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Monday, November 23, 2009

NaBloWriMo 23

I can't believe I've already managed to do 23 days (though I have had help) It's been a lot harder than I initially expected it to be and I really thought about giving up several times

Unfortunately I've got nothing interesting to say today. I'm still fighting off a really nasty cold so I'm really behind on accomplishing most tasks. We've got a house guest right now too, that's kind of screwing with the household dynamic and thus my productivity levels. OK, so maybe it's not hard to screw with my productivity levels, but I actually do like feeling productive.

However, I don't see my productivity levels rising anytime in the near future, my cold is going to stick around for a while still and we've got two thanksgiving gatherings to attend and my brother is coming for a visit. So all in all it looks to be a very busy week and busy usually is bad for getting anything done you actually want to get done.

So that's my really really boring entry for the day. But at least I managed to add another day on to my NaBloWriMo count only 7 more to go. Honestly, I've had fun with it, but I'll be glad when it's all over with. I don't mind the excuse to write some of the on task entries I've been meaning to do, but when I'm too bust to do anything other than ramble about nothing I think it's best they stay unwritten.


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