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Monday, December 7, 2015

Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 gifts for 90s Kids

While we were born in the 80s a good portion of our adolescence was firmly steeped in the 90s. So we totally love the 90s and carry a good number of items from that decade. Here are 10 gifts guaranteed to make any 90s kid glow with warm fuzzy nostalgia.

Nickelodeon Rugrats Tommy Pickles:

90s Rugrats Tommy Plush Doll
Nickelodeon's Nick Toons really hit their zenith in the 90s. While we certainly loved Ahh!! Real Monsters, Rockos Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy and many of the other iconic cartoons from that era, Rugrats was one of the best. This is perhaps the most resourceful baby in the history of the world, Tommy Pickles in plush form. A great little reminder that a baby's got a do, what a baby's gotta do.

Street Fighter Cartoon Cel Vega:

Street Fighter Vega cel for sale
We can't say that the US Street Fighter cartoon was great, but it is a glowing example with the 90s obsession with making mediocre cartoon series out of popular game franchises. Vega only appears in 2 episodes so cels of him are rare. Even for someone who didn't love the cartoon this is a hand painted one of a kind piece of gaming memorbillia perfect for any Street Fighter fan.

Vintage 6 inch Sailor Moon Doll from 1995:

Vintage Sailor Moon doll for sale.
You can't talk about the 90's and ignore Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon has recently gotten a brand new reboot in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal, but many of her current fans, us included, love the old 90s anime. This is Sailor Moon doll is from the very first line of Sailor Moon toys released in the US. Many people who caught Sailor Moons first run in the US (before it was on Toonami) probably had one of these or desperately wanted one. This one is still sealed in the box and makes a great gift for Sailor Moon fans who grew up watching the show.

Animaniacs Yakko Figure:

90s Animaniacs figure for sale.

There were a lot of great WB cartoons in the 90s, and Animaniacs was one of the best. The great writing still holds up really well 20 years later. This fun little figure of Yakko is still in great shape and wold be a perfect stocking stuffer.

Spice Girls Doll Ginger Spice:

Ginger Spice doll for sale
The Spice Girls epitomized the 90s. What's more 90s than an all girl group with chunky highlights,  ridiculous platform shoes and a penchant for singing infectious pop songs. Like most 90s pop starlets of the time period they girls got their own line of dolls. This vintage doll is still in the box with all her fun accessories (I especially like how the doll comes with a doll of herself) and would make a fantastic bit of kitschy nostalgia for any 90s kid.

Power Rangers Pink Ranger Ninja Figure:

Power Rangers Movie pink ranger figure for sale
I'm pretty sure everyone watched Power rangers in the 90's even if you didn't like it, you watched it anyway because it was everywhere. Even though Power rangers has gone through many incarnations now I think many of us still fondly remember the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and probably think that in spite of the many flaws it was the best one of the series. This is the original Pink ranger Kimberly in her Movie version Ninja outfit. She's a bendy figure and is happy to pose for the Power Rangers fan in your life.

Pokemon Butterfree Figure:

Pokemon Butterfree Figure for sale
One of the greatest gifts of the 90's was surely the Pokemon explosion, which luckily for fans like myself, is still going strong today. This is one of the original 150 Pokemon, Butterfree. This is a cute little figure and a great nostalgia piece for the Pokemon fan on your shopping list.

Disney Lion King Simba Face mug:

Vintage Lion King Mug for sale
The 90's Disney Renaissance gave us some of the best animated films ever made, The Lion King being a particularly bright jewel among those films. This is a very cute mug of Simba's face and is perfect way to bring some more Disney love to that cup of morning coffee.

Tekken 3 Xiaoyu Figure:

Tekken Xiaoyu figure for sale.
Tekken has been a fighting game staple since 1994. This fabulous figure is from Tekken 3 and it's of the adorable Xiaoyu, who makes her first appearance in Tekken 3. She has been in every subsequent Tekken release since then. This figure is from 1998, is still in great shape and makes a great choice for the Tekken lover in your life.

Barney and Baby Bop Cookie Cutter set:

Barney and Friends cookie cutters for sale.
Love him or hate him Barney was an inescapable part of the 90s, Everyone heard the big purple dinosaur's "I love you" song or some variant on it multiple times. This set of cookie cutters is sure to bring up some nostalgic feelings while making some fun looking cookies.

We've got lots more vintage 90's collectibles for sale on our site as well so even if you don't see something on this list, we've probably got the perfect gift just waiting to be found.

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