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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Avane Shopping Guide 2015: 10 gifts for Pokemon fans

We started watching Pokemon back in 1998, when it first started airing on US TV. We immediately fell in love with the cute little pocket monsters and Ash's adventures in catching them. It took us a little while to get to the actual games (we started with gold and silver) but we feel in love with those too. Clearly we're not alone as Pokemon has a robust fan base and the franchise is still going strong. We've been collecting Pokemon items since we first started the show so it's not surprise we also  stock a ton of Pokemon Merchandise in our shop. Here's our top picks for great Pokemon gifts.

Pokemon Kids Lucario Figure:

Pokemon Lucario figure for sale.
Pokemon kids are some of myfavorite merchandise, these hollow little figures are always super cute. This is fan favorite Lucario who is well detailed and looks fabulous on display. Figure is in great shape and ready to make someone's day.

Pokemon Mini Porcelain Dish:

Pokemon  Treecko porcelain dish for sale
This is a Japanese import pokemon item, a tiny Porcelain dish with a Treecko on it. This tiny bowl would be good for holding rings or similarly small treasures. A unique stocking stuffer for your favorite Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Marble Holder with Raichu:

Pokemon Raichu Marble Holder for sale
Pokemon Marbles are small and shiny and cute, but they often have tendency to roll under your furniture or be stolen by your cat. This marble holder solves that issue with Raichu style. It also comes with a Machoke marble to get a marble collection started or add to an existing one. This is useful and fun gift for your favorite Pokemaniac that collects everything.

Pokemon Elekid beanie plush:

Pokemon Elekid beanie for sale

This cute little plush features Elekid, the baby form of Electabuzz. Electabuzz isn't one of the cuter pokemon, but this Elekid is a different story. Look at his adorable little angry face, who wouldn't love to unwrap this little cutie pie?

Jakks Entei Figure:

Pokemon entei figure for sale.
Having started the Pokemon game series with Silver, I'm partial to the legendary beasts introduced in Gen II. So of course I'd have to highlight this fabulous  Entei figure.This figure is very well detailed and in excellent shape. A really great addition to any Pokemon collection.

Pokemon Tupperware:

Pokemon Tupperware for sale
Tupperware made an official Pokemon line in the late 90s/early 2000s. This is a cute little sandwich keeper featuring Bulbasaur, Charmander and Bellsprout.  As they're Tupperware they're pretty durable,  we use ours a few times a week and the do have some wear but have held up admirably for being 15+ years old. A great useful collectible and a fun gift for any Pokemon lover.

Pokemon Movie Pidgeot Card:

Pokemon Pidgeot Card toy for sale
This is fun plastic card shaped toy with a display stand. A ton of these were released to promote the pokemon movie back in 2000. This one features Pidgeot and its wings flap when you push the button on the bottom. This is an interesting collectible that makes a great display piece.  This would make a fun stocking stuffer for any Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Trading Figure Golem:

Pokemon Golem figure for sale
I've never played the Pokemon trading figure game, but I love these figures. They often feature the Pokemon in much more dynamic poses than you see in other figures. This is Golem (the final evolution of Geodude), rising out of a cloud of dust. Still has the spinner ring intact and is a great choice for players of the game, or just as a cool display piece.

Pokemon Gameboy Toy:

Pokemon Gameboy toy for sale. 
This is a fun little Pokemon toys that's shaped like a Gameboy with a Gligar on screen, and even has a little removable cartridge with a Metapod on it. Gligar bounces up and down with you press the D-pad button. This is a really fun little gift sure to spark a little nostalgia for anyone who grew up playing Pokemon on their Gameboy Color.

Japanese Pokemon Keychain w/ Pikachu, Ash and Froakie:

Japanese Pokemon Key Chain for sale
This is metal key chain featuring Ash, Froakie and Pikachu, though as it's direct from Japan it uses their Japanese names, Satoshi, Keromatsu and Pikachu.  This is a great image overall but Pikachu looks especially cute in this image. This is still sealed in the original plastic and is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Those are some of our top picks, but we have many of other great Pokemon items available, we certainly have something wonderful in stock for your favorite Pokefan.


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