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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Acklay and Final Fantasy XII Mantis sepearted at birth?

While going through some Star Wars tabletop miniatures we noticed we had quite a number of Acklay figures:

I only vaguely remember seeing this creature in episode 2, I know where and when it appears, but you don't see it for too long. However when examining the figures, I noticed it looks remarkably like the Mantis monsters in Final Fantasy XII. I probably wouldn't have noticed except for that awful mission where you have to fight hordes of them. But other than the color difference they sure do look like siblings:

It really makes me wonder where that intial design came from. Did the FF team copy the Lucas creatures, did they both get it from some other pre-exsisting fantasty creature or is it a coincidence? Just something to ponder on a Saturday night.


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