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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Avane Shopping Guide 2015: 10 gifts for Sailor Moon fans

We've been collecting Sailor Moon for a long time so it should be no surprise that we have a ton of Sailor Moon items in our store. If you've got a Sailor Moon fan on your holiday shopping list, we have a huge selection of  vintage Sailor Moon items available. We have everything from Sailor Moon comics to Sailor Moon dolls to sailor Moon Stationery & Stickers and just about anything else Sailor Moon you can think of!

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Doll in Box:

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars doll for sale
Sailor Moon is in the midst of a very successful reboot with tons of new Mechanidse, but one area that's been largely neglected is dolls. So give your favorite moonie this awesome vintage Sailor Mars doll. This a European release by Bandai, and is new in box. This is a great vintage doll sure to delight any Sailor Moon fan.

Japanese Sailor Moon Bottle Opener:

Sailor Moon Bottle Opener for Sale
There's a whole variety of Japanese Sailor moon kitchen items for the Moonie with Culinary interests but this bottle opener is great even for those who's cooking tends to be more about opening a take out menu. This bottle opener is still new on the card a great gift for a Sailor Moon fan who has almost everything else.

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Strap:

Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Strap for sale.

This Sailor Moon is relatively new release from the Japanese Twinkle Dolly set of Sailor Moon straps. This is Sailor Moon sitting on top of her wand. The one we have in stock is new in the box and is a really cute piece for any Sailor Moon fan.

Japanese Sailor Moon S Sliding Puzzle:

Japanese Sailor Moon Puzzle for Sale
This is a plastic sliding style tray puzzle. It features a great Sailor Moon group shot that includes: Sailor Moon Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Luna and Artemis. This is still in it's original package with the toei seal on it.  A fun little toy and an uncommon item perfect for any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Moon Artemis Plush:

Sailor Moon Artemis cat plush for sale
This cute stuffed Artemis is part of the first US Sailor Moon merch revival of the early 2000s. Artemis doesn't have as much Merchandise as his female companion, Luna, so this is one of the few really great pieces available. This super cute plushie is still in the original box and is sure to make any Moonie's day.

Sailor Moon Furoku Notebook:

Sailor Moon Furoku Notebook for sale.
This adorable little notebook was once furoku that came with Nakayoshi magazine. Furoku referes to little gift given away inside Japanese magazines, especially the ones that run manga. This is from Sailor Moon's original manga run in Japan way back in 1992.  A lot of the Sailor Moon furoku items are hard to find these days and this is a very cute little book with delightful art sure to delight any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Moon Tea Set Miniature Tea Cup:

Sailor Moon Mini Porcelain Tea Cup For Sale
This tiny teacup was part of a Sailor Moon gashapon miniature tea set. This cup is a little larger than a US penny and is the perfect size for dolls or just as a display piece. A really cute unique gift for any Sailor Moon fan.

Sailor Jupiter Hina Doll:

Sailor Jupiter Hina doll for sale
This part of a line of Sailor Moon dolls made for the traditional girl's day celebration in Japan. Jupiter is dressed as one of  the traditional Hinamatsuri Ningyo court musicians. These little dolls are hard to find and are unique mixture of traditional Japanese culture and Japanese pop culture. A lovely addition any Sailor Moon collection.

Sailor Moon Super S Movie Promo Bag:

Sailor Moon Super S Movie bag for sale
Promotional bag for the Sailor Moon Super S. This was probably a giveaway at Japanese stores around the time the film came out. Really great choice for a Sailor Moon fan who collects unique items or possibly a great gift bag for another gift.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune Button set:

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Buttons for sale.
Super cute pair of buttons with one of the Sailor Moon fandom's favorite couple's, Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune. These are hand drawn images and are an adorable one of kind gift perfect for any moonie who loves this pairing.  

Those are some of our top picks, but we have loads of other Sailor Moon Merchandise available we certainly have something wonderful in stock for your moonie fan.

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