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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Collection Update: Link Pillowcase

So, this is a bit of a lag in coming. I should have updated it last month as I begged for it for my birthday and got it. I think anyone who reads this normally knows I'm a little slow though. Anyway here's the only collectible item I can think of that I use more than the glasses case I talked about yesterday, my Link Pillowcase:
Zelda Link quilted pillow case
Now I can't think of anyone I'd rather take to bed every night than 8-bit Link. I wish we could take credit for creating this beauty, but it was instead a very talented Etsy seller who made him for us. There are quite a number of similar 8-bit character cases available on Etsy, but I wanted this one because of the fabric choices and the quality. It's seen constant use since October and has stood up to snuggles, smooshes, drooling and cleaning without any issues. I'm insanely pleased with it. If anyone is interested in the seller's name do drop me a note as I can't recommend anyone more highly. Though fair warning, it's a pretty steep price for a pillow case, I had to have my own pillow on hand to fill it with and it was still more than a set of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton cases.

I'd really like to get an entire set of pixel pillows made for the couch in my geek room, but that would require a lot more cash than I have and a couch nice enough to put them on. I'm going to go ahead and file that under "pipe dreams" for now, but I think anyone would have to admit, it would be pretty freaking awesome.

Not surprisingly we have lots of other geek bedding materials as well, Jen has two sailor moon pillows on the bed normally and we have a bevy of character sheets including: sailor moon, care bears, Pokemon and rainbow brite. Though I can never seem to score a set of vintage Mario and Zelda ones. :( I'm sure I will someday. In the meantime, maybe one day I'll get around to taking pictures of our incredibly unsexy "boudoir" collections.


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