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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Freezepop Concert!

As Jen said in her entry we went to a freezepop concert last night. If you're not familiar with freezepop they're a synthpop band from Boston that's been making catchy dancy pop songs for the last 10 years and who've gained notoriety from doing video game tracks. We first heard them doing Science Genius Girl in Frequency, but they've recently become much more popular because of their songs in the Guitar Hero games. We've managed to see them live 3 times, every time they visit MN we manage to see one of their shows.

Last night we were right in front of the stage so we got a great opportunity to get close up shots of the band performing. Unfortunately our camera really isn't fast enough to take great action shots so we got more colorful blurs than anything, but they're still fun.

A Ghostly image of Sean and Liz from the beginning of the concert, doing Brain Power.

Ghostly Liz and Sean 2

Liz the blur

Ghostly Liz

Liz and Sean I can't remember which song this is, but that Sean shaped Blur is clapping.

Ghostly Liz and Sean

Sean and bananas doing Get Ready to Rokk

Sean and Bananas

The whole band during the encore

Sean, Bananas and Liz

Jen posing with the band after the concert

Jen and Freezepop

It was seriously a great time. If you every get a chance to freezepop in concert I highly suggest doing so. They're normally cheap tickets, ours were $5 and the most we've paid was $10 and you'll see one heck of a great show.


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