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Friday, March 22, 2019

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bubble Blower Version 3.0

So as it turns out we own not one, not two but three Sailor Moon Bubble Makers. Our first bubble Maker (which we detailed here) is basically a can of air that blows bubbles for you (though it's super effective it makes an absolute profusion of bubbles). Our Second was a Sailor Moon World Bubble Pipe situation (which we detailed here) that we haven't taken out of the package. Today's seem to be a bubble foam gun. Just take a look:

Sailor Moon Stars Bubble Foam Gun
So stylistically this bubble maker isn't really like either of our other ones. First off it's shaped like a very femme retro alien ray gun (which is a pretty good ~*~A E S T H E T I C ~*~  IMO). It also apparently doesn't shoot a bunch of big beautiful iridescent soap bubbles, like the other two, it shoots out a bath foam type of thing, that you're supposed to draw foam pictures with. One thing that seems to be important when making a Sailor Moon Bubble blower is a figure of some sort, as all three of the bubble makers we have include one. This one is a cute SD Eternal Moon and I'm not entirely certain that it's not the same figure that's on the Shabondamagic Blower, but hey it's still cute.

Moving on here's the back of the box which should contain a wealth of information:

I know very little Japanese, basically if it's not something you need to know while buying animation cels or it's something comes up often in the Utena Sega Saturn game I have no ideas. So a lot of what the box is telling me is a mystery to me. But I can look at illustration and make wild guesses! So it seems to me you unscrew the tank at the bottom, you shake something around inside it (presumably bubble solution or bubble bath and water) and then you pull the trigger for foam. It also has my favorite thing about every Japanese toy from this era I own, the warning label animation which in my estimation seems to be telling us:

Do not become Pac Man while using this item
Do not become Fry Guy while using this item.
This item will make children and adults happy.

I mean that all sounds pretty reasonable to me, I have yet to spontaneously become either Pac-Man or Fry Guy and I am an adult child so I think this is perfect for me.

We haven't taken this out of the box so we sadly don't know how well it works. That being said even without knowing how well you can draw foam flowers on the bathroom wall this is a  great item. It looks great,  in addition to the general fun ray gun shape,  the eternal moon logo on the side is super cute and should have really been used on all sorts of merch. Conceptually it's fun and probably would have be very exciting for Sailor Moon loving kids, (I absolutely would have wanted like a Rainbow Brite or My Little Pony  bubble foam writer for bath time). Overall this is definitely a weird and wonderful item we're happy to have in our collection and now that we have THREE bubble makers it makes us wonder just how many there are. You can all rest assured though, that if we find another one we'll certainly buy it and detail it (eventually).


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