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Friday, March 29, 2013

Shop Spotlight: Vintage G2 My Little Ponies

In a previous Shop Spotlight we talked about how much we love vintage My Little Ponies and featured the classic G1 one My Little Ponies so we thought this time we should spotlight the G2.

G2 Ponies are a lot different than both the classic G1 and the G4 that are being produced today. These design changes made them the least popular Ponies and they were only produced for 2 years in most markets. While G2 aren't my favorites either I still think they still have their charm for any pony lover and we have a some cuties in stock right now.

Ivy. Is one of the magic motion ponies and her front leg moves when your turn her head. Both of her eye jewels are intact and she's got a clean body and silky shiny hair. I love her swirly leafy cutie mark. For $4.50 she can grace your collection.

 Morning Glory. With her light pink body, light purple hair and flower cluster cutie mark Morning Glory seems to be a little more similar to her G1 counterparts. She's got a unique post too, that back hoof probably couldn't bend like that unless it was broken. But hey that's why  MLP ponies are fantasy creatures right? This particular Morning Glory is in great shape other than some cowlicky bangs. Just $6 and she cane be the newest part of your hard.

Berry Brite. She is pretty aptly named given her ultra bright body and neon yellow hair paired with her dark purple cute mark. Speaking of her cutie mark, grapes are berries, but most of us don't think of them under the berry heading. I'd have gone with a strawberry, or maybe blueberry design. Or instead called her Grapely Cute or something equally as silly. Whatever you call her she's a cutie. You can bring a bit of brightness (or is that briteness?) into your life for $4.50.

We also have a full set of small beanie G2 Ponies right now. They don't particularly resemble their source ponies, but they're still pretty cute. Sky Skimmer here is one of my personal favorites, I think her color scheme and cutie mark came out especially great in plushie form. For $6 she can make your collection cuter.

That's it for this Spotlight. We've got a  lots more G2 Ponies on site, so if you don't see something you like here you might find it there. Similarly we have lots of other ponies and pony related goodies and are always adding more.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Collection Oddities: Italian Sailor Moon Sailor Beauty Set

 Sailor Moon was mass merchandized  pretty much as soon as it came out and has continued to be merchandized worldwide. Meaning there is literally a world of Sailor products out there. Which of course means that  there are lots of weird and not so weird official products that aren't often found in collections. While we normally focus on rare and weird (if not completely insane in some cases), we occasionally bring you something that's just seen infrequently, but not too crazy. That's the case with the Italian Sailor Beauty Set:

This honestly is a little girl sized toy vanity packaged with a Sailor Moon doll. The vanity seems to have nothing to do with Sailor moon at all. The hearts and bows are sort of senshi-ish if you squint, and you have something in your eye, AND you look at it with all the hopefulness you can muster. At worst it's lazy half integration at best it's still way better than when they try to make something Sailor Moon related like the North American Vanity. It's also worth noting that the earrings have nothing to do with Sailor Moon either.  No character I'm aware of wears anything that even looks remotely similar. Once again, lazy integration. The only part of this set that is related to Sailor Moon is the Sailor Moon doll and she looks pretty much like your standard Giochi Preziosi issue Sailor Moon Doll. Admittedly though we haven't actually taken it out of the box(a rare move for us) to inspect it so it could have some weird variation we're presently unaware of, but it seems unlikely.

We honestly probably wouldn't have a bought this for the collection if we realized at the time it was a girl sized vanity rather than a doll sized one. The doll one would have been a lot more fun as our little photoshoot proves, but  regardless, we've got it now and enjoy it for it's randomness. Overall it's not a crazy item considering the target market. It probably could have done with better integration, how much cuter would a vanity with little Luna heads or Comic Hearts instead of generic hearts be? But it's an a passable item certainly not the worst item we've come across or own. It's very uncommon and we haven't seen another in collection though we saw one listed on ebay without earrings so it was probably issued at least twice. It may have been popular in Italy, but it seem pretty rare in the rest of the world.

Like so many other items in our collection we're not sure exactly sure why Sailor Moon got stuck endorsing a little girl's pink and blue vanity but we're glad she did so we can enjoy it.


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