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Monday, December 16, 2013

Last minute Christmas shopping guide: 10 gifts for 90's Kids

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our fifth guide focusing on Gifts for 90s kids. Be sure to check our  previous guides for Sailor Moon Dolls, Sailor Moon Toys, Anime Collectibles, & 15 gifts for 80's Kids. Here's 10 gifts guaranteed to make any 90's kid glow with warm fuzzy nostalgia.

Vintage Tiger Handheld Game Baseball:

Vintage Tiger Handheld Game for sale
These little Tiger games were stuffed into the pocket of every child in the late 80s and early 90s. Basball was one of the more popular titles, as it's basic it's fun and it could have an unlimited run because there weren't any licensing fees involved. This is the 1997 reissue of the original Tiger Baseball still sealed in the original package. A fun and nostalgic gift on sale for $13.

Ghost Writer Board Game:

Ghost Writer Board Game

Ghost Writer is a weird concept,  a ghostly presence helps kids solve mysteries and somehow most of the time nobody gets freaked out about it. Somehow though it worked because I know several people who watched it pretty faithfully. This game is for kids, but we tried it and it's a bit easy but still works for adult players. Only $5 to get the ghost writer theme song stuck in a loved one's head.

 Darkwing Duck Megavolt Figure:

Darkwing Duck figure for sale
My preteen afternoons in the 90s were filled with a lot of Disney Cartoons and the over the top ridiculousness of Darkwing Duck made it a favorite. This is a small figure of the fabulously inept villain Megavolt. For just $2.50,  this little guy could hang out your loved ones cubicle making it a little more fun. hough if Megavolt isn't their cup of tea we have a Gosalyn as well.

My Little Pony Beanie Plush Sky Skimmer:

My Little Pony beanie Plush for Sale

My Litte Pony never really goes away, it just gets reinvented. So in 1997 Hasbro did the first major revamp of the MLP toy line resulting in G2 Ponies. Sky Skimmer is a G2 exclusive pony and looks insanely cute in beanie form. Even pony lovers who didn't love the G2 line would be powerless to resist her. For $6 you can make someone's holiday season much cuter.

X-Men Wolverine Plush:

Japanese X-Men Wolverine Plush for sale
Obviously X-Men is older than the '90s,  but many of us spent our Saturday Mornings faithfully watching every episode of the cartoon show on Fox Kids. This is fan favorite wolverine as a cuddly Japanese UFO Catcher doll from 1994. (the cartoon show was dubbed for Japan and ran at about the same time). These plush are hard to find so it's unlikely most X-Men fans already have them.  For $12 you can be a great gifter and remedy that for them. (we also have Storm and Professor X from the same series if your loved ones aren't Wolvie fans)

Power Rangers Blue Ranger Figure:

Vintage Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figure for sale
I'm pretty sure everyone watched Power rangers in the 90's even if you didn't like it, you watched it because it was everywhere. Even though Power rangers has gone through many incarnations now I think many of us still fondly remember the original Might Morphin' Power Rangers and probably think that in spite of it's many flaws it was the best one of the series. This is a small figure of the blue ranger, Billy at the time (my personal favorite), and is still sealed in it's original package. Sure to bring waves positive nostalgia over the gift recipient and it's on sale for just $5.

Vintage 6 inch Sailor Moon Doll from 1995:

Vintage Sailor Moon doll for sale.
This is a bit of cheat because this doll was already featured on one of my shopping guides, but you can't talk about the 90's and ignore Sailor Moon it just can't be done! This is Sailor Moon doll is from the very first line of Sailor Moon toys released in the US. Many people who caught Sailor Moons first run in the US (before it was on Toonami) probably had one of these of desperately wanted one. This one is still sealed in the box and she's only $10  making a perfect, wallet friendly gift for Sailor Moon fans who grew up watching the show.

Vintage Pokemon Team Rocket Puzzle:

Vintage Pokemon Puzzle for sale
Much like I couldn't cover the 90's without mentioning Sailor Moon I'd be severely remiss if I missed Pokemon. One of the greatest gifts of the 90's was surely the Pokemon explosion which is still going strong today. This is a piece from the early days when there were only a 151 pokemon and you could recite them all to the Pokerap. This puzzle is complete and features an image most dominated by Jesse & James of Team Rocket. A great nostalgia piece for the Pokemon fan on your shopping list priced at just $5.

Vintage Lion King Movie Figure Pumba:

Lion King Figure for Sale
Arguably the Crown Jewel in the array of films released during the 90's "Disney Renaissance" was the Lion King.I have never met someone who doesn't love the Lion King, and with good reason. This figure dates back to around the time the film was released around 1994/1995 so it's good and vintage! Pretty much everyone saw and loved this film so this would be a perfect gift for just about anyone you know and it's only $3.

Dr. Doom Animation Sketch:

Marvel Dr. Doom Animation Cel Sketch for sale

Marvel released a lot of good cartoons in the '90s. In addition to X-Men which eveyone remembers and loves there was Spiderman, Iron Man & The Fantastic Four. These were glory days for Marvel fans. This Sketch of Dr. Doom lwas used in the making of either Spiderman or the Fantastic four cartoon, we unfortunately don't know which. It's a really dynamic animators sketch of one of the most enduring villain Marvel ever created. This one of a kind piece is $25 and perfect for the marvel fan on your gift list.

We've got lots more vintage 90's collectibles for sale on our site as well so even if you don't see something on this list, we've probably got the perfect gift just waiting to be found.

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