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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Collection Oddities: Japanese Sailor Pluto Mask

We have a thing about Horrifying masks, a thing where we like them and put them in our home to horrify friends and loved ones.  This is the first one we've been able to add to our Sailor Moon collection though:

There is a set of Sailor Moon Masks, but we so far only have Pluto. For some reason, she's traded her long luscious deep green tresses for a short black bob, which would normally make you wonder if this was supposed to be a mars mask instead, but luckily she has her trademark ridiculous earrings to clear it up for you. (Seriously Naoko, what were you thinking when you drew giant chevrons on her ears?)

This is a child's mask, a young child's mask, so it unfortunately ends above the mouth of an adult (or  at least on both of us at any rate). So you sadly you can't wear it to horrify people in the same way as you can with our Nintendo masks. (apparently American children have much bigger heads since we can wear those) So it'll just have to sit on our wall, watching with it's empty soulless eye sockets, waiting until we steal it's key to fly off and attack us  for other senshi to join it.


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1 comment:

  1. That reminds me of that ad for PQ Angels on which the two main characters pose with a Sailor Moon mask like that. ^.^



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