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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Avane Shopping Guide 2015: 10 gifts for Pokemon fans

We started watching Pokemon back in 1998, when it first started airing on US TV. We immediately fell in love with the cute little pocket monsters and Ash's adventures in catching them. It took us a little while to get to the actual games (we started with gold and silver) but we feel in love with those too. Clearly we're not alone as Pokemon has a robust fan base and the franchise is still going strong. We've been collecting Pokemon items since we first started the show so it's not surprise we also  stock a ton of Pokemon Merchandise in our shop. Here's our top picks for great Pokemon gifts.

Pokemon Kids Lucario Figure:

Pokemon Lucario figure for sale.
Pokemon kids are some of myfavorite merchandise, these hollow little figures are always super cute. This is fan favorite Lucario who is well detailed and looks fabulous on display. Figure is in great shape and ready to make someone's day.

Pokemon Mini Porcelain Dish:

Pokemon  Treecko porcelain dish for sale
This is a Japanese import pokemon item, a tiny Porcelain dish with a Treecko on it. This tiny bowl would be good for holding rings or similarly small treasures. A unique stocking stuffer for your favorite Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Marble Holder with Raichu:

Pokemon Raichu Marble Holder for sale
Pokemon Marbles are small and shiny and cute, but they often have tendency to roll under your furniture or be stolen by your cat. This marble holder solves that issue with Raichu style. It also comes with a Machoke marble to get a marble collection started or add to an existing one. This is useful and fun gift for your favorite Pokemaniac that collects everything.

Pokemon Elekid beanie plush:

Pokemon Elekid beanie for sale

This cute little plush features Elekid, the baby form of Electabuzz. Electabuzz isn't one of the cuter pokemon, but this Elekid is a different story. Look at his adorable little angry face, who wouldn't love to unwrap this little cutie pie?

Jakks Entei Figure:

Pokemon entei figure for sale.
Having started the Pokemon game series with Silver, I'm partial to the legendary beasts introduced in Gen II. So of course I'd have to highlight this fabulous  Entei figure.This figure is very well detailed and in excellent shape. A really great addition to any Pokemon collection.

Pokemon Tupperware:

Pokemon Tupperware for sale
Tupperware made an official Pokemon line in the late 90s/early 2000s. This is a cute little sandwich keeper featuring Bulbasaur, Charmander and Bellsprout.  As they're Tupperware they're pretty durable,  we use ours a few times a week and the do have some wear but have held up admirably for being 15+ years old. A great useful collectible and a fun gift for any Pokemon lover.

Pokemon Movie Pidgeot Card:

Pokemon Pidgeot Card toy for sale
This is fun plastic card shaped toy with a display stand. A ton of these were released to promote the pokemon movie back in 2000. This one features Pidgeot and its wings flap when you push the button on the bottom. This is an interesting collectible that makes a great display piece.  This would make a fun stocking stuffer for any Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Trading Figure Golem:

Pokemon Golem figure for sale
I've never played the Pokemon trading figure game, but I love these figures. They often feature the Pokemon in much more dynamic poses than you see in other figures. This is Golem (the final evolution of Geodude), rising out of a cloud of dust. Still has the spinner ring intact and is a great choice for players of the game, or just as a cool display piece.

Pokemon Gameboy Toy:

Pokemon Gameboy toy for sale. 
This is a fun little Pokemon toys that's shaped like a Gameboy with a Gligar on screen, and even has a little removable cartridge with a Metapod on it. Gligar bounces up and down with you press the D-pad button. This is a really fun little gift sure to spark a little nostalgia for anyone who grew up playing Pokemon on their Gameboy Color.

Japanese Pokemon Keychain w/ Pikachu, Ash and Froakie:

Japanese Pokemon Key Chain for sale
This is metal key chain featuring Ash, Froakie and Pikachu, though as it's direct from Japan it uses their Japanese names, Satoshi, Keromatsu and Pikachu.  This is a great image overall but Pikachu looks especially cute in this image. This is still sealed in the original plastic and is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Those are some of our top picks, but we have many of other great Pokemon items available, we certainly have something wonderful in stock for your favorite Pokefan.


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Avane Shopping Guide 2015: 10 gifts for Sailor Moon fans

We've been collecting Sailor Moon for a long time so it should be no surprise that we have a ton of Sailor Moon items in our store. If you've got a Sailor Moon fan on your holiday shopping list, we have a huge selection of  vintage Sailor Moon items available. We have everything from Sailor Moon comics to Sailor Moon dolls to sailor Moon Stationery & Stickers and just about anything else Sailor Moon you can think of!

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Doll in Box:

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars doll for sale
Sailor Moon is in the midst of a very successful reboot with tons of new Mechanidse, but one area that's been largely neglected is dolls. So give your favorite moonie this awesome vintage Sailor Mars doll. This a European release by Bandai, and is new in box. This is a great vintage doll sure to delight any Sailor Moon fan.

Japanese Sailor Moon Bottle Opener:

Sailor Moon Bottle Opener for Sale
There's a whole variety of Japanese Sailor moon kitchen items for the Moonie with Culinary interests but this bottle opener is great even for those who's cooking tends to be more about opening a take out menu. This bottle opener is still new on the card a great gift for a Sailor Moon fan who has almost everything else.

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Strap:

Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Strap for sale.

This Sailor Moon is relatively new release from the Japanese Twinkle Dolly set of Sailor Moon straps. This is Sailor Moon sitting on top of her wand. The one we have in stock is new in the box and is a really cute piece for any Sailor Moon fan.

Japanese Sailor Moon S Sliding Puzzle:

Japanese Sailor Moon Puzzle for Sale
This is a plastic sliding style tray puzzle. It features a great Sailor Moon group shot that includes: Sailor Moon Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Luna and Artemis. This is still in it's original package with the toei seal on it.  A fun little toy and an uncommon item perfect for any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Moon Artemis Plush:

Sailor Moon Artemis cat plush for sale
This cute stuffed Artemis is part of the first US Sailor Moon merch revival of the early 2000s. Artemis doesn't have as much Merchandise as his female companion, Luna, so this is one of the few really great pieces available. This super cute plushie is still in the original box and is sure to make any Moonie's day.

Sailor Moon Furoku Notebook:

Sailor Moon Furoku Notebook for sale.
This adorable little notebook was once furoku that came with Nakayoshi magazine. Furoku referes to little gift given away inside Japanese magazines, especially the ones that run manga. This is from Sailor Moon's original manga run in Japan way back in 1992.  A lot of the Sailor Moon furoku items are hard to find these days and this is a very cute little book with delightful art sure to delight any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Moon Tea Set Miniature Tea Cup:

Sailor Moon Mini Porcelain Tea Cup For Sale
This tiny teacup was part of a Sailor Moon gashapon miniature tea set. This cup is a little larger than a US penny and is the perfect size for dolls or just as a display piece. A really cute unique gift for any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Jupiter Hina Doll:

Sailor Jupiter Hina doll for sale
This part of a line of Sailor Moon dolls made for the traditional girl's day celebration in Japan. Jupiter is dressed as one of  the traditional Hinamatsuri Ningyo court musicians. These little dolls are hard to find and are unique mixture of traditional Japanese culture and Japanese pop culture. A lovely addition any Sailor Moon collection.

Sailor Moon Super S Movie Promo Bag:

Sailor Moon Super S Movie bag for sale
Promotional bag for the Sailor Moon Super S. This was probably a giveaway at Japanese stores around the time the film came out. Really great choice for a Sailor Moon fan who collects unique items or possibly a great gift bag for another gift.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune Button set:

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Buttons for sale.
Super cute pair of buttons with one of the Sailor Moon fandom's favorite couple's, Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune. These are hand drawn images and are an adorable one of kind gift perfect for any moonie who loves this pairing.  

Those are some of our top picks, but we have loads of other Sailor Moon Merchandise available we certainly have something wonderful in stock for your moonie fan.

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Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 Gifts for Retro Gamers

We have tons of vintage game collectibles for sale. Gaming goods are our primary personal collection and because we like them so much we stock a bunch of them.

Mario Brother 8 bit Fortress Accessory Holder:

NES 8 bit Mario accessory for sale
This is a delightful wooden accessory holder shaped like the 8 bit fortresses at the end of the levels in the first Super Mario Brothers game. Perfect for holding Wii motes, or pencils or just about anything else (one of ours holds Animal crossing cards) While this is a new Japanese release, it's still sure to make any vintage gamer's day.

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Plushie:

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Plush for sale.
Back when Sonic and Knuckles came out, it was the coolest thing most gamers had ever seen. Not only did we get a sweet new sonic character, but he could be back ported into the previous Sonic games. Thus everyone's love for knuckles was born. This plush isn't that vintage,  but it still looks like the same knuckles we all fell in love with 20 years ago. A fun gift for any fan.

1989 Legend of Zelda Link Shaped Gum Container:

Vintage Legend of Zelda Figure Gum Container for Sale
This is a super vintage NES era Link gum container, note his delightfully simplistic old school character design. Everyone loves the Link, so there's pretty much no way to go wrong with this gift choice. This one is empty so for added fun you could fill it up with the recipients favorite candy too.

Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Figure:

Final Fantasy 8 Seifer Figure for sale
Final Fantasy has been a staple game series for the last 26 years, but the PS1 era games were among the best. Anyone who owned a Playstation and had even a passing interest in RPGs put at least few hours into the games. Final Fantasy VIII has long been a fan favorite and Seifer was an antagonist many of us loved to hate.  This figure is in great shape and Seifer even still has his gunblade, a fab gift choice for any FFVIII fan.

Punch-Out!! Sticker Card:

Vintage Nintendo Punch-Out!! sticker for sale.
Nintendo put out a whole line of these hints and tips cards with stickers on the front and tips for a random NES game on the back. This card has a great image of Little Mac giving glass Joe one heck of an uppercut. Punch-Out!! is a classic game, but was pretty under marketed, there's not a lot of merchandise available for it. So this makes an unexpected and fun stocking stuffer for your favorite retro gamer.

Virtua Fighter UFO Catcher Plush Pai:

Virtua Fighter Pai for Sale
I'm old enough to remember when Virtua Fighter was the hottest thing in the arcade. While other games where still relying on old 2D sprites, Virtua Fighter introduced us to the world of 3D fighting. By today's standards it's pretty amazingly polygonal and pretty ugly, but that doesn't mean it doesn't ignite the flame of nostalgia. This is UFO Catcher plush features Pai in her Virtua Fighter 2 outfit and thankfully is a lot less blocky than her in game counterpart. She's got her original tag and is the perfect gift for retro fighting game enthusiasts.

Vintage NES Promo Box Rad Racer:

Vintage NES promo box for sale.
This is an incredibly hard to find Mock Up Box for the NES Classic, Rad Racer. This features full box art from the front and the back of the game on heavy weight card stock. This was probably used in stores in lieu of letting customers handle actual games before purchase. A really unique piece for anyone's collection. If you know a hardcore NES fan, this is sure to be one of the most unique things they've ever gotten.

 1982 Donkey Kong Sticker Card of Mario:

1980s Mario from Donkey Kong Sticker for Sale
I know this will be hard for some people to believe but at one time Mario wasn't a plumber, he was a carpenter. Not only that,  he sported a curly handlebar mustache and was in love with Pauline instead of Princess Peach. It's crazy but true. This card is part of the Donkey Kong card collection (of which we have several if you're looking for vintage DK/mario/pauline goodness) and is a really fun image of that earliest incarnation of the Mario we know and love today. A great choice to give your favorite Mario fan a laugh.

Frogger Cartoon Model Animation Cel:

80s Frogger Cartoon cel for sale
Back in the 80s there was this lovely thing called the Saturday Morning Supercade, it was a block of cartoons based on the popular arcade games of the day. So Pac-Man, Frogger, Q-bert, Donkey Kong and others all got Saturday morning cartoons. This is a model cel from an episode of Frogger (model cels are used by animators to determine color and height differences between the main characters and other characters a given episode). This hand painted cel is a one of kind collectible perfect for any truly old school retro gaming fan.

Mega Man Met Figure:

Mega Man Met figure for sale
Mega Man has been a gaming classic since the first game hit the scene back in 1987. Capcom hasn't done much with the plucky little android lately, but that doesn't make him any less beloved. This is a Japanese Keshi (small rubber eraser like figures sold in capsule machines) of a met. Met as been causing trouble for Mega Man as long as the franchise has been around and is easily recognized by even the most casual mega man player, a great choice for any Mega Man fan.

We seriously have tons more gifts perfect for the retro game lover in your life, so if you don't like this list check out the rest of our  gaming memorabilia for sale.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 gifts for 90s Kids

While we were born in the 80s a good portion of our adolescence was firmly steeped in the 90s. So we totally love the 90s and carry a good number of items from that decade. Here are 10 gifts guaranteed to make any 90s kid glow with warm fuzzy nostalgia.

Nickelodeon Rugrats Tommy Pickles:

90s Rugrats Tommy Plush Doll
Nickelodeon's Nick Toons really hit their zenith in the 90s. While we certainly loved Ahh!! Real Monsters, Rockos Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy and many of the other iconic cartoons from that era, Rugrats was one of the best. This is perhaps the most resourceful baby in the history of the world, Tommy Pickles in plush form. A great little reminder that a baby's got a do, what a baby's gotta do.

Street Fighter Cartoon Cel Vega:

Street Fighter Vega cel for sale
We can't say that the US Street Fighter cartoon was great, but it is a glowing example with the 90s obsession with making mediocre cartoon series out of popular game franchises. Vega only appears in 2 episodes so cels of him are rare. Even for someone who didn't love the cartoon this is a hand painted one of a kind piece of gaming memorbillia perfect for any Street Fighter fan.

Vintage 6 inch Sailor Moon Doll from 1995:

Vintage Sailor Moon doll for sale.
You can't talk about the 90's and ignore Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon has recently gotten a brand new reboot in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal, but many of her current fans, us included, love the old 90s anime. This is Sailor Moon doll is from the very first line of Sailor Moon toys released in the US. Many people who caught Sailor Moons first run in the US (before it was on Toonami) probably had one of these or desperately wanted one. This one is still sealed in the box and makes a great gift for Sailor Moon fans who grew up watching the show.

Animaniacs Yakko Figure:

90s Animaniacs figure for sale.

There were a lot of great WB cartoons in the 90s, and Animaniacs was one of the best. The great writing still holds up really well 20 years later. This fun little figure of Yakko is still in great shape and wold be a perfect stocking stuffer.

Spice Girls Doll Ginger Spice:

Ginger Spice doll for sale
The Spice Girls epitomized the 90s. What's more 90s than an all girl group with chunky highlights,  ridiculous platform shoes and a penchant for singing infectious pop songs. Like most 90s pop starlets of the time period they girls got their own line of dolls. This vintage doll is still in the box with all her fun accessories (I especially like how the doll comes with a doll of herself) and would make a fantastic bit of kitschy nostalgia for any 90s kid.

Power Rangers Pink Ranger Ninja Figure:

Power Rangers Movie pink ranger figure for sale
I'm pretty sure everyone watched Power rangers in the 90's even if you didn't like it, you watched it anyway because it was everywhere. Even though Power rangers has gone through many incarnations now I think many of us still fondly remember the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and probably think that in spite of the many flaws it was the best one of the series. This is the original Pink ranger Kimberly in her Movie version Ninja outfit. She's a bendy figure and is happy to pose for the Power Rangers fan in your life.

Pokemon Butterfree Figure:

Pokemon Butterfree Figure for sale
One of the greatest gifts of the 90's was surely the Pokemon explosion, which luckily for fans like myself, is still going strong today. This is one of the original 150 Pokemon, Butterfree. This is a cute little figure and a great nostalgia piece for the Pokemon fan on your shopping list.

Disney Lion King Simba Face mug:

Vintage Lion King Mug for sale
The 90's Disney Renaissance gave us some of the best animated films ever made, The Lion King being a particularly bright jewel among those films. This is a very cute mug of Simba's face and is perfect way to bring some more Disney love to that cup of morning coffee.

Tekken 3 Xiaoyu Figure:

Tekken Xiaoyu figure for sale.
Tekken has been a fighting game staple since 1994. This fabulous figure is from Tekken 3 and it's of the adorable Xiaoyu, who makes her first appearance in Tekken 3. She has been in every subsequent Tekken release since then. This figure is from 1998, is still in great shape and makes a great choice for the Tekken lover in your life.

Barney and Baby Bop Cookie Cutter set:

Barney and Friends cookie cutters for sale.
Love him or hate him Barney was an inescapable part of the 90s, Everyone heard the big purple dinosaur's "I love you" song or some variant on it multiple times. This set of cookie cutters is sure to bring up some nostalgic feelings while making some fun looking cookies.

We've got lots more vintage 90's collectibles for sale on our site as well so even if you don't see something on this list, we've probably got the perfect gift just waiting to be found.

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Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 gifts for lovers of the 80s

Being old enough to fondly remember our 80's childhoods means that we stock a decent amount of 80s collectibles. We have stuff from Care BearsMasters of the Universe, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids and at least a little something from just about every corner of 80s pop culture.

Here's our 2015 list of top gift picks for those of us who still fondly remember the 80s.

Vintage Pac Man Wind-Up Toy:

Vintage Pac-Man toy doe sale.

Pac-Man was everywhere in the early 80s pretty much everyone succumbed to Pac-man fever at one point or another. This cute little piece of nostalgia would make a great cubicle mate for your favorite Pac-Man lover.

Jem Animation Sketch Signed by Samantha Newark:

Jem and the Holograms animation sketch for sale

Jem was one of the most iconic and memorable cartoons from the 80s. It got a pretty terrible movie adaptation this year, but we shouldn't hold that against the original source material which is classic. This is an original animation sketch of Jerrica, Jem's normal personality. This sketch signed by Samantha Newark who was the speaking voice of both Jem & Jerrica. This is a unique piece and would be an amazing gift for any Jem fan.

1989 Mario Brothers Cookie Cutter:

Vintage Mario Cookie Cutter for sale.
Back in 1989 Wilton made a small set of these cookie cutters shaped like Mario characters. This one is a Spiny. In spite of it's age it's in great shape and we know form using our own set that they still work after all these years This cute little cutter is sure to make Holiday cookies a little more fun.

Masters of The Universe He-Man & Skeletor Laundry Bag:

Vintage He-Man Collectible for sale
Anyone who knows someone who collects Masters of the Universe toys and collectibles knows that there's a ton of merchandise available but most of it is fairly similar. However, this item is rare, we've only seen a handful of them for sale, so most collectors don't even knew it exists! So if you're looking for something unique for a collector who has just about everything else, this He-Man Laundry bag is a great choice.

Vintage Care Bears Funshine Bear Plush:

80s Care Bears Funshine Bear for sale.
The Care Bears has gotten several reboots over the years, but most of us know the original 80s version was by far the best. This is one of the original 80s Care Bears plush stuffed bears, Funshine. Not perfect but still in good shape after all these years, a huggable piece of nostalgia for any 80s kid.

Transformers Record and Storybook:

Vintage 80s Transformers Book and Record for sale
 I remember loads of these book and record combos from my 80s childhood. (records played on Fisher Price record players naturally) This Transformers book is in good shape for it's age and the accompanying record is in even better shape.  A really fun piece of nostalgia any Transformers fan would love to get as a gift. Double fun if you give it to someone with kids and watch them attempt to explain how the big black things can play music and sounds.

Vintage 80s G1 My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial  Cel:

My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial Cel for sale.
My Little Pony has rather successfully been rebooted as Friendship is Magic, but many of us still love the cute chubby pastel ponies from the early days. This is a great  Hand Painted Animation cel of Cotton Candy from the animated portion of the My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial. This is a unique one of a kind MLP item, perfect for the Pony fan in your life.

Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite Romeo:

Vintage Rainbow Brite Sprite Romeo
Rainbow Brite was a childhood favorite of mine, a distinction I know I share with many other ladies who were little girls in the 80s. I know I'd be thrilled to get this cute little plush sprite. This one is Romeo and he is 30 years old now, so he's got some wear, but still looks adorable. A wonderful gift choice for any Rainbow Brite Lover.

The Land Before Time Littlefoot Stuffed Dinosaur Plush:

Vintage The Land Befrore Time Littlefoot for sale.
The Land Before Time is a long running movie series with a newest installment slated to come out next year. However, the first and pretty universally agreed to be best film in the series, came out back in the 80s, This is a large (16 inch) plush of Littlefoot the adorable main character of the film. This plush is dated the same year as the first movie, 1988, but is still looking great for his age and is just as soft and huggable as ever.

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure:

80s Cabbage Kid figurine for sale.
Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were ubiquitous in the 80s, they were pretty much everywhere and many of us fondly remember dragging or chubby little adoptees with us everywhere. As an adult it's slightly harder to work a baby doll into your decor so this cute little porcelain figure is a perfect choice for some adult nostalgia. She's happy to hang out on a bookshelf or desk being a cute little reminder of those first forays into parenthood.

We have so many great 80s toys that it was hard to limit this list to just 10! So if you don't see something in this list we probably still have something great on our site just waiting to be discovered. If you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered. If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!


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