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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Legends of Murder 2: Grey Haven Download

Strangely enough one of the most visited post on our blog is for our review of Legends of Murder 2: Greyhaven which we found strange as it's relatively unknown game. Checking the analytics it seems most people are coming to it looking to download the game itself and though it's taken us a while we finally have it available for anyone to download. Click the image below to get it and all the games off that big blue disk collection:

 Due to a change in our hosting we're currently not able to offer this game directly, but  it is available from my abandonware We've downloaded a working copy from that site ourselves to check it out but we are not in any other way associated with that site.

 We've most recently run this game on windows Vista using DosBox, but have also run it on various older OS's including XP, Windows98 & Windows 95 in the past.

We hope that you'll thoroughly enjoy it, it's really a fabulous game.

~Jen & Stephanie

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