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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bath Salt Set

 There are a lot of Sailor Moon toiletries, toothbrushes, bubble bath, hairbrushes and more. In that illustrious tradition we bring you the Sailor Moon Bath Salts Set:

There are actually several sets of Japanese bath salts sets, but this one is our favorite since it has individual packets in their own box and each packet has unique images on the front and the back . The best one by far is Tuxedo Mask who takes his top hat and mask into the tub with him. Though the weird fish in with Luna is also an eyebrow raiser. On the subject of Luna, she must sort of fail at being a cat if she needs bath salts and a bath instead of just grooming herself normally.

We don't read much Japanese so we sadly don't know what scents these are, but we're pretty sure if we were to use these 20 year old bath salts, which we aren't because we don't want to be zombies, but we feel confident we'd end up Sailor fresh and ready to take on evil.


PS We have this same set available in our store right now. If you buy them and decide to open them please let us know what they smell like.  :)

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