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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Game Collection Update

Some minor additions to our collection of video games and gaming memorbillia. First off 3 FACTORY SEALED Atari 2600 games. These even still have their original price tags from the early 80's! Defender was originally $34.99 and Vangaurd was originally $29.99. :)

We're torn about these because we don't normally collect factory sealed items because we like to open them. But these have been sealed from over 2 decades so we might be more convinced to keep them they way they are. Obviously though we don't need two copies of defender so one will probably end up in our shop in the near future if we can keep from opening the other.

The second addition requires a little preface. We absolutely love thrifting we generally find all sorts of fun treasures thrifting but not often additions to our primary collections. However, our town just opened up a brand new savers this week so we decided to stop in and scored these:

Guides from Oddworld: Abe's exodus (PS1), Gargoyles (Sega Genesis), Star Ocean:Second Story (PS1) and the best of How to win at nintendo games! I remeber ordering those type of nintendo paperbacks via book order forms back in elementary school and actually thought we had them all so it was super exciting to get a new one! It was a freebie because we'd purchased several books.The other guides were only $2 each! Woot!

That's all for now it's been a busy week because my brother who is an awesome hardcore gamer as well has been visiting and we've been doing hardcore vintage gaming. We beat Vegas Stakes, made progress in Out Of This World SNES version(I'm starting to wonder if beating that one is even possible), We beat Friday the 13th (well actually the September the 27th hacked rom of it) and he jumped the river in Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular* and that doesn't count all the hours of gaming we did that didn't really net results I can blather on about. However he leaves tomorrow so I should have some time to take pictures of some older stuff and gush about it here.

*If you've never played this game you have no idea how difficult this is but I've had that game since it came out in 1990 and have seen the stupid river jumped/have jumped it maybe 4 times total. It is ridiculously precise and frustrating. Though honestly the whole game is something that you'd never touch as a modern gamer except that you remember playing it as a kid. Nostalgia seems to put a positive/passable haze over games that are absolute crap. But, that's a rant for another time.

ETA: my brother's screenshot of jumping the river to prove that it can in fact be done.


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