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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mario's magic mushrooms

If you really think about the plot of Super Mario Brothers it clearly refers to Mario and Luigi having ingested something that's probably not legal, and definitely not safe. All the signs are there: The environment being the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mushrooms make them "super", and it all being accessible from the world's largest plumbing pipes. I could be more specific than that about it, but it's been done besides it's just groundwork before I post one of our newest collection additions, a vintage ruler:

I would like to refer to this as the Mario's bad trip ruler. I mean just looking in Mario's eyes gives you no doubt that he's not exactly sober. His dead run with a mushroom in a death grip just adding to the whole back alley addict persona. When you add in crazy mushroom toting Mario to some of the meanest renditions of the mushroom kingdom's resident baddies I've ever seen and what look like real bullets not bullet bills...well...It looks like Mario got one of the not-so-super mushrooms this time.

This is seriously one of the clearest depictions of the often spoofed, dark side of the mushroom kingdom* I've ever seen on an official item. And just for added comedic effect, it's on a child's pencil boxed sized ruler. This isn't quite strange enough to be a collection oddities post but it is just the sort of awful item we love owning.


*For additional information on the seedy underbelly of the mushroom kingdom I suggest watching this video, it's bleeped but probably still NSFW due to language.

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