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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Discount in Our Shop

So I know that I said I'd avoid all sales related stuff during the remainder of Nablowrimo, but it's Cyber Monday so I can't avoid it, sorry for all the shameless self promotion NaBlo people!

I'm offering a special discount (as I worked into my last post) So if you go shopping in my store
today you'll get $5 OFF any order over $20! We've got several fun items under $5 so it's like getting a free item!

Just use specail code: Cyber to get your discount, it's only good for today though, so don't miss it!

We've added some rare new items in perfect gift/collector condition as well so there's lots of new stuff perfect for spending your discount on!

First up if you're a sailor moon fan (or just shopping for one) there's the hard to find Sailor Pluto Beauty Change Doll:

Beautiful doll straight from our private collection in great collector or gift giving condition! We've got lots of other dolls too, so check out the dolls section for others if pluto's not your cup of tea.

Next for your favorite anime and game fan there's this beautiful cel of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero animated film:

This is an absolutely gorgeous hand painted cel. It was actually used in the production of the film! You can own the same frame you see on screen! We've got several one of a kind production cels and sketches available so if you're looking for a unique gift idea and aren't much of a street fighter fan check out our art section.

For the vintage video game fan on your list there's this awesome Mario and Zelda combination Lunch Box:

I use a box like this to get all our postal receipts in. :) I also used one as a purse at geek prom and got a ton of postive comments about it. It would make a really fun gift for a retro gamer and it's currently on sale for $25 so if you buy it today it's only $20! We've got loads of old and new video game memorabilia so if a lunch box isn't your cup of tea you're sure to find something else you'll like.

For your favorite Sci-Fi fan we've got a huge collection of 40 Star Wars miniatures:

These are new and sealed and make a perfect Starwars tabletop RPG starter set as it comes with the books and maps. It's only $25 or $20 ($0.50 cents a figure!) if you buy it today with coupon! Though even if you're not a RPG palyer they make excellent display pieces, we'd know as that's what we do with ours. :)

If none of that stuff tickles your fancy be sure to come take look anyway, we've got 100's of fun items available and some smaller items that would make excellent geeky stocking stuffers that would end up being free today with the purchase of a larger item with coupon!

If you don't see anything you like, but know someone else who might like something please pass the word on to them. We'd like to see as many people as possible benefit from the today's coupon!


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