real line of Yu Yu Hakusho figures. This is still in its original packaging though it was taken out for pictures a really great figure for a Yu Yu  Hakusho fan and on sale for $10.

Sakura Wars Sakura Battle Costume Figure:

Sakura Wars figure for sale
Sakura Wars/ Sakura Taisen is a classic anime and game series. The series namesake Sakura has a lovely character design and this is a awesome figure featuring her in her battle costume. She's complete in package and on sale for $5 making her an affordable gift for any anime fan.

Inuyasha Miroku Plush Doll:

Inuyasha Plush for sale
 This is a US release UFO Catcher style plush. He's got a suction cup on his head, but he stands up on his own as well. He's no longer got his hang tag but is in otherwise great shape, a cute little gift for an Inuyasha fan at just $8.

Sailor Moon Parody Venus Five Anime Cel:

Venus 5 anime cel for sale

Venus Five was the Hilarious H anime spoof of Sailor Moon. This original production cel used in the making of the anime. It is of the main "Sailor Senshi" in the show. Production cels are hand painted one of a kind collectibles, so this would make a perfect gift for your closet eechi anime loving friend or a great tongue in cheek present for a Sailor Moon fan with a sense of humor. This great shot is just $30.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Furoku Box:
Mermaid Melody Box for sale
This adorable box is a piece of furoku from Nakayoshi magazine. Furoku items are special bonuses given away with magazines and are only available in limited quantities. This is an adorable cardboard box with the mermaids pictures on all the sides. A unique collectible and a fantastic gift for any fan at $9.00.

Japanese Dragonball Z Pencil Shitajiki:

Dragonball Z Pencil board for sale
Japanese Dragonball Z pencil board with a full color cast shot on one side and sepia toned saiyans on the other side.  This is a really cool shot and is still sealed in the original plastic, a great piece for a dbz fan on sale for $4.

Magical Do Re Mi Ellie Plush Doll:
Magical Doremi Plush for sale
Super cute plush from  Magical Do Re Mi (Ojamajo Doremi) This is Ellie/Onpu. She's an official Japanese UFO Catcher and is in near mint shape with her original  hang tag. A great collectible for fans of the Japanese or US release of the show and on sale for $8 so she's easy on the wallet.

Five Star Stories Poster:

Five Star Stories Poster for sale

Five Star Stories is truly a classic. Probably one of the best sci-fi mech based stories outside of the Gundam franchise. This features a  commonly used but really beautiful image of one of the Mortar Headds in the background with a character leaping in front of it like a ballet dancer. This poster was a Newtype USA promo making it rare and unique gift for a fan of classic anime at $7.

We've got tons of other anime collectibles in the shop, and if you're thinking a certain super popular magical girl is missing, check out our Sailor Moon Dolls and Sailor Moon toys shopping guides!

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