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Saturday, May 9, 2009

May's Coupon Code and Cel Gallery Update

First, this month's coupon code has been set up and will get you 15% off your order, It's MayBlog So go shopping so we can both have awesome stuff!

We've updated very recently so there's more fun stuff to use your code on :) . The most interesting item I think is this:

A Vintage 1998 Zelda Trophy Figure. We're only selling it because we have this figure already, but it's completely awesome and I want some other Zelda fan to enjoy it. I'll be updating later today with some great things, but nothing as good as a Zelda trophy.

Next up, we updated our cel gallery. We normally update every couple months so such a quick update is a bit strange for us. I loathe scanning so I only do it sparingly but, we received a very special gift so I did it as soon as it arrived.

So our Ultra awesome special gift first, A gorgeous pan cel of young Sawa from A Kite NSFW warning as it is nude. I begged the original owner, who has a completely gorgeous gallery I suggest visiting, for years to let me buy that cel and then when she was finally willing to give it up, I couldn't afford it. She was sweet enough to hold it for me until i could which just wasn't happening for me. I've bought some things in that period of time, but only one thing anywhere near that price. Our cel funds are pretty near nil these days unfortunately. :( I ordered another Kite cel from her when she took offers. And when I received it in the mail she had included the pan cel along with it to cheer me up as I've going through a rough patch lately. It really touched my heart. So special *hugs* to her though I don't think she reads this.

Next we created a whole new section, Patalliro! , containing 3 cels one of each of the main characters. Patalliro! was the first series with shonen-ai/yaoi shown on mainstream TV running from 1982-1983 with movie after that and a new digital series, Patalliro sayuki that came out in 2005. Our cels are from the original series which is one of the best written gag series we've come across we highly suggest watching it. Check out the wikipedia page for more info. Unfortunately it's never been released outside Japan so you'll have to find fan subs (which currently aren't finished). Though if you can watch it raw (and have a Japanese address) the official site has boxsets available as well as some super cool T-shirts we wish we owned. Seriously, go watch patalliro, you'll love it.

Next up another new section, Peach Girl. Peach Girl absolutely drips of Shoujo. It centers on Momo who's your typical shoujo heroine, worried about her looks and obsessed with her crush. However because her hair is sun bleached and she tans easily her classmates stereotype her as a complete airhead and spread rumors about her. The whole ting gets pretty ridiculous quickly, but we managed to enjoy reading it (we haven't seen the show yet) anyway. Momo is actually pretty likable if not a bit vapid.

Next a gorgeous cel of the Snow Queen From the Sailor Moon S Movie. The S Movie had a a pretty so-so storyline, but the art was gorgeous. The Snow Queen is a pretty accurate reflection of that as is my Gorgeous Pluto cel. Now, if we could only find a human Luna to keep them company.

Last but, not least, A wonderfully detailed cel of Meier from the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Movie. This shot isn't the normal "pretty" sort we gravitate towards, but it is beautiful. The detail is exquisite, his eyes really drew us in to this one. Check out the even more amazing matching sketch and while you're there take some time to appreciate the animators. That cel is sequence number A13 and it's not an end cel so that means there are at least 14 cels and sketches that were drawn and painted for just that tiny bit of screen time and really the entire movie is like that. It's absolutely mind blowing when you think about how much time and effort went into it. So think about that next time you're enjoy bloodlust's stunning visuals. :)

That's all for now!

Oh an in case you're wondering why my cel posts are full of links instead of pretty pictures when clearly cel collecting is a visual hobby, it's because I post our cel gallery updates from a completely different computer than I post blog updates from so when I'm blogging I don't have direct access to the scans. Additionally I use flickr as my file host and I don't think cel scans fit their usage policy, nor do I want to steal Rubberslugs precious bandwidth to post pictures elsewhere. So for now you'll just have to click the links to see the pretties. I promise that they're worth it.

Also, I took some pictures of our preexisting collections. I just have to get them resized and then go about the undertaking of cataloging what's in them.


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