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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Collection Oddities: Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe

We don't normally  highlight things they have come out in the last decade, because A) They're not as fun, B) we mostly collect older stuff and C) most people on the internet have already seen it. However this is such a weird thing we can't help but share.

The Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe:

If any zombies get under this glass, we are prepared.
This was apparently a pre-order bonus. We bought RE5 with the special red xbox360 when they came out, but didn't pre-order for any fun bonuses :( So we bought this on the secondary market. Honestly though I'm not even sure which store it originated from.

It features an incredibly poorly painted Chris and Sheeva back to back guns drawn ready to take one the zombie menace. There's a resident evil 5 logo on the Sheeva side and a Capcom logo on the Chris side. though if I were Capcom I wouldn't have wanted to put my name on this. The painting on Chris and Sheeva is worse than a dollar store bootleg.

When you shake it up Chris and Sheeva are assaulted by a swirl of glittery sand. The sand is a fun concept as it's supposed to be Africa, there's not a lot of snow. However, they should have colored normal snow globe flecks the sand is pretty heavy and doesn't get good air time. It's mostly settled before even have a chance to put the globe back down. It does however make it look like it's drastically reduced their visibility fr a few seconds:
Why is the BSAA setting up camp in the east African glitter desert?

 Overall it's a shame the figures are painted so poorly otherwise though it's really cool item.  Just a bit strange, I can't image there'd be that many Resident Evil fans who also happen to think snow globes are awesome.


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