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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shop Spotlight: School Supplies

 It's the time of year where you're either headed back to school, sending kids to school or are sick and tired of hearing about school and trying to get on with your boring year round job. Regardless of what September means to you, we have a wide array of Desk and Office Supplies that look just as good tucked in a backpack as they do in a cubicle.

Usagi is very happy to help with your measuring needs.
 This Japanese Sailor Moon ruler,  was originally part of a child's desk set so it's perfect if you've got a little one who's loves the moon princess. It also tucks nicely into a grown up desk drawer or would look fabulous displayed as part of your sailor moon collection. At just $3 it's some very affordable cuteness regardless of what you choose to do with it.

Minnie would love to hold on to your personal memos.

This Minnie Mouse Notebook was a Japanese magazine Furoku (bonus) item. It's smaller than a standard notebook and is closer to the size of a planner. Like most Japanese character notebooks it's fairly thin, but has beautiful decorated lined pages on the inside featuring Minnie in a Heart Motif. The pages are very decorative which takes up a lot of line space,  so it probably wouldn't be too practical for taking class notes, but could be great as an idea journal or anything else of the sort. Naturally it was also be fab for display in any Disney collection as well.  For $3 this unique collectible can be yours.

You should seriously watch Violinist of Hameln
 This notebook is a promo from the GW animation festival in 1996 . It features 3 animes that are (sadly) pretty obscure today. Dragon Quest (loosely based on the games) Mahoujin guru guru (an RPG parody show) and Violinist of Hameln (hard to describe but a really fun series).  This is a thin notebook with lined and decorated inner pages. The decorations are of the main characters of the series in monochromatic blue border at the tops, so there's actually a decent amount of writing space. If you're a fan of vintage anime for $3 this would make a great usable item for you.

Holding your documents is almost as fun as eating fruit.

 This Yoshi's Story Folder is vintage from 1998 or 1999.  This has 2 upright pockets (on the sides of the folder instead of on the bottom. Its in great shape and perfect for holding school assignments or interoffice memos. While it's in perfectly usable condition you can of course also opt to keep it pristine and display it in a collection as well.  For $6 you can whatever you like with it.

Sailor Moon Says: I'll keep your documents safe.
This official Japanese Sailor Moon S Clearfile is still new, we bought several of them from a closing anime shop as new dead stock. Clearfiles are folders that don't open, but have an opening in the top to slide documents into. As they're made of plastic they also offer your documents a bit of waterproofing as well. Great for hiding secret correspondence with your cubical neighbors from your boss or collecting class syllabi. Not to mention it would just be a lovely addition to your Sailor Moon collection. It's $7 to make it yours today.

Luckily most schools aren't like Ohtori

Shitajiki aren't really legitimate school supplies outside of Japan, but they do make great decorations for lockers, dorm rooms and even offices (we have some of ours attached to our file cabinet). This Utena board is a rare design from the Utena movie and is still sealed in the original plastic. We recently put it on clearance for $11, so don't miss it.

Sparkly stitch is sure to make any pencil box happy.

This sparkly Pencil set features Disney's Stitch and are Japanese imports that were either Furoku or Zenin according to the Japanese dealer we got them from. Both pencils sit in the same cap, and one side has colored lead and the other has normal lead. Just place one lead in the back of the pencil and push it through to change tips. This is a really cute item and at $2.50 you don't have to feel bad using it to spice up notes or art projects, or giving it a too a little one to cute up their pencil box.

Almost everything is better with Hello Kitty's face.

This adorable memo pad of Hello Kitty being dressed as a panda is perfect for leaving love notes or jotting notes from your latest meeting. I think kids today text each other rather than passing notes, but it could probably accommodate those poor souls who've gotten their cell phones nabbed but still need to know school gossip before lunch time. It's certainly $3.50 worth of cuteness even if you just leave in your desk drawer to brighten your day.

We have a lot more desk stuff available, more memo pads, stationery, erasers, pencils folders, stampers, stickers and all sorts of other fun stuff. We feel confident we've got something that could make your desk better.


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