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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perfect Woman Or Perfect Monstrosity?

So looking for something completely unrelated I came across and ebay seller's store that features Poker guards/Markers. Honestly I have no use for the things, but I scrolled through their inventory anyway when I came upon this one. It's probably not safe for work so I'm putting it after the jump.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is not a review

Unfortunately it's also not a picture of a review and it's not a pipe. The simple fact of the matter is that I've been  unhealthy lately and haven't been doing pretty much any gaming and I just realized this morning what day it was. So no review for you. In lieu of a review I haven't really got anything else special either. We'll be back for more fun and games when there isn't a general household plague happening.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Review Tuesday: Wolfenstein 3D

We've been expanding our horizons reviewwise last week I finally did an import game and this week Richard has tackled our first PC title, Wolfenstein 3d. Most people think of the Wolfenstein series as "the game where you kill Hitler" and well it is, but there's a lot more to it than that. It was one of those titles that changed the world of gaming forever.


With all of our past reviews in mind, this time around we now look back at arguably the most influential game we have done, to date. Back in the early 90s this MS-DOS game would prove to be beginning of the popularity synonymous with the First-Person Shooter genre. In time, it would lead to the immensely popular battle through hell itself known as DOOM. Without this game, the entire genre might have been buried until the only well known ones in existence would be the far sub-par shameless war games we've got now. Its difficulty made it, in any significant gamer's opinion, the most "hardcore" FPS ever to have hit the gaming world. So without further ado, Id's brainchild, Wolfenstein 3D.

Rest of the review after the jump...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Retro Review Tuesday: Parodius Da!

We have yet to do a retro review of an import game so I thought it was time we remedied that. So given that two of my most favorite things in the world have been combined into a single video game, Octopi and Side Scrolling shooters. I thought it was an absolute necessity that we discussed a game in the Parodius series. I decided on Parodius Da! on the SNES/ Super Famicom. Which is often wrongly referred to as the first in the series, though it's actually the second. It's worth noting that  I played the translated PAL version aptly titled Parodius: Nonsense fantasy.

 I don't know the real story of how Parodius cam to be. But I have a little theory, somewhere in Japan the developers at Konami were out celebrating the run away success of Gradius 1 & 2. Having created one of the best side scrolling shooting games of all time and what became the model for basically every subsequent space shooter into the 21st century, they had a lot to be happy about. They went to bar after bar on an all night bender, hitting up clubs with names like The Penguin, The Sumo, The Showgirl and Super Happy American Fun Town. Eventually they found themselves back at the Konami offices still full of Saki, Asahi Super Dry, and takoyaki and the Parodius series was born!

Rest of the review after the jump..


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