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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some more thrifted games and C-64 How I miss you

So First up, we went thrift shopping awhile ago and got a bunch more fun stuff for our game collection.
From the upper left hand corner it's:

Time splitters XBOX: So we heard this game was a great FPS, but upon playing it, it's just N64 goldeneye allover again. Given the love for Goldeneye I understand why people like it, but it was sort of disappointing.

The Ship PC:New and sealed, a game based on assassinating people with elements of the sims
Sid Meier's colonization PC: I totally love Sid Meir games, I've got a god complex clearly ;)
Resident Evil: The movie: We collect movies based on video games whether or not they're any good
ManHunter New York Atari ST game: An old sierra title that looked really great. I thought it was for PC and was sad when I couldn't play it :( More on this one later in the entry
Cootie: The kid's game, we collect board games too. :) This copy is from the 50's and 95% complete
Star trek frontiers PS2: This one was new and sealed
Operation Neptune PC: A kid's math game, I love educational games, My Carmen Sandiego collection is larger than an adult woman's should be.
Resident Evil: Apcolypse movie: We haven't watched this one, but I doubt it will be good
Civilization 4 PC: New and sealed, on my want list for awhile. Sid Meier strikes again, it really is a problem, I just bought another copy of Alpha Centauri recently as well.
Scooby Doo: Unmasked Gamecube: I tried playing this and it's a pretty standard platformer not bad and not good. Worth the $3 we paid though.

All that glorious geeky loot was snapped up for only $24, pretty nice if we say so ourselves.

That ManHunter Game was such a disappointment! I mean it's my fault for thinking it was a PC game as the box clearly labeled it Atari ST, but as much as this will damage my geek cred, I didn't know there even was an Atari ST computer. I know, it's completely embarassing, but I had a comodore 64! You didn't need to look at other computers when you had one of those! Well, you know until it was like 1998 and I had to start doing homework on a legitimate computer. That's not entirely true either as we actually had an old mac before then too. So I stopped using the c-64 it in the early 90's, but it was still working when I headed of to college in 2000 and I knew that from playing with it so it's not like it was totally abandoned and unloved. I unfortunately, am 98% certain that my parents lost it when they were moving. :( So now I need another one to relive all my glorious childhood geek-outs! So, how's about someone buy me this incredbly sweet auction lot? No Takers? Then I'll take this Awesome C-64 Laptop instead. I'd even relearn to make to simple programs from the MR.Byte Books like I did when I was a kid. I can pay you back in loads of awesome anime and game merchandise. *bats eyelashes*

So I didn't really believe it was going to work but, I could hope. I really am looking to get a hold of another C-64 now though. An Atari ST as well, I mean I have a game for it and it's a whole vintage system I've never played with. I must remedy it post haste!

That's all the geekery for now. I did take a few snaps of our collections in "their natural habitats", meaning on the shelves in our house. But, it's only a fraction of our collection as we currently don't have a dedicated gaming room and some things are in storage and some things are just not convent for photographs. Look forward to them in the next week or so.


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