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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 Gifts for Retro Gamers

We have tons of vintage game collectibles for sale. Gaming goods are our primary personal collection and because we like them so much we stock a bunch of them.

Mario Brother 8 bit Fortress Accessory Holder:

NES 8 bit Mario accessory for sale
This is a delightful wooden accessory holder shaped like the 8 bit fortresses at the end of the levels in the first Super Mario Brothers game. Perfect for holding Wii motes, or pencils or just about anything else (one of ours holds Animal crossing cards) While this is a new Japanese release, it's still sure to make any vintage gamer's day.

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Plushie:

Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles Plush for sale.
Back when Sonic and Knuckles came out, it was the coolest thing most gamers had ever seen. Not only did we get a sweet new sonic character, but he could be back ported into the previous Sonic games. Thus everyone's love for knuckles was born. This plush isn't that vintage,  but it still looks like the same knuckles we all fell in love with 20 years ago. A fun gift for any fan.

1989 Legend of Zelda Link Shaped Gum Container:

Vintage Legend of Zelda Figure Gum Container for Sale
This is a super vintage NES era Link gum container, note his delightfully simplistic old school character design. Everyone loves the Link, so there's pretty much no way to go wrong with this gift choice. This one is empty so for added fun you could fill it up with the recipients favorite candy too.

Final Fantasy VIII Seifer Figure:

Final Fantasy 8 Seifer Figure for sale
Final Fantasy has been a staple game series for the last 26 years, but the PS1 era games were among the best. Anyone who owned a Playstation and had even a passing interest in RPGs put at least few hours into the games. Final Fantasy VIII has long been a fan favorite and Seifer was an antagonist many of us loved to hate.  This figure is in great shape and Seifer even still has his gunblade, a fab gift choice for any FFVIII fan.

Punch-Out!! Sticker Card:

Vintage Nintendo Punch-Out!! sticker for sale.
Nintendo put out a whole line of these hints and tips cards with stickers on the front and tips for a random NES game on the back. This card has a great image of Little Mac giving glass Joe one heck of an uppercut. Punch-Out!! is a classic game, but was pretty under marketed, there's not a lot of merchandise available for it. So this makes an unexpected and fun stocking stuffer for your favorite retro gamer.

Virtua Fighter UFO Catcher Plush Pai:

Virtua Fighter Pai for Sale
I'm old enough to remember when Virtua Fighter was the hottest thing in the arcade. While other games where still relying on old 2D sprites, Virtua Fighter introduced us to the world of 3D fighting. By today's standards it's pretty amazingly polygonal and pretty ugly, but that doesn't mean it doesn't ignite the flame of nostalgia. This is UFO Catcher plush features Pai in her Virtua Fighter 2 outfit and thankfully is a lot less blocky than her in game counterpart. She's got her original tag and is the perfect gift for retro fighting game enthusiasts.

Vintage NES Promo Box Rad Racer:

Vintage NES promo box for sale.
This is an incredibly hard to find Mock Up Box for the NES Classic, Rad Racer. This features full box art from the front and the back of the game on heavy weight card stock. This was probably used in stores in lieu of letting customers handle actual games before purchase. A really unique piece for anyone's collection. If you know a hardcore NES fan, this is sure to be one of the most unique things they've ever gotten.

 1982 Donkey Kong Sticker Card of Mario:

1980s Mario from Donkey Kong Sticker for Sale
I know this will be hard for some people to believe but at one time Mario wasn't a plumber, he was a carpenter. Not only that,  he sported a curly handlebar mustache and was in love with Pauline instead of Princess Peach. It's crazy but true. This card is part of the Donkey Kong card collection (of which we have several if you're looking for vintage DK/mario/pauline goodness) and is a really fun image of that earliest incarnation of the Mario we know and love today. A great choice to give your favorite Mario fan a laugh.

Frogger Cartoon Model Animation Cel:

80s Frogger Cartoon cel for sale
Back in the 80s there was this lovely thing called the Saturday Morning Supercade, it was a block of cartoons based on the popular arcade games of the day. So Pac-Man, Frogger, Q-bert, Donkey Kong and others all got Saturday morning cartoons. This is a model cel from an episode of Frogger (model cels are used by animators to determine color and height differences between the main characters and other characters a given episode). This hand painted cel is a one of kind collectible perfect for any truly old school retro gaming fan.

Mega Man Met Figure:

Mega Man Met figure for sale
Mega Man has been a gaming classic since the first game hit the scene back in 1987. Capcom hasn't done much with the plucky little android lately, but that doesn't make him any less beloved. This is a Japanese Keshi (small rubber eraser like figures sold in capsule machines) of a met. Met as been causing trouble for Mega Man as long as the franchise has been around and is easily recognized by even the most casual mega man player, a great choice for any Mega Man fan.

We seriously have tons more gifts perfect for the retro game lover in your life, so if you don't like this list check out the rest of our  gaming memorabilia for sale.

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