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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Crayons

 These Crayons are North American releases and are actually pretty rare, we'd seen them once back in 2000, didn't buy them then and regretted it a bit. It took us 9 years or so to track down another set for our collection:

There giant piles of Sailor Moon desk supplies available, pencil, marker sets, stationery, notebooks folders, etc. So strictly speaking sailor moon crayons aren't that odd. However, while we neglected to photograph it, these are really really lazy integration. They are really generic crayons, you know the ones that say "crayons" on the side, no makers mark or anything else. Additionally the box says 48 crayons, but only contains 12 or so colors.  So in a nutshell the sort of crayons they really aren't good for anything.

Basically the box art with Sailor Moon is the only thing that makes them Sailor Moon Crayons. In fact this would probably be better  referred to as the Sailor Moon Crayon box. Admittedly if we'd known it was just a lazily marketed crayon box, we might not have spent so much time looking for one, but we've got it now and holds a place of pride along with the rest of our insane Sailor Moon items.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Pop-up Fan Keychain

 Don't you hate it when you're overheated and try to use your keys as a fan with less than stellar results? Well like so many things in life, Sailor Moon has you covered.

In the name of the moon I shall fan you!
This is a Keychain fan with a Chibi Usagi topper and says Sailor moon S across the actual fan part. As though having a fan at your finger tips at any moment isn't exciting enough this one also pops open with a quick release button. When heat strikes, hit the little button in the handle and BAM! instant fan cooling power. When the heat wave subsides, you just pop it back into the handle and it clicks into closed position, sleeping once again, awaiting it's time to be the heat avenger once more...

On a more serious note this is a cute item, and we do legitimately like it, but one does have to wonder who exactly needs a keychain fan with a quick action button as a functional item?


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