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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Collection Oddities: Mario Brothers Christmas Window Clings

 In 1989 Nintendo seemed committed to slapping the Nintendo seal of quality on every insane product they possibly could, including a surprising amount of home decor, so long as you count plastic and cardboard as decor. In that vein we bring you  these lovely Mario Christmas Window Clings:

We've seen a good number of Nintendo seasonal decorations and these actually pretty tame compared to some of the others.  There are a few points of interest here, it has 2 flurries from Mario Brothers 2, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything else with them on it which is pretty cool. Also, I never knew Mario was competitive skier in 1989, I mean sure he's an Olympian these days, but apparently he started training 20 years in advance. The most important thing to note though, why does Santa Mario have breasts? Seriously there's not another way to see that, what was the artist thinking? Regardless of Mario's out of place "endowments", this set is pretty cool and has a place of pride with our collection room decor.

If you're looking for a set of these to make your holiday decor extra special we have a set in our shop right now too.


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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! And a coupon code

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Here in the US it's Thanksgiving. It is a great time to really reflect on what your thankful for be it your friends, your family, the new Sailor Moon anime coming out next year, or just getting some new action figures. We hope you have something in the past year to really can feel happy with or proud of. Even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, we've got another reason for you to be thankful, our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Coupon !

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Sailor Vacation

 Today's crazy Sailor Moon item is straight from Japan, once again proving that it wasn't just Irwin or Chinese bootleggers who had insane ideas about what items do and do not make reasonable Sailor Moon toys and collectibles. With that in mind we present you Sailor Vacation:

All the fun of visiting the Moon Kingdom in one convenient box!
It's kind of confusing as to what exactly Sailor vaction is for, is it for taking on vacation with you? (it's not visible in our pictures but there is a litte plastic handle on top). Is it what the scouts would take on vacation with them? Is it supposed to give you the feeling of going on a a "Sailor vacation" without leaving your room? Honesty we have no idea, and the box doesn't seem that helpful.Admittedly as usual we have very limited grasp of Japanese, so we don't have any idea what the box says, but it looks like generic warnings and a parts list mostly. All we can really tell is that it's a box of stuff with eternal Sailor Moon and chibimoon getting a lot of face time.

Opening the box and examining the parts actually just confuses things further.

For your vacation you need a plastic tray with plastic coins and some Sailor bank tickets, which is just more fake money but in a paper pad form this time. These are the items that  actually make sense you would need money on vacation. What's less sensible is why you would need 4 different memo pads, a cardboard "pouch" (which is just a cardboard box with a flap and plastic handle) and an (unpictured) plastic whistle. I suppose there could be some sort of game using these items, but it;s pretty unclear and there isn't really a whole lot of items with text on them in the box leading me to believe that if it is a game you've got to make up your own rules.
 Also unclear is why poor Sailor Jupiter was excluded from the Memo pads even though the other inner senshi are accounted for. Perhaps she decided to skip the Sailor Vacation and went someplace more fun?

Quirky, unclear usage, questionable design motives and plastered with Sailor Moon characters, just the sort of thing we love adding to our collection.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collection Oddities: Vintage Mario Halloween Mask

 One of our most infamous posts was our Legend of Zelda Link Halloween Mask. It's October again, so we thought it high time we horrify with some more Nintendo Insanity from 1989.  In addition to making our little green hatted hero of Hyrule, they also made everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber for children of the 80's to horrify their friends and loved ones on Halloween or any other occasion.


Like Link this is an official product tagged Nintendo of America 1989, has large souless holes for eyes and is a made of the same breathable plastic. It's a little better than Link though as it actually resembles 80's era Mario rather than a demented Leprechaun, and looks a little less horrifying on a human being.

Link still edges out Mario as being our favorite creepy plastic mask, but Mario is still a pretty fun and still creeps out our friends. However given the brittleness of the vintage plastic and the general uncomfortableness of an 80's plastic mask it's probably better left as decorative item than an actual usable mask.

We display our proudly next to our Link mask and someday we hope to add any more of these monstrosities Nintendo may have made. (we know in addition to Mario and Link ,there's Yoshi, but who knows what else might be out there)


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Collection Oddities: Japanese Sailor Pluto Mask

We have a thing about Horrifying masks, a thing where we like them and put them in our home to horrify friends and loved ones.  This is the first one we've been able to add to our Sailor Moon collection though:

There is a set of Sailor Moon Masks, but we so far only have Pluto. For some reason, she's traded her long luscious deep green tresses for a short black bob, which would normally make you wonder if this was supposed to be a mars mask instead, but luckily she has her trademark ridiculous earrings to clear it up for you. (Seriously Naoko, what were you thinking when you drew giant chevrons on her ears?)

This is a child's mask, a young child's mask, so it unfortunately ends above the mouth of an adult (or  at least on both of us at any rate). So you sadly you can't wear it to horrify people in the same way as you can with our Nintendo masks. (apparently American children have much bigger heads since we can wear those) So it'll just have to sit on our wall, watching with it's empty soulless eye sockets, waiting until we steal it's key to fly off and attack us  for other senshi to join it.


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Crayons

 These Crayons are North American releases and are actually pretty rare, we'd seen them once back in 2000, didn't buy them then and regretted it a bit. It took us 9 years or so to track down another set for our collection:

There giant piles of Sailor Moon desk supplies available, pencil, marker sets, stationery, notebooks folders, etc. So strictly speaking sailor moon crayons aren't that odd. However, while we neglected to photograph it, these are really really lazy integration. They are really generic crayons, you know the ones that say "crayons" on the side, no makers mark or anything else. Additionally the box says 48 crayons, but only contains 12 or so colors.  So in a nutshell the sort of crayons they really aren't good for anything.

Basically the box art with Sailor Moon is the only thing that makes them Sailor Moon Crayons. In fact this would probably be better  referred to as the Sailor Moon Crayon box. Admittedly if we'd known it was just a lazily marketed crayon box, we might not have spent so much time looking for one, but we've got it now and holds a place of pride along with the rest of our insane Sailor Moon items.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Pop-up Fan Keychain

 Don't you hate it when you're overheated and try to use your keys as a fan with less than stellar results? Well like so many things in life, Sailor Moon has you covered.

In the name of the moon I shall fan you!
This is a Keychain fan with a Chibi Usagi topper and says Sailor moon S across the actual fan part. As though having a fan at your finger tips at any moment isn't exciting enough this one also pops open with a quick release button. When heat strikes, hit the little button in the handle and BAM! instant fan cooling power. When the heat wave subsides, you just pop it back into the handle and it clicks into closed position, sleeping once again, awaiting it's time to be the heat avenger once more...

On a more serious note this is a cute item, and we do legitimately like it, but one does have to wonder who exactly needs a keychain fan with a quick action button as a functional item?


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Toothbrush Set

 This item really isn't that strange. There are a lot of character branded toothbrushes and have been for years (at least from the 70's that I've personally seen) so it makes sense that a popular kid's show like Sailor Moon would get them. Unlike some of the other North American items from this period they don't even look that bad.

 OK, so they don't look great either, but cute in their own way. It is a weird thing to collect though which is why these are in the oddities collection. Ours is almost a full set of  the senshi that were made, but they did make a tuxedo mask as well which we're missing. It seems likely most moon collectors have no idea that they could be brushing their teeth with the sailor senshi on a regular basis. Though honestly these are at least 16 years old, putting them in ones mouth is a horrifying prospect.

We've rarely seen these in other collections so they're, unique, if not rare.  We're happy to have them.


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for an Coupon Code?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bath Salt Set

 There are a lot of Sailor Moon toiletries, toothbrushes, bubble bath, hairbrushes and more. In that illustrious tradition we bring you the Sailor Moon Bath Salts Set:

There are actually several sets of Japanese bath salts sets, but this one is our favorite since it has individual packets in their own box and each packet has unique images on the front and the back . The best one by far is Tuxedo Mask who takes his top hat and mask into the tub with him. Though the weird fish in with Luna is also an eyebrow raiser. On the subject of Luna, she must sort of fail at being a cat if she needs bath salts and a bath instead of just grooming herself normally.

We don't read much Japanese so we sadly don't know what scents these are, but we're pretty sure if we were to use these 20 year old bath salts, which we aren't because we don't want to be zombies, but we feel confident we'd end up Sailor fresh and ready to take on evil.


PS We have this same set available in our store right now. If you buy them and decide to open them please let us know what they smell like.  :)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Princess Chibiusa Flu Mask

 This is one of those things that's odd in it's practically. It's a completely utilitarian useful item made crazy with weird branding. So here is the official Sailor Moon Chibiusa Flu Mask:

 This is an officially licensed item from Korea, but seems like it ought to be a bootleg. We have a LOT of crazy Sailor Moon stuff, but this is one of the strangest. Flu Masks are pretty ubiquitous all over Asia during cold and flu season,  but they're usually the white variety or occasionally have a little pattern on them. This one lets you have all the Princess Chibiusa in the middle of your face which is a little weird. It's a child sized mask, a very small child sized mask, so we can't just put it on and show you how strange looking it is.

On the upside it's got a princess Chibiusa on it and there aren't many items which feature her. It's pretty unique too, we've only seen 3 of these. It's probably a good thing though a sea of these things would be creepy.


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bootleg Tea Set

  As we've noted before we generally don't deal with bootleg items, but every so often one is just so amusing or so out there we have no choice but to not only pick it up, but to share it as well. So here we have a lovely Sailor Moon "Tea Set"

The Made In China notification seems painfully redundant here, where else could this have come from?
It's hard to even know to where to begin with this thing. I guess I'll just start at the top. We have Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon, who seem to be engaging in some underage drinking. Chibiusa clearly can not hold her liquor, if her dribbles down the front of the package are any indication. They could concievably be drinking something non alcholic, but most of us don't drink juice out of champagne flutes.

Next to our smiling inebriated Sailor Senshi we have the Official title of this item "Fun Tea Play Set." Now before I even start to point out the inaccuracies with that title, I have to wonder what sort of tea they have that's fun. I've had A LOT of tea, there are roughly 20 varieties of tea in our pantry just right now and none of them are fun. Tea can be delicious, it can be warm, it can be rich and it can even be complex, but it isn't fun.  There aren't too many people having wild tea parties. You have tea parties so you can dress up and eat little cakes, and they're fun in their own way, but it has little to do with the tea itself.

Moving on, this is a set of wine goblets, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and 2 plates, which is certainly a food serving set, but it's far from a tea set.  I mean you could maybe put cookies and cucumber sandwiches on your plates, though they're a little large for that, but tea doesn't go in goblets. That's just a non negotiable fact, if they were  the cut glass they're supposed to resemble and you put hot tea in it, unless you're having a tea part in a dimension where the laws of thermodynamics cease to apply, you're going to have a hot if not scalded hand.

So finally we've worked our way to the bottom of the package where over in the corner (though it's hard to see in pictures because it's under the packaging bubble) for reason that will never be clear, Santa Claus and 2 Reindeer are shown having a picnic...seriously. It's the big incomprehensible cherry on this crack item sundae.

Even for a bootleg this might be one of the most illogical sailor moon items ever even in the face of things such as the car pencil box and the Jupiter mini skateboard water game. So on one item we have underage drinking, FUN tea, a scalded hand and Santa Claus. It's glorious in it's own horrible way.


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Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Usagi and Chibiusa's Birthday today!

If you're a Saior Moon lover like we are that means it's a cause for celebration! So in honor of the birthdays and the 20th anniversary, for the rest of today only you can get 20% off your purchase of in our shop! Just use coupon code Usagi20

But hurry about because it's only good until midnight tonight CST!

Be advised however we are on Hiatus from the shop for the weekend so most questions are going to have to wait until Monday to answer, but you can shop normally. :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 10 Female Videogame Characters who are a lot more than T&A

Let me start off this list with saying that I am a gamer and a girl, but that doesn't mean I hate every single busty super sexualized female character. I absolutely adore Ivy in the Soul Calibur series and while she certainly could beat the crap out of anyone who dared ogle her, no one can argue her character design is totally based on T and A, huge uncovered jiggling masses of T and A frankly. Also, I recently bought a copy of DOA: Extreme Beach Volleyball, which is based almost entirely based on watching jiggly scantily clad young ladies run around on sun soaked beaches, I mean there's the "hopping game" as mini-game for goodness sake. In my defense, I like extreme beach volleyball for the dating sim aspect, though that asshole Christie is always throwing away my presents... but I digress. The point is, I'm not making this list to villainize the sexy girls of video gaming. It's just that when a female character happens to be well developed as a whole rather than just in her chest area, it's a nice surprise.

Let me also add the caveat this only applies to characters in games I'm really familiar with so there's no Alyx Vance for example, because I never got into to Half Life 2. I also avoided characters who didn't originate in video games, are anthro, or who are robots/holograms/otherwise abiotic.

So, onto the list (some minor spoilers):

10. Lucca, Chrono Trigger:

Lucca is a genius inventor who carries a big gun, casts amazing fire attacks and is pretty much responsible for saving the world. (If not for Lucca's malfunctioning transporter Chrono and crew would have never known about Lavos)  She pretty much constantly saves the party's ass by being the only one smart enough to figure out how to overcome the things they encounter that can't be simply beaten into submission. Lucca is kind of lacking in the stats department, but luckily her father makes a variety of special items that help compensate for that. I'd like to complain about her needing her daddy to fix her problems, but I feel confident that she could design her own armor if she wasn't so busy doing anything even remotely intellectual in the party.  In spite of her weak base stats Lucca  has some pretty powerful magic though, she is essential to both the strongest  triple tech attacks in the game(Dark eternal and Omega Flare), the strongest double tech in he game (antipode 3) and her single tech, Flare, is the second strongest single tech in the game, so she's certainly not lacking attack power (unless it's a monster with magic resistance).

Unfortunately in spite of  her awesome qualifications she also gets relegated to being your archetypical smart nerdy girl in many ways. Short Hair, Check. Baggy clothes, Check. Glasses, Check. Never the main love interest, Check. Being a glasses sporting female genius who isn't romantically interested in her childhood friend isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just that it's so cliched and honestly Lucca deserves better than a sorry cliche. Though, in spite of being at least 70% walking cliche she still manages to be a pretty admirable character.

 9. Carmen Sandiego, Where in the World/Time/Space is Carmen Sandiego:

The first Carmen Sandiego game came out in 1985, meaning Carmen has managed to be the world's greatest master thief for the last 30+ years. I've played a lot of Carmen Sandiego, I mean hours and hours of my life have been spent on the many incarnations of that game and not once have I ever been able to catch Carmen, I've caught enough VILE henchmen to fill 10 prisons, but never the mastermind herself. Carmen's future and Carmen's past are shrouded in a mystery kind of like Carmen herself. She never appears without her trademark trench coat and red fedora (and ruby necklace if you believe the dossieres, though I don't recall seeing it on her) so you only catch glimpses of her face, but for a lady who lives in the shadows she's built a great empire for herself. Carmen Sandiego is the premier name in Educational games, she's lent her name video games, books, TV shows, and board games. Tons of kids grow up aspiring to be the one to put Carmen behind bars. Maybe master thief isn't the most positive career choice in the world, but Carmen does it well, entertaining us and educating us in the process.

8. Chun-Li, Street fighter Series:

Chun-Li is one of the first really recognizable token female characters. First appearing in Street fighter II in 1991 along with 7 male "world warriors" and was the first female playable character in a fighting game. In spite of being the token girl Chun-Li is consistently portrayed as being strong, muscular and capable of holding her own with the boys. In subsequent games she's been joined by a full roster of female fighters, but she's usually the only one who's fully dressed, as apparently for the "strongest woman in the world" the chain mail bikini principal does not apply. Sure there's a wealth of Chun-Li bikini figures endlessly flowing out of Japan and a few questionable alternative costumes so there's no denying she's sexy but she generally errs more on the side of badass. Chun-Li isn't just the first token girl though, she's a face of the game and often voted as the most popular characters in the entire franchise, beating out even Ryu and Ken. In her earliest incarnations she was a bit weaker than the rest of the roster, but over the years she's developed into one of the most solid and consistent fighters on the roster.

7. Sniper Wolf, Metal Gear Solid:

I have to note sniper wolf definitely has sex appeal built right into her character design, there's zero reason for her to be running around half unzipped in the snow other than gamers like boobies. But she's a lot more than a busty girl with a bug gun.  She's a world class assassin supposedly able to wait days, even weeks for a target without moving or eating, while she doesn't have to wait that long for Snake and Meryl to wander out into the open, she proves what a single well placed shot can do to ruin your day. When Snake encounters her a second time, she proves that she's also a master of camouflage perfectly blending into to the snow field during your battle. All of the foxhound members that are part of the Shadow Moses uprising have interesting back stories, but Wolf's is a little more developed than most. She's not just a run of the mill super warrior Snake manages to best, she's a believable multi-facted person who just happens to be deadly.

6. Jill Valentine, Resident Evil 1:

Jill has evolved over the years to include a lot more T and A and have a lot less character development and depth, which is why I'm only citing the original game. In RE1 Jill's default outfit is pretty unflattering, not to the point where it makes her ugly, but it's pretty far from fan service. She also is one of the strongest members of her elite team of mercenaries, being one of a few that survives the excursion into the mansion. She also is one of the few female characters in the video game universe who can not only keep up with the boys, but she is much more useful than her male counterpart. Unlike Chris, she has a bigger inventory, plays piano and is the master of unlocking. She does fall victim damsel in distress syndrome a number of times requiring Barry to keep her from becoming a "Jill sandwich". However, because of Barry she doesn't have to carry around a bunch of  useless items in limited inventory space unlike poor Chris, so it's kind of a positive in this case. In spite of needing the occasional saving, Jill  is still a pretty kick ass character. She manages to mostly hold her own in mansion swarming with zombies, and defeats the nasty human civilization threatening bosses mostly unassisted.

5. Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series:

I have to point out that Lara is totally a sex symbol, she's been redesigned to be more "normal" now but she's still got an awful lot of T and a good amount of A bobbing across the screen. But being sexy doesn't mean you can't be a well developed interesting character and Lara actually does have a lot more going for her than her cup size. She's smart, strong and independent. Lara struts into ancient tombs all by herself, no silly local guides like the archaeologists use. She starts off armed with her wits, a pair of pistols and world class gymnastic skills. She has the strength to push aside those boulders blocking her entrance to the tomb, the intelligence to solve those insane puzzles ancient peoples seemed to litter their places of worship with, and the marksmanship to take out crazed creatures out for blood while she's doing it.  Should she encounter someone in one of those tombs, Lara doesn't fall in love with them or take it as her cue to wait to be rescued, she usually tells them to get away from her artifacts and GTFO before she starts shooting.

Lara's changed a lot over the years and in her many incarnations, but in spite of being one of the most recognizable sex symbols in all of gaming, she's managed to stay smart, strong and competent.

4. Faris Scherwiz, Final Fantasy V:

Faris is a cross dressing, sword wielding, trash talking pirate captain. Her crew (and the party at first) believes she's male, but she's still so charismatic they fall in love with her anyway. You find out later in the game she's a long lost princess, but she chucks away her royal duties and dress at the first opportunity to go back to being a pirate. If that's not weird (but awesome) enough she also has the highest base stats of any character in the game, a feat which hasn't been seen since the most recent Final Fantasy game. So not only does she have a great character concept and while I'm at it, a pretty fabulous character design, she easily has the best black trench coat in an RPG this side of Sephiroth, but she is undeniably badass. That's not just an opinion there's cold hard numbers to back it up.

3. The Boss, Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater:

The Metal Gear series actually features a pretty large number of well developed capable and confident female characters, as it's a series that really excels in making fully developed  wonderfully realized characters of any gender. The Boss though, has to be one of the most impressive. She influences the entire series, being the director mentor to big boss, and in turn the indirect mentor to solid snake and liquid snake. Not to mention her connection to Ocelot who is consistently causing problems for everyone. Though just being the Metal Gear equivalent of a King maker would be enough, but The Boss is pretty awe inspiring on her own terms. She's the head of the Cobra unit, which contains some of the most intimidating bosses in any of the Metal Gear Games, Co-Created CQC, saved the world from nuclear destruction, gave birth on the battlefield and made battling in a field of flowers completely badass.  In spite of being a main antagonist and intimidating killing machines she's also likeable and you finish the game respecting the hell out of her. She also manages to be pretty and feminine (and not just when her sneaking suit is half zipped) in a slightly more mature and completely believable way. For the most part she embodies everything a well written strong female character should

2. Samus Aran, Metroid Series:

Samus has got to be the mother of all strong female video game characters.  In her first several appearances, she spends most of her time covered head to toe in an impenetrable suit of armor, nary a jiggle to be seen and her profession is bounty hunter, a far cry from things like princess or daughter or girlfriend like most of the female characters of her day. Appearing in the first metroid game in 1986, Samus ran around in her Varia suit looking like the typical one man army in vast nest evil that was so prevalent in that era. Boys who'd NEVER even look at a game with a female protagonist picked up Metroid and if they managed to get one of the right endings, got their mind blown with the knowledge that the badass bounty hunter they'd been using to blow away Space pirates and freaky aliens was perhaps the first non-token female character they'd ever encountered in a game. Notably Samus does appear less than dressed when she's out of her varia suit and the zero suit doesn't leave much to the imagination, but she's spent a good chunk of her decades long career largely unsexualized. Generally speaking, you don't play Metroid because you're thinking about how hot Samus is, you're playing it because she's the most badass bounty hunter in the video game universe.

1. Heather Mason, Silent Hill 3:

Silent Hill is no place for anyone ever, let alone a young girl who hangs out at the mall in her free time, but Heather doesn't care. Unlike most of other protagonist in the series Heather doesn't go into the accursed town looking for ghost stories and giggles, Silent Hill comes to her full force. Instead of cowering in a corner and crying like any sensible person would do, she hesitates enough to be human, then picks up a gun and starts blowing away the nightmare fuel so she can make her way home. Arriving home with her world turned upside down, she doesn't take this opportunity to cry or breakdown or get someone to fix it for her. Instead, she vows revenge on the whole evil town and goes out to take care of business.

Heather is one of the most believable game characters of any gender. One of the few characters who when faced with insurmountable odds and a mind blowingly awful situation doesn't just spout manly one-liners, ask inane questions, or mindlessly stick her hands where no thinking person would. Heather basically tells you: Look, that nasty pile of  bloody monster parts on the stretcher, yeah it's upsetting and I'm certainly not touching it, but I don't have time to be upset by it right now, get back to me later and I'm sure I'll have some words for it.  Heather manages to be feminine in her sporty skirt and vest combo, without being distractingly sexy and manages to be strong without any of the sometimes grating (even for another woman) archetypical strong female character traits. Overall, Heather's gender is about as important as her shoe size. It's a part of her, but doesn't define her life or her character. That her gender is so gloriously unimportant, is one of the things that makes her one of the best portrayals of a woman in any video game ever.


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon North American Travel Kit

This is another one of those items that is really at it's core a sensible item. It's the Sailor Moon branding that makes it weird. This is a North American Travel Kit:

Sailor Moon Says: Cleanliness is next to Scoutliness

This includes everything you might need for a short overnight, all branded with the Sailor Moon logo. Runny nose? Don't worry these Sailor Moon facial tissues will banish them like a Negaverse* creep! (*this is a North American release might as well use the dub terms). Snarls in your hair? You've got your choice of a cheap plastic brush or cheap plastic comb to punish them in the name of the moon!  Or, perhaps my favorite part though is the official Sailor Moon travel soap which comes with it's own Sailor Moon soap holder. It's still sealed so we didn't open it to check if the soap itself is also emblazoned with the logo, but I feel like it probably is.

I mean I get I guess if I was at the store and had to buy a child's travel kit I might have picked the cartoon branded one to try to encourage them to clean. But if that's the motivation, shouldn't it maybe have included a colorful recognizable character or two instead of just the logo everywhere. Logos are recognizable, but not fun or particularly interesting to most children. It seems like this was mostly more of the extremely lazy branding that plagued 80% of the North American merchandise brought out for Sailor Moon. On the other hand, Sailor Moon Soap. It's hard to argue with that.


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Collection Oddities: Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe

We don't normally  highlight things they have come out in the last decade, because A) They're not as fun, B) we mostly collect older stuff and C) most people on the internet have already seen it. However this is such a weird thing we can't help but share.

The Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe:

If any zombies get under this glass, we are prepared.
This was apparently a pre-order bonus. We bought RE5 with the special red xbox360 when they came out, but didn't pre-order for any fun bonuses :( So we bought this on the secondary market. Honestly though I'm not even sure which store it originated from.

It features an incredibly poorly painted Chris and Sheeva back to back guns drawn ready to take one the zombie menace. There's a resident evil 5 logo on the Sheeva side and a Capcom logo on the Chris side. though if I were Capcom I wouldn't have wanted to put my name on this. The painting on Chris and Sheeva is worse than a dollar store bootleg.

When you shake it up Chris and Sheeva are assaulted by a swirl of glittery sand. The sand is a fun concept as it's supposed to be Africa, there's not a lot of snow. However, they should have colored normal snow globe flecks the sand is pretty heavy and doesn't get good air time. It's mostly settled before even have a chance to put the globe back down. It does however make it look like it's drastically reduced their visibility fr a few seconds:
Why is the BSAA setting up camp in the east African glitter desert?

 Overall it's a shame the figures are painted so poorly otherwise though it's really cool item.  Just a bit strange, I can't image there'd be that many Resident Evil fans who also happen to think snow globes are awesome.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Luna Pencil Case

We really like collecting the Sailor Moon items that were Furoku or Zenin for Nakayosi Magazine. Most of the items feature unique art not found on any other items. Although they're unique most of these items aren't particularly weird. The Luna Pencil case however is an exception.

Somehow I remember Luna looking more like a cat less, like a fuzzy sausage.
This fuzzy black thing is a pencil case that's suppose to resemble Luna, though really the only indication of that is pointy ears and a crescent moon. I'm not sure what's going on with the little pink bowtie, you'd think they'd have at least wanted to make it yellow since that's the only ribbon you ever see her have. It is still pretty cute in a completely ridiculous manner.  The inside is probably the better part though:

It's hard to see because of the camera flash but the inner pocets have an all over pattern with Luna's head and Nakayosi. There are 5 compartments in all, but it only comes with two desk items, a pencil and a ruler. What they lack in quantity though they make up for in quality:

It is physically impossible not to fall in love with winking Luna. You might think you're immune to her charms, but you aren't. Notably we haven't actually tried to use either of these items, so we're not sure if they're functionally high quality, but in cuteness quality they're clearly a 10/10. The only weirdness is why Artemis' head is on top the pencil when it's otherwise a completely Luna set.

This item isn't completely cracked out insane like a lot of the other items we feature as it does have legitimate art and a pretty reasonable purpose.  A plush pencil case does sort of push the bounds of reasonable in general, but it's mostly the why the fuzzy sausage that only vaguely resembles Luna, that really makes it weird. It's cute in it's own way and we're pretty committed to getting anything with the moon cats on it so it's perfect in our collection.


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Friday, June 1, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bubble Blower Version 2.0

If you've check out our oddities posts before you'll know that we've done a Sailor Moon Bubble blower before. This is a Sailormoon World bubble blower, making it a bit newer than our StarS bubble blower.  Is it new and improved? Let's find out:

 We haven't taken it out of the package so we can't say if it's functionally better, but we can see right off the bat that it comes with it's own bubbles which is an improvement from the old model. This one isn't electronic, you have to blow it like an old school bubble pipe. So it's less technologically advanced, but no batteries to worry about, I'm not sure whether or not that counts as improvement, so we'll just say it's different for now. There is some assembly required, the figure comes separately from the bubble maker and you have to put it on yourself like a sucker. Our other bubble maker has a preattached figure, no fuss no muss. Though according to the back of the package, this figure can be used as a pencil topper when you're done. So we'll still count that as an improvement. Speaking of the back lets check it out:

I have to wonder about that stamp? Is it the date for maximum bubble freshness?
So from looking at the illustrations and ignoring all the Japanese characters I can't read( 99.9% of them) it seems that item uses both water and bubble solution to function and a fun wheel mechanism. Also, contains the ever popular, do not become Pacman while using this item warning. The Japanese seem to be preoccupied with people becoming Pacman, was there some sort of epidemic of this I'm not aware of?

Overall this bubble maker is a lot different than our other one, not just in looks, but in functionality as well. So perhaps it was aimed at people who wanted more of a role in their bubble production? Maybe parents who didn't want their children taking the lazy path of push button bubbles? It's hard to say. though it does beg the questions just how many Sailor Moon bubble makers are out there? and just how many bubble makers does one series need?


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