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Friday, March 27, 2009

Stephanie's Introduction

As this the first post I thought it best if I do an introduction post. I'm one half of the collecting team, Stephanie. As of these writing I'm 26 and as one could easily guess I collect bits of geekery. I like to collect lots of things and have the cluttered shelves to prove it. My favorite collections though are easily animation cels and vintage video games.

I started collecting animation cels because I was on the look out for a unique Christmas present for Jen. I chanced on a sailor moon cel on ebay and was suddenly amazed that you could own an actual piece of your favorite show. You could own a frame millions of people have seen and enjoyed for a fraction of what a movie prop or similarly exposed painting would cost. So I eventually bought some cheap ones for myself and I was hooked. If you're interested in cels I suggest checking out keys cel FAQ for your basic information, Rubberslug for some gorgegous galleries and anime-beta to meet other collectors. There are lots of other sites devoted to cel collecting/collections but those are some of the most accessible. We have a joint online collection gallery at rubberslug which showcases our art collection quite nicely so be sure to stop over there if you're interested in our collection. We'll probably post here when we've updated over there if we remember. On that note we have some in the works as our gallery hasn't seen a new cel in months but we've purchased several. Though compensate for the new we've had to take out a few old. They're being slowly updated to our shop so head on over and take a peak. I'd love to see our celluloid babies in new homes.

For video games, I've been playing games for as long as I can remeber starting with the intellevision and just blossoming from there as I've aged. Jen and I have many of the major gaming systems released from the early 1980's to the present, our most recent acquisition being the red limited edition Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 with the game (RE5 is fabulous and we've already beat it twice). We have hundreds of games, so many in fact we have trouble keeping count and sometimes buy doubles.(pictures documenting pieces of it to come soon) Hopefully keeping a collection blog will help us catalog our collection a little better. In all honesty I actually love video games a lot more than anime so most of the collectibles I tend to buy for myself are video game related. I can't get enough of weird video game related bits and baubles especially from the Super Mario brothers and the Zelda game series.

My other collections include: unicorns (in general), x-men comics, vinyl records, D&D 1st & 2nd edition manuals, Star trek memorobilia related to spock/leonard Nimoy, Star wars memoribilia primarily relating to the sith and the more minor alien races, fossils, and other weird things I'm too lazy to think of at the moment. Not to mention all the things I really love but don't collect much from like Dr. Who (mostly the Tom Baker seasons) and the early Godzilla films.

So I think that's it I think that gives a pretty good overview of my mainline geekery. I promise that subsquent entries will be at least a little more interesting.


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