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Monday, April 28, 2014

Collection Update: Cel Gallery update

It's been a while since we blogged about a cel gallery update so this update is going to include choice items from our last two gallery updates. Our full cell gallery with all our cels new and old is at: Acetate Addiction

First up is a gorgeous shot of Luna from the Sailor Moon S Movie:

This is a multi-layer cel with original background
She has the most adorable little blush on her face. We've long wanted a cel of Luna wearing the Yellow ribbon and this one is a really really beautiful one.

Continuing on the Sailor Moon theme we have a great shot of Michiru playing her violin:

This has the original hand painted background
Much like the S movie cel, we had long wanted a shot of Michiru playing her violin. This is a really great shot from episode 99. She looks so pretty and serene.

And Finally the most Sly looking Luna ever:

This came with the original timing sheet and was sealed in the original Toei bag.
We haven't figured out which episode this is from but Luna's sly face was too good to pass up. As soon as we saw it we knew we had to buy it.

We updated several more Sailor Moon cels you can view our Sailor Moon cel selection here.

One of my favorites from our recent updates is from Robot Carnival:

 The Presence segment was done by Yasuomi Umetsu
This is a really amazing cel of the Android from the Presence section. Presence is my favorite piece from Robot Carnival and I've been looking for a shot from the android for a long time. This one sat on a dealers site for quite sometime because of it's high price, but during a sale we picked it up and I couldn't be happier.

Ayashi no Ceres OP cel:

Before we got this cel I never notice Aya's coat has 3 rows of buttons
This is from the Opening of Ceres, and this shot is the only time Aya has her eyes closed in this part of the opening. A really pretty sweet looking cel. The slight movement of her hair and her closed eyes convey a sense of serenity.

The Last Unicorn cel of Amalthea transforming:

Signed by Author Peter S Beagle
I'd been looking for the perfect cel of Amalthea from the transformation sequence for the long time. It's one of the few sequences that pops up regularly so I thought I could wait to find one  after waiting for almost 10 years I was losing hope. Luckily a collector with a huge number of cels from the sequences was taking offers and this beauty was among them. I love the way her hair is flowing and the calmness of her face as an added bonus this shot is signed by the Author of  The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle.

We've actually been able to add several Last unicorn cels recently see them all here.

Finally a sketch from Yoshitaka Amano:

On the inner cover of the Tarot illustrations artbook
Several years ago we bought another Sketch by Yoshitaka Amano but had to sell it. So we were very very excited to be able to another one to our collection. This is a beautiful minimalist sketch in gold marker. It's got that messy simple elegance that characterizes all Amano's art.

We've added several more pieces of art recently so to see them all visit our full cel gallery.


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