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Friday, August 26, 2016

Top 10 Video Game Dogs

In honor of it being National dog day in the US we decide to put together a list of the top 10 dogs of video gaming. This list is presented in no particular order because it's really hard to decide who deserves more head scratches and squeaky steaks over anyone else.

The Duck Hunt Dog

You can't talk about video game dogs and not talk about this jerk. Today's games for kids would never feature anything that laughs at your failures, but the it was a different time and all us 80's kids are still carrying the bitterness and emotional pain from being taunted by this big bully. He's not likable but he is memorable.  

K.K. Slider: Animal crossing series

K.K. Slider AKA Totakeke, performances have been delighting animals and villager with his wide variety of Song stylings since the original Animal Crossing game. With every new animal crossing I knew I had to hit that first Saturday night performance to get my copy of K.K. Technopop (which like so many songs sounds entirely different preformed live than it does on the home stereo.) The Newer animal crossing games make it a little easier to get a hold of K.K. sweet tunes by letting you pick them up at your local department store, but regardless of how you get it, K.K. music makes the already delightful animal crossing world even better.

Dog: Fable II 

The Dog in Fable II is an ever present companion, pointing you to chests, dinging up trinkets and biting those no good bandits that seem to be swarming over every part of Albion. The Dog in Fable II is loyal to the absolute end and in my game I did something I almost never do in games which was make a more selfish choice affecting 100s of others just to keep him by my side indefinitely because I love him so much. There's a dog in Fable III as well and while I do love my dog he didn't inspire the same sort of devotion as the Fable II dog.

Chop: Grand Theft Auto V

I might be biased because I had a big silly Rottweiler as a young lady, but I really love Chop. He's cute, he does tricks, and he only attacks when someone is hostile towards Franklin first so you don't have to worry about him instigating fights (or making Rottweiler's look bad). So you can just have a nice day of playing fetch your silly dog without worrying about too many consequences. Chop can get injured he always respawns back at Franklin's ready for more playtime or possble to bite more jerks depending on what's going on. He even was the subject of his own out of game app while, we didn't use his app( because we didn't have phones that worked with it) it says a lot about how lovable chop is. The game features 3 distinct main human characters and not a one of them get a special app. I'd love to play fetch with this lovely boy in real life.

Parappa: Parappa the Rappa

Parappa's the title character of one the most quirky and original rhythm games ever released. Parappa is a dog made of paper who raps and is in love with a sunflower. I'm pretty sure that introduction alone should make just about anyone fall in love with him(or at least have a healthy interest), but if that's not enough, in the rain or in the snow he's got the funky flow, how many of the other dogs on this list could say that?

DogMeat: Fallout Series

DogMeat is by far the best looking follower you can get in the Fallout series which is in itself a pretty good perk, but he also takes commands well, scavenges stuff for you, and holds unwanted supplies all while not caring how particularly good or bad you are.  I personally couldn't bear to take him with me in FO3 because I couldn't stand getting him accidentally killed (the puppies perk didn't make me feel any better about it). Luckly in his newest incarnation in FO4 fixed he's cute, he's useful, and now he's unkillable too.

Rush: Megaman Series

Rush has been with Megaman since way back in 1990 and has been helping him reach greater heights ever since. Rush can transform into a springboard, a hoverboard, a submarine, a bike and a spaceship to name a few. If it's not enough that Rush is basically the world's cutest transformer he can also junction with Megaman making him stronger than ever. He's definitely a robot's best friend

Hewie: Haunting Ground

Hewie is Fiona's partner throughout the confusing and disturbing psychological world of Haunting ground. Fiona is prone to sudden uncontrollable panic when faced with a castle full of people who want to kill or molest her and Hewie helps keep her alive while she's blindly running into walls or corners. In addition to keeping Fiona alive when under direct threat, Hewie also helps with puzzles and goes exploring in Fiona's stead. Hewie does require some training to be at his best, but he's overall a very good boy and Fiona wouldn't survive without him.

Angelo: Final Fantasy VIII

Angelo, Sant' Angelo Di Roma formally, who in spite of the name is a lovely lady dog, is one heck of an asset in battles. As part of Rinoa's Combine limit break she offers some of the most useful skills in the game (assuming you've found and read he Pet Pals magazines). Her better than average dog tricks, are pretty much the only reason I ever bothered having Rinoa in my party any longer than necessary. Frankly the game would have been better if Rinoa was wholesale replace by Angelo.

Brown: Rule of Rose

After she rescues him from some unquestionably evil children, Brown becomes the companion of poor hapless Jennifer. He stays at her side as she tries to navigate through a series of confusing and dangerous tasks dictated by the Red Crayon Aristocrats who are tormenting her while she's also trying to navigate a mansion full of freaky monster children and the occasional even freakier adult. Needless to say it's pretty rough for poor Jennifer but Brown makes her life a bit easier. Brown doesn't actually attack anyone (or maybe anything is a better term for those enemies) but he does provide a good distraction allowing Jennifer to get in a good whack or two or escape depending on the situation. He's also able to hunt down precious healing items and tradeable items that make a big difference in how well Jennifer survives. You save Brown's life and he never forgets the favor staying loyal companion throughout.

So that's our list, if you haven't played any of the games these digital doggies appear in we suggest you rectify that immediately, but before that if you've got any real life dogs hanging around give them an extra head scratch and dog biscuit in honor of their special day. And also because I can't make a top 10 list and stick to just here's my lsit of honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention:
These dogs are still great just not in my top list:
Mira from the Silent Hill Series
All of the dogs from Nintendogs
Dog from Secret of Evermore
Diamond Dog from MGSV, Dog from Torchlight,
Dog from the Bard's Tale(2004)


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