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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Collection Oddity: Sailor Moon Furoku Pocket Tissue Holder

It's been awhile (like over a year) since I've made a blog post but I actually have some free time on my hands so I thought it was a good time to rectify that. Today's collection oddity is a Tissue pack holder that was a furoku (promotional item packaged with a magazine or similar in Japan) with Nakayoshi back in 1994 when the Sailor Moon Manga was running in the magazine. We've actually had this item for many years but haven't talked about it in detail in spite of the fact that it's got some of out all time favarite art of Serenity. Here are the original Photos we took of it about 7 years ago:

Pocket tissue packs are super common furoku items that often have unique art on them, we have a bunch in our collection and a bunch for sale in the shop from various anime series. What makes this one odd is that it's a just a holder with no tissues in it. Presumably you either stick an entire tissue pack that's less cute on the inside or possibly take the tissues out of a boring one so you can carry around this super cute one. Frankly it's A bit of mystery as we haven't seen anyone using one.

Also a bit odd the art, the main of serenity and the cats is undeniably ADOREABLE, but the background art is confusing. I've decided I think it's supposed to be abstract daisies, but really that's just probably me looking for meaning where there is none. Regardless of that weirdness though it's overall a great looking piece. I recently edited a scan of this so this art (which is unique to this items) could be seen in better detail.

If you want one of these super cute, and slightly odd items for your own collection we currently have one available for sale in the shop right now.


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