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Monday, November 16, 2009

NaBloWriMo day 16 Sandcastles

I was looking through some pictures today and found some of our sandcastles from back in June. Every year, weather permitting we head to the beach on Park Point and build sandcastles on Jen's birthday, this year it was a couple days after, but close enough. Before I share some pictures it should be noted that we, mostly meaning me, do not simply build sandcastles like a normal person. I build sand infrastructure, there are roads, parks, residential areas, forts, working areas and naturally a big religious/government structure. Not to mention a port and a light house to promote commerce. It's kind of like playing civilization only with more sand and less peasants.

First up we have a shot of the skyline of Duluth taken from the Park Point shoreline for an idea of the setting:
Duluth skyline

Next we have my castle and surrounding grounds (including a tree made of driftwood and seaweed):
My Sandcastle

I realize looking at it now that it bares a passing resemblance to the pyramid in the dark world:
Jen's sand town, which provided residential areas for my towns people:

Jen's sand town

Now I'm missing the warm weather.


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