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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: Anime Collectibles

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our third guide focusing on vintage anime toys. We have tons of anime collectibles from various series ranging from figures, to plushies to original production cels. We mostly carry items from older animes, pre-2000 vintage, but we carry a few items from newer shows as well.

These are our top Anime gift picks!

Card Captor Sakura Summer School Doll Complete in Box:

Card Captor Sakura doll for sale
This doll is a North American release from When Card Captor Sakura was re-branded as Cardcaptors back in 2000. The North American edit of the CCS anime wasn't great, but the dolls are very similar to the Japanese releases. This doll is Sakura in her School fuku and is still sealed in the original box very cute and a perfect gift for any CCS fan at $15.

Peach English Artbook by Peach Girl Mangaka Miwa Ueda:

Peach Girl artbook for sale

Miwa Ueda's peach girl is a shoujo staple and this artbook is full of beautiful illustrations from Momo's journey through adolescence and love. In addition to there's gorgeous illustrations from Ueda's lesser known works as well. This is a US release so all image information is in English. A really lovely gift for a shoujo fan and very affordable at just $5.

Premium Sculpt Naruto Shadow Clone Figure:

Naruto Premium Sculpt Figure for Sale

Generally speaking Naruto is a newer series than we normally carry but this figure is too great not to share. It's a US release figure from mattel. It's one of the premium sculpts meaning it's larger and more detailed than the normal figures in this line. It features an 8 inch Naruto figure with interchangeable hands and FX background of his shadow clones. At just $15 it's less than it retail and would be the perfect gift for any naruto fan.

Utena Movie Pencil Board:

Utena Pencil Board for Sale
People either love or hate the Utena Movie, with little inbetween. However even haters can agree that it had beautiful artwork. This rare Japanese Shitajiki  or Pencil board has a beautiful nearly full cast shot. It's still in the original plastic and is on sale for $11 making it a wonderful gift for utena fan.

Japanese Yu Yu Hakusho Botan Figure:

Yu Yu Hakusho Figure for sale
This figure was a ufo catcher prize and is part of Yujin's Super Real line of Yu Yu Hakusho figures. This is still in its original packaging though it was taken out for pictures a really great figure for a Yu Yu  Hakusho fan and on sale for $10.

Sakura Wars Sakura Battle Costume Figure:

Sakura Wars figure for sale
Sakura Wars/ Sakura Taisen is a classic anime and game series. The series namesake Sakura has a lovely character design and this is a awesome figure featuring her in her battle costume. She's complete in package and on sale for $5 making her an affordable gift for any anime fan.

Inuyasha Miroku Plush Doll:

Inuyasha Plush for sale
 This is a US release UFO Catcher style plush. He's got a suction cup on his head, but he stands up on his own as well. He's no longer got his hang tag but is in otherwise great shape, a cute little gift for an Inuyasha fan at just $8.

Sailor Moon Parody Venus Five Anime Cel:

Venus 5 anime cel for sale

Venus Five was the Hilarious H anime spoof of Sailor Moon. This original production cel used in the making of the anime. It is of the main "Sailor Senshi" in the show. Production cels are hand painted one of a kind collectibles, so this would make a perfect gift for your closet eechi anime loving friend or a great tongue in cheek present for a Sailor Moon fan with a sense of humor. This great shot is just $30.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Furoku Box:
Mermaid Melody Box for sale
This adorable box is a piece of furoku from Nakayoshi magazine. Furoku items are special bonuses given away with magazines and are only available in limited quantities. This is an adorable cardboard box with the mermaids pictures on all the sides. A unique collectible and a fantastic gift for any fan at $9.00.

Japanese Dragonball Z Pencil Shitajiki:

Dragonball Z Pencil board for sale
Japanese Dragonball Z pencil board with a full color cast shot on one side and sepia toned saiyans on the other side.  This is a really cool shot and is still sealed in the original plastic, a great piece for a dbz fan on sale for $4.

Magical Do Re Mi Ellie Plush Doll:
Magical Doremi Plush for sale
Super cute plush from  Magical Do Re Mi (Ojamajo Doremi) This is Ellie/Onpu. She's an official Japanese UFO Catcher and is in near mint shape with her original  hang tag. A great collectible for fans of the Japanese or US release of the show and on sale for $8 so she's easy on the wallet.

Five Star Stories Poster:

Five Star Stories Poster for sale

Five Star Stories is truly a classic. Probably one of the best sci-fi mech based stories outside of the Gundam franchise. This features a  commonly used but really beautiful image of one of the Mortar Headds in the background with a character leaping in front of it like a ballet dancer. This poster was a Newtype USA promo making it rare and unique gift for a fan of classic anime at $7.

We've got tons of other anime collectibles in the shop, and if you're thinking a certain super popular magical girl is missing, check out our Sailor Moon Dolls and Sailor Moon toys shopping guides!

Don't forget to stop by our shop:

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