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Friday, March 27, 2009

Richard's Introduction

My name is Richard, and I'm the younger brother of one half of the owners of this blog, Stephanie.

Like them, I have an undying love for vintage video games, and all of my contributions to this blog will be video game related (never much cared for anime, myself). Primarily, I'll be the author of some of the reviews found here, such as my masterpiece and first review written here, Contra III: The Alien Wars. I also collect all of the screenshots featured in reviews written by me and also many of the shots in those not written by me.

Video games were a part of my life since before I had a steady memory. I believe my earliest distinct memory of the Super Nintendo, my favorite system (and the greatest video game achievement of all time, for that matter), would be us walking into the living room while Dad was playing F-Zero (the first time I had ever seen it) and causing him to lose control and smash back and forth into the walls. But despite that being the earliest thing I remember, I can't help but think that I also played Mortal Kombat before that time, MK probably being my first "favorite" game. Having been born just in time to grow up with the SNES and the NES, I have to be thankful that I didn't get hooked on the Playstation, or even the Nintendo 64, really. I truly was born into the golden age of video games, and now I spend a lot of my time trying to keep it a living part of my life for as long as I can. So if I hear anybody say that their favorite system would be the PS2 or the dreadful Xbox, I might be kind enough to smile and nod, but I truly have little respect for them or their opinions on video games.

Over the years, I've completed some of the most difficult games ever concocted, and take much pride in that. They would include Contra, Super Contra, Contra III (On Normal), Friday the 13th, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!(though that review was done by Stephanie), and some others. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I feel that they entitle me to consider myself a gamer; a title that's otherwise meaningless when awarded to those silly online FPS players. So if you're content to beat HALO 3 three times in a week, fine. But you just be aware that the will and devotion of greatest generation of video game history made it possible for you to save your game, go back, and try again when things don't go so well. If today's generation had been around in the 80s, video games would have never lasted.


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