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Friday, November 4, 2016

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Doll Pizza Scooter

At the height of it's popularity in the mid 1990's, Sailor Moon had a ton of merchandise released in Japan. We Sailor Moon collectors might think we're drowning in merch now (which TBH we are), but it was nothing compared to the mid-ninties. Out of this glut came a lot of weird stuff that really had little or nothing to do with the show itself. Many moon fans think Irwin pretty much cornered that "what the hell is this thing" market (the moon cycle comes to mind) But there were plenty of weird things released as well.  In that vein in Japan there was an entire set of Sailor Moon Pizza parlor items including outfits, the pizza parlor itself and this beauty, the official Sailor Moon pizza Scooter.

Pretty sure Chibusa is violating Japan's child labor laws

We have the pizza parlor as well (sadly we've not photographed it) but that seems like a more reasonable accessory. The girls do go on outings when the're not fighting for love and justice, a pizza parlor is a reasonable place for teenage magical girls to hang out in their off time. The pizza scooter on the other hand makes some weird assumptions. For example that somehow Usagi and Chibiusa somehow have time for a part time jobs presumably after school but before transforming into pretty soldiers in the evening, not to mention the fact the Chibiusa appears vastly underaged for normal work (we know she's 900 but the local labor board would probably be tough to convince).  Perhaps most alarmingly though it implies that Usagi would be competent at making pizzas without buring them and driving the scooter around to deliver them without crashing. My many years of familiarity with Usagi's character make that the an entirely unbelievable claim. Here it is out of the box:

Years of turmoil have left the Moon Kingdom in need of repairs so Princess Serenity takes on a part time job to help out
(Posed it with the Bandai Princess Serenity because it amused us). It comes with a helmet because safety is very important when you're as clumsy as Usagi is. This apparently works with the IR RPG toys but we don't really collect the old RPG toys so we haven't tested it out but it rolls along with manual power as well.  It's a pretty fun design though we especially like the crisis compact design on the front. What better way to blend in to populace as regular High School student/Pizza delivery girl than by plastering your current magical transformation item on the front of your scooter? Also notable the heart shaped sticker on the back with Suai and Chibiusa in it, is that the pizza parlor's official logo? If so does the Tsukino family own it?  If so when did this happen, who paid for this, and who wrote out the business plan? The mind, it boggles. So many unanswered questions with these old crazy sailor moon items. Otherwise the decorations are generic cute ribbons and stars, pretty standard for the sailor moon doll playset. Also the trunk opens for easy pizza storage, or maybe a magic wand or two in case the girls are attacked while on the job.

Overall this is a weird wonderful thing with no real reason to exist, so of course we love owning it and sharing it. Also if anyone want to sell us those pizza outfits (preferably NOT MIP)  let us know,  we'd love to complete our set.


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