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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Bootleg Tea Set

  As we've noted before we generally don't deal with bootleg items, but every so often one is just so amusing or so out there we have no choice but to not only pick it up, but to share it as well. So here we have a lovely Sailor Moon "Tea Set"

The Made In China notification seems painfully redundant here, where else could this have come from?
It's hard to even know to where to begin with this thing. I guess I'll just start at the top. We have Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon, who seem to be engaging in some underage drinking. Chibiusa clearly can not hold her liquor, if her dribbles down the front of the package are any indication. They could concievably be drinking something non alcholic, but most of us don't drink juice out of champagne flutes.

Next to our smiling inebriated Sailor Senshi we have the Official title of this item "Fun Tea Play Set." Now before I even start to point out the inaccuracies with that title, I have to wonder what sort of tea they have that's fun. I've had A LOT of tea, there are roughly 20 varieties of tea in our pantry just right now and none of them are fun. Tea can be delicious, it can be warm, it can be rich and it can even be complex, but it isn't fun.  There aren't too many people having wild tea parties. You have tea parties so you can dress up and eat little cakes, and they're fun in their own way, but it has little to do with the tea itself.

Moving on, this is a set of wine goblets, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and 2 plates, which is certainly a food serving set, but it's far from a tea set.  I mean you could maybe put cookies and cucumber sandwiches on your plates, though they're a little large for that, but tea doesn't go in goblets. That's just a non negotiable fact, if they were  the cut glass they're supposed to resemble and you put hot tea in it, unless you're having a tea part in a dimension where the laws of thermodynamics cease to apply, you're going to have a hot if not scalded hand.

So finally we've worked our way to the bottom of the package where over in the corner (though it's hard to see in pictures because it's under the packaging bubble) for reason that will never be clear, Santa Claus and 2 Reindeer are shown having a picnic...seriously. It's the big incomprehensible cherry on this crack item sundae.

Even for a bootleg this might be one of the most illogical sailor moon items ever even in the face of things such as the car pencil box and the Jupiter mini skateboard water game. So on one item we have underage drinking, FUN tea, a scalded hand and Santa Claus. It's glorious in it's own horrible way.


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