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Monday, December 7, 2015

Avane 2015 Shopping Guide: 10 gifts for lovers of the 80s

Being old enough to fondly remember our 80's childhoods means that we stock a decent amount of 80s collectibles. We have stuff from Care BearsMasters of the Universe, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids and at least a little something from just about every corner of 80s pop culture.

Here's our 2015 list of top gift picks for those of us who still fondly remember the 80s.

Vintage Pac Man Wind-Up Toy:

Vintage Pac-Man toy doe sale.

Pac-Man was everywhere in the early 80s pretty much everyone succumbed to Pac-man fever at one point or another. This cute little piece of nostalgia would make a great cubicle mate for your favorite Pac-Man lover.

Jem Animation Sketch Signed by Samantha Newark:

Jem and the Holograms animation sketch for sale

Jem was one of the most iconic and memorable cartoons from the 80s. It got a pretty terrible movie adaptation this year, but we shouldn't hold that against the original source material which is classic. This is an original animation sketch of Jerrica, Jem's normal personality. This sketch signed by Samantha Newark who was the speaking voice of both Jem & Jerrica. This is a unique piece and would be an amazing gift for any Jem fan.

1989 Mario Brothers Cookie Cutter:

Vintage Mario Cookie Cutter for sale.
Back in 1989 Wilton made a small set of these cookie cutters shaped like Mario characters. This one is a Spiny. In spite of it's age it's in great shape and we know form using our own set that they still work after all these years This cute little cutter is sure to make Holiday cookies a little more fun.

Masters of The Universe He-Man & Skeletor Laundry Bag:

Vintage He-Man Collectible for sale
Anyone who knows someone who collects Masters of the Universe toys and collectibles knows that there's a ton of merchandise available but most of it is fairly similar. However, this item is rare, we've only seen a handful of them for sale, so most collectors don't even knew it exists! So if you're looking for something unique for a collector who has just about everything else, this He-Man Laundry bag is a great choice.

Vintage Care Bears Funshine Bear Plush:

80s Care Bears Funshine Bear for sale.
The Care Bears has gotten several reboots over the years, but most of us know the original 80s version was by far the best. This is one of the original 80s Care Bears plush stuffed bears, Funshine. Not perfect but still in good shape after all these years, a huggable piece of nostalgia for any 80s kid.

Transformers Record and Storybook:

Vintage 80s Transformers Book and Record for sale
 I remember loads of these book and record combos from my 80s childhood. (records played on Fisher Price record players naturally) This Transformers book is in good shape for it's age and the accompanying record is in even better shape.  A really fun piece of nostalgia any Transformers fan would love to get as a gift. Double fun if you give it to someone with kids and watch them attempt to explain how the big black things can play music and sounds.

Vintage 80s G1 My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial  Cel:

My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial Cel for sale.
My Little Pony has rather successfully been rebooted as Friendship is Magic, but many of us still love the cute chubby pastel ponies from the early days. This is a great  Hand Painted Animation cel of Cotton Candy from the animated portion of the My Little Pony Show Stable Commercial. This is a unique one of a kind MLP item, perfect for the Pony fan in your life.

Rainbow Brite Plush Sprite Romeo:

Vintage Rainbow Brite Sprite Romeo
Rainbow Brite was a childhood favorite of mine, a distinction I know I share with many other ladies who were little girls in the 80s. I know I'd be thrilled to get this cute little plush sprite. This one is Romeo and he is 30 years old now, so he's got some wear, but still looks adorable. A wonderful gift choice for any Rainbow Brite Lover.

The Land Before Time Littlefoot Stuffed Dinosaur Plush:

Vintage The Land Befrore Time Littlefoot for sale.
The Land Before Time is a long running movie series with a newest installment slated to come out next year. However, the first and pretty universally agreed to be best film in the series, came out back in the 80s, This is a large (16 inch) plush of Littlefoot the adorable main character of the film. This plush is dated the same year as the first movie, 1988, but is still looking great for his age and is just as soft and huggable as ever.

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure:

80s Cabbage Kid figurine for sale.
Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were ubiquitous in the 80s, they were pretty much everywhere and many of us fondly remember dragging or chubby little adoptees with us everywhere. As an adult it's slightly harder to work a baby doll into your decor so this cute little porcelain figure is a perfect choice for some adult nostalgia. She's happy to hang out on a bookshelf or desk being a cute little reminder of those first forays into parenthood.

We have so many great 80s toys that it was hard to limit this list to just 10! So if you don't see something in this list we probably still have something great on our site just waiting to be discovered. If you're looking for a unique vintage collectible, we've got you covered. If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!


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