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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide: 15 Gifts for 80s kids

Just starting your Christmas shopping or just looking for a perfectly unique present that you can't find in retail stores? We've got you covered.  If you've got friends or family with a flair for the geeky we've probably got the perfect something in stock at right now!

We're going to do a series of these shopping guides over the next few days and this is our fourth guide focusing on Gifts for 80s kids. Being old enough to fondly remember our 80's childhoods means that we stock a decent amount of 80s collectibles. We have stuff from Care BearsMasters of the Universe, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids and at least a little something from just about every corner of 80s pop culture.

Here's our top gift picks for those of us who still fondly remember 80s toys.

She-Ra Glimmer of Hope Storybook:

Vintage She-Ra Book For Sale
I think every child of the era had some collection of these softcover books covering 80's cartoons. Some naturally being better than others. This She-Ra Book  is actually pretty readable and has great art especially on the cover. It's in really great condition for it's age (perhaps a little girl got She-Ra when she wanted He-man and shunned it?) It's $5 for this gift sure to spark nostalgia.

Vintage Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles Sheet:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sheet for sale
TMNT has recently gotten a reboot, but clearly the best show about turtles with Martial arts was the original. This vintage sheet features all the turtles in their 80s design glory in an all over pattern.  Make your gift recipient say Cowabunga! for just $12.

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure:

Cabbage Patch Kids Porcelain Figure
The Cabbage Patch Kids were huge in the 80s. Most people remember the cherubic faced dolls that every child was dying for but there was actually a good deal of other merchandise made as well. This porcelain playhouse figure is slightly easier to work into adult decor than a baby doll. Anyone who remembers adopting their own Cabbage Patch Kid back in 1986 or so would love to get this under the tree this year and it's only $10.

Care Bears Animation Cel of Lotsa Heart Elephant:

Vintage Care Bear Cousins Cel For Sale
I think the Care Bears were one of the most defining cartoons of the era, pretty much everyone alive in the 80s and even into the early 90s saw the Care Bears. This is an original Hand Painted production cel used in the production of the Care Bears cartoon. It's a really wonderful image of Care Bear Cousin Lotsa Heart Elephant and comes with a certificate of Authenticity. A one of kind gift for any Care Bears fan priced at $20.

Vintage 80s GoBots Storybook:

80s Gobots book for sale
As I mentioned with the She-Ra book, I fondly remember lots of kids have piles of these things around (myself included). GoBots kind of got a bad shake being the less pretty, less popular and less interesting Transformers. That didn't mean that some of us don't still have fond memories of it. In addition to being a vintage GoBots book the art was done by classic Marvel Illustrator Steve Ditko. An interesting little collectible that at $5 makes a fun little gift for any 80s kid that won't break your budget.

Fashion Star Fillies Ariel:

Fashion Star Fillies for sale
Fashion Star Fillies were like My Little Pony's elegant older sisters. It's very likely if you liked ponies you probably got a few of these Kenner made counterparts. This particular Filly is Ariel from the Sassy Sixteens Line and comes with her original headband. She's $14.00 and would be a great gift sure to delight any lover of retro pretty ponies.

Charmkins Commercial Cel:

Vintage 80s Charmkins for sale

Charmkins toys were cute little charms and jewlery that turned into figures and playsets. They were made by Hasbro which meant the horse charmkin looked suspicously similar to a My Little Pony. It also meant they used the same MLP team to do their commercials. This cel is from one of those commercials and features multiple Charmkins characters. Cel art from Charmkins is very rare as there were only a few animated commercials and one short animated episode. Production cels are hand painted one of a kind making this a really unique gift for a vintage toy collector at $30.

Masters of The Unicerse He-Man & Skeletor Laundry Bag:

Vintage He-Man Collectible for sale
Anyone who knows someone who collects Masters of the Universe toys and collectibles knows that there's a ton of merchandise available but most of it is fairly similar. So if you're looking for something unique for a collector who has just about everything else, this He-Man Laundry bag is great choice. It's very rare, we've only seen a handful of them for sale, so most collectors don't even knew it exsists! $25 for this gift to surprise and delight your favorite MOTU fan.

Vintage Smurf Village Pattern Sheet:

Vintage Smurfs Sheet for sale
The Smurfs have gotten a number of reboots over the years, but I think they're probably best remembered from their 80s cartoon show. This vintage sheet is from the era and has a really great all over print of the smurfs going on about their smurfing in their village. It's still in great shape, is $25 and would be perfect gift one of the many generations of Smurfs fans.

Vintage Poochie Jigsaw Puzzle:

80s poochie toy for sale
Poochie had a load of cutsey merchandise back in the early 80s and in turn lots of little girls loved the cute pink poodle who was basically the dog answer to Hello Kitty. This vintage puzzle has a great image of Poochie helping out another poodle in her boutique. At just $4 this cheap unique little gift is perfect for your favorite 80s girl.

Tranformers Record and Storybook:

Vintage 80s Transformers Book and Record for sale
Much like I remember stacks of softcover storybooks I remember loads of these book and record combos for various series. (records best played on fisher price record player of course) This Transformers book is in good shape for it's age and the accompanying record is in even better shape. This set is $10 and a really fun piece of nostalgia any Transformers fan would love to get as a gift. Double fun if you give it to someone with kids and watch them attempt to explain how the big black things can play music.

Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie Doll Pillow:

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie for sale
The kits that made these Strawberry shortcake shaped pillows must have been popular in the 80s because I still have the one my mom made me of Strawberry Shortcake herself and I've known mutiple people who had similar ones. This one is on the harder to find side and is of the lone  good male character in the series, Huckleberry Pie. Though it was handmade from an official kit it's sewn well and in great shape. $7 for this cutie to be the best throw pillow in your BFFs apartment.

Vintage Popples Pillow Case:

Vintage Popples Pillowcase for sale
The popularity of Popples is a bit confusing. They're fuzzy creatures that can turn into fuzzy balls. It's like a less committal take on transformers. Something about it was magical though, because I loved the Popples and so did a lot of others. This Pillow Case has a great all over pattern of the main popples from the 80s cartoon, is $10 and sure to bring a smile to the gift recipients face.

Vintage 80s G1 My Little Pony Sprinkles:

Vintage G1 My Little Pony for Sale
My Little Pony has rather successfully been rebooted as Friendship is magic, but many of us still love the cute chubby pastel ponies from the early days. With time and Pony customizers taking their toll G1s in good condition are getting hard to find in great shape. This Sprinkles however is in gorgeous gift shape! Just a few tiny age spots otherwise great paint and shiny silky hair, seriously amazing shape for a toys that's almost 30 years old. This is just $8 and would be sure to make any vintage pony fan squeal with delight.

Rainbow Brite Red Butler Plush Doll:

Rainbow Bride Red Butler Doll for sale
This is a little bit of cheat as this is a '00 era re-release of  Red Butler, but we couldn't make an 80's list and ignore Rainbow Brite! While newer (though it's still about 10 years old now) this has the same look as the vintage dolls. At 18 inches tall this is large doll and is sure to make an impression on the gift recipient and he's on sale for $10.

We have so many great 80s toys that it was hard to limit this list to just 15! So if you don't see something in this list we probably still have something great on our site just waiting to be discovered. This is especially true for Vintage Super Mario toys which didn't make this list but are a huge part of our inventory!

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