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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geek Prom!

On Saturday April 18th Jen and I attended geek prom. Geek Prom has been a local annual event, barring the year it was in St.Paul, since 2002 and Jen and I have wanted to go since we moved here in 2003. Unfortunately for us this is the first year our schedules allowed us to make it. It's billed as:

... a somewhat formal dance for adult misfits age 18 and older...For those who were too geeky to attend their high school prom, it's a chance to finally be accepted. For those who were too cool to properly enjoy their high school prom, it's an opportunity to finally let that inner-geek out.
We initially has some anxiety about what we planned to wear for such a prestigious event as the dress code is quite strict:

Plan on wearing something festive: out-of-style formal wear, superhero outfits, futuristic ensembles designed for casual space travel, or uniforms from any marching band, Girl Scout troop or other such geek activity.

I couldn't find my old girl scout regalia, a great tragedy as I'd attained the glorious rank of Sr. girl scout in high school after 10 years of dutiful cookie selling. So we next considered cosplaying, but had trouble figuring out who/what we wanted to be. So, we decided to be ourselves and choose outfits that greatly accentuate our collective geekdom. Which apparently worked because we were both finalists for the title of geek queen 2009. I even made it to first runner up queen. I can't complain though as the queen was dressed as Arwen from LOTR and I wasn't that committed to being a geek. However, should the other queen be unable to fulfill her duties, I AM THERE! Well I don't think it quite works that way but I did get a gift certificate for a free pizza, CD of local music and $20 worth of cheese (or smoked fish) from a local shop. Which for me is actually better than being queen because I have a horrible love for all things cheesy.

Of course I have to share our awesome outfits starting with Mine:

From the bottom right:

1) A chain mail bracelet because every proper geek has some chain mail hanging around. This one was made for me by a dear friend.

2) A Nintendo Choker made by me about a year ago using glass beads and Japanese cell phone charms. It includes Mario, Luigi, Toad, and a goomba.

3) My corsage. We went with a green theme to pseudo-match my zelda shirt, not truly match because we all know true geeks aren't worried about silly things like color matching! I made this out of old St. Patrick's day fake flowers and polymer clay triforce I made myself.

4) Blooper earrings. I also made these from Japanese cell phone charms.

5.) Mario Lunch box I used as a purse. What could possibly be geekier than Mario and Luigi "playing" Zelda on a lunch box? Though I'm honestly concerned that Mario seems unable to properly hold the controller.

6) A silly green headband with a bow in totally the wrong spot to ever be attractive.

A detailed shot of the corsage so you can see the triforce more clearly. It isn't lumpy in person the flash was just really unkind to the gold paint:

I made what I think to be a brilliant last minute change to incorporate the Nintendo and Pac Man fuzzy dice into my hair even though it meant Jennifer had to go fetch the pac man set out of the car half dressed. This picture of me unfortunately isn't terribly attractive, but it's one of the few in which both dice are visible. It also shows my awesome promo only Zelda tee. Oh and the handsome fellow with me is a resin caribou. He's really photogenic notice how he managed to avoid the red eye and awkward, unattractive head angle I'm suffering from.

Next up Jen's accessories:

From the bottom right:

1) Sailor Moon watch. Jen's the primary sailor moon fan

2) Light saber keychain. It gets double geek points because it's promo item for the Jedi academy video game. Oh and it lights up and flashes for when you feel like being in a geeky rave.

3) Boutonniere made from the same fake flowers as my corsage and using the same sort of blooper charm as my earrings.

4) Silly glittery green hat with vintage Donkey Kong patch attached

5) In a separate picture because I had already attached the pins to lapel of her jacket in advance, 11 vintage enamel Nintendo pinbacks from the late eighties and early nineties.

Also in this shot Pokemon Ponyta dog tags and her "welcome to a warp zone" shirt which are integral parts of her outfit and not too easy to see in full shots.

I missed getting her chain mail bracelet in almost any of the shots but she has one as well.
I'll leave it for Jen to find a perfect full body shot of herself to post. Of course that's making the huge assumption that she will ever post...

Geek prom ended up not being quite what I expected but still a lot of fun. We were a little too shy to participate in the fantastic events like spaz dancing, the talent show, or the spelling bee. We're looking forward to next year when we'll hopefully be more comfortable and participate more. Though I honestly doubt I'll be able to spell by then....Dragon Port Games actually had some interesting stuff set up and we would have been happy to play Settlers of Catan if we'd managed to find people to play with. Unfortunately, like the true geeks we are, we were too socially awkward to talk to other people. Not to mention we first learned to play settlers a complete douchebag who kept changing how the rules worked because he "forgot" so now we really have no idea which set of rules are the correct ones which would make an already socially awkward situation worse. Hopefully one day well find some awesome people to play with and learn all the correct rules with no douchebaggery involved.
In any case even though we weren't terribly involved with the planned events, it was held at the aquarium so we had time to look at all the fun things the aquarium had to offer. We looked at all the different fish and spent an embarrassing amount of time making fishy faces at them. We also watched otters frolic and the bald eagle look majestic. The exhibits we spent the most time at were a giant water table where you could send toy boats through the series of locks and dams found on the great lakes and the freshwater stingray touching pool. As you can see Jen was a fan of this cute spotted fellow.Unfortunately as it was held at night a lot of the animals were sleeping so we couldn't look as closely at some of them as we'd have liked.

As a whole Geek Prom was a fantastic experience and one that I hope we can make an annual ritual. I highly suggest anyone in the region with an interest in pure geekery make it a point to attend.

~ Stephanie, who was almost prom queen

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