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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retro Review Tuesday: Winter Olympics: Lillehammer 94

If you read our twitter account you'll know that I've been absolutely glued to the television during Olympic coverage (and that I'm late with adding this review because of that addiction). I don't normally care for televised sports much, but for some reason all that changes during the Olympics. I suddenly become the world's biggest fan of athletes I've never heard of and sports that often seem silly. Summer or Winter, it does not matter, I simply must watch any and all televised Olympic events. Since I like to cross my weird obsessions whenever possible, it's only natural that I've been collecting video games based on the Olympics for a long time. So, I thought it a perfect time to highlight one of these gaming gems and share it with the world. This week I bring you Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer 94.


The year was 1993, owners of the Sega Genesis console had not yet been blessed with fantastic gaming achievements such as Clay fighter, Boogerman, and Madden 94 . They were craving some some new action. Something gritty, some real, something unlike anything else out there. Something OLYMPIC! Sure they had a chance at the summer games with Barcelona '92, but they wanted something so cool it was ICE COLD! They needed hardcore realistic sports action and they got it. It was time to strap into EXTREME WINTER EXCITEMENT!!!!!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Februrary Coupon Code, 20% off!

So I know it's awfully late in February to have a coupon code, but between making a last minute trip to Washington DC earlier in the month (and almost being stuck there because the record snowfall!), family obligations, a cold and unhealthy addiction to Olympic coverage, I'm behind.

However, I haven't been completely useless I have added some new goodies to the shop in the past couple days and am offering a substantial 20% off coupon just put in Feb20 at checkout.

Not sure what you want to get cheap? I suggest the following recent additions:

Mario Kart figure! Jen and I have been ridiculously addicted to Mario Kart Wii as of late, so we could just have mario kart on the brain, but we think this little mario is one of the coolest small figures we currently have available. And at just $3.50 before the 20% discount is applied, he's quite affordable for any collector. As a bonus he rolls pretty well so you can use this to play with your cat (or dog) in geeky style. Not that we'd uh...know from personal experience with ours or anything...cough.

So maybe you're not much of a figure collector. Maybe you'd like something a bit more festive. We just passed Valentines day and maybe your true love didn't get you what you really wanted so you want to splurge on something you actually like. Or maybe you just want to buy yourself some awesome geeky jewelry and don't need anyone else doing anything for you. For you fierce independent people we have an awesome Sailor Moon Enamel Necklace!

This is a hard to find officially released necklace and unlike Some of the items that were only released in north America, it's actually pretty cool. In fact it's so cool they didn't even need to get the color of her boots correct! It's a large and high quality pendant with a brightly colored cute enamel image of Usagi and Luna. I've seen a lot of previously unseen sailor moon Jewlery on eBay lately, but this piece is larger than what I'm seeing offered there and I think was produced in smaller number as we've only seen a handful of necklaces in this style. This is really a perfect piece for a sailor moon fan and as sure to get noticed at cons and other geeky gatherings. She's just $13.60 with the coupon code.

And if neither of those things interests you there's always some one of kind production cel art from Street fighter! We've got loads of street fighter cels right now, because last month we bought a big lot and after adding some choice pieces to our personal cel collection we've got several nice shots left over we'd like to send home to new collectors.

I'm probably completely biased because I am an unabashed Vega fangirl, but I think this is easily one of the best street fighter pieces we have for sale. If I didn't already have one just like it in my collection there's no way it'd be available and in fact if this one stays unsold for too long, I'm probably going to keep him for myself like a greedy dragon perched atop my treasure horde. $25 is a small price to pay for a piece of everyone's favorite matador and with the current coupon he's only $20 so grab him for your collection before month's end and I change my greedy little mind.

If for some reason you don't like any of that cool stuff there's lots more to check out we've got over 200 items in stock right now and I'll be adding more throughout the week (mostly vintage toys and costume patterns) Assuming of course I can tear myself away from Olympic coverage...



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