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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Collection Update: New Cels

Cel collecting is still our main collecting interest but we no longer get to add as often as we'd like to. We still managed to snag a couple of nice pieces in the last few months though.

First up a Crazy faced Luna:

It's just not a cel gallery update without a Sailor Moon cel, and usually one of the delightful Moon cats. Today we have this great cel of a swirly eyed Luna, we haven't IDed the episode yet, but given the amount of time Luna spends exasperated it could be from almost any ep in any season.

Second is Jingoro from Kimagure Orange Road:

This AMV made use fall in love with Jingoro, the big fat cat from KOR. We've been looking for a cel of him since we first saw it many years ago. Unfortunately finding art of Jingoro has proved difficult and while we snagged a sketch of him previously we'd never seen a cel of him. So I was thrilled to find this cel and give it to Jen for Christmas.

Third is this model cel from the Mario Cartoon:

The Mario cartoon series isn't great, but I've always loved it regardless. So I was thrilled to get this model cel of Mario. I'm a little sad that only one Mario is painted, but given that I haven't seen any other model cels from the series I'm pretty excited to have snagged this one at all.

Finally this gorgeous shot of Shuro from Ayashi no Ceres:

Shuro was always one of the more interesting celestial descendants due to her gender swapping and singing career. Like all the descendants of Ceres she's also absolutely gorgeous (luckily for the boys on our prettiest anime boys list she identifies as female when given the opportunity or she'd might have had to dethrone one of them). Ceres cels are really hit or miss in terms of quality but this one is one of the best looking ones we've seen and we're happy to have in our collection.

That's it for now, not that many but still some really beautiful pieces we feel very lucky to own. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do.


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Collection Oddities: Vintage Mario Brothers Egg Cup

It's not a stretch to say I'll buy almost any vintage item with Mario on it (we have a similar problem with Sailor Moon).  So when I first saw one of these little beauties I knew I had to get one for my collection. A few months later I was lucky enough to find one at a price I could tolerate, thus I present you with the Mario egg cup.

Perfect for holding your scale model Yoshi eggs.

I have never in my life used an egg cup and I don't know anyone who has. They seem like one of those little relics of a bygone era like berry spoons or salt cellars, that I associate with Victorian literature and illustrations in fairy tales. Obviously though Mario doesn't fit that aesthetic and in fact I've seen several 80s icons on egg cups like Garfield and the Ninja Turtles. After a little research I discovered that it's apparently just us Americans who've relegated the egg cup to dishware of days gone by as they're still quite popular in Europe, Which shouldn't have been totally surprising to me as this is a British item. I did note few US retailers do still carry egg cups, so maybe it's just me and egg cups are normal items and I'm weirdo for having never used one.

Questions about the weirdness of an egg cup aside, there are certainly some design choice to call into question here, First off why isn't Mario with Birdo? (this was before Mario and Yoshi were BFFs so I'll give that a pass) Birdo flinging an egg at Mario would have been a perfect motif here, certainly a missed opportunity for the maker. Also "1 egg please" isn't very Mario-y, I'm not sure what would be better, but hey it's not my job to design egg cups, but if it was I'd think up something more entertaining and get paid for it.

Regardless of all of the above, it's a fun little item we enjoy having in our collection.


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