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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Princess Chibiusa Flu Mask

 This is one of those things that's odd in it's practically. It's a completely utilitarian useful item made crazy with weird branding. So here is the official Sailor Moon Chibiusa Flu Mask:

 This is an officially licensed item from Korea, but seems like it ought to be a bootleg. We have a LOT of crazy Sailor Moon stuff, but this is one of the strangest. Flu Masks are pretty ubiquitous all over Asia during cold and flu season,  but they're usually the white variety or occasionally have a little pattern on them. This one lets you have all the Princess Chibiusa in the middle of your face which is a little weird. It's a child sized mask, a very small child sized mask, so we can't just put it on and show you how strange looking it is.

On the upside it's got a princess Chibiusa on it and there aren't many items which feature her. It's pretty unique too, we've only seen 3 of these. It's probably a good thing though a sea of these things would be creepy.


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