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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collection Update New Anime Cels

 It's been 6 months since our last cel gallery update, so we thought it was high time we shared our joy at acquiring new beauties with the world. We updated  19 new cels in our main gallery from several series. It's be a HUGE post if we reposted them all here, so here are just a few highlights. The biggest influx was new sailor moon cels, with 4 new pieces joining our collection. The highlight of that set is this gorgeous Tiger's Eye:

Tiger's eye urges you to look at his charming chapeau.

We had long admired this Tiger's eye in the original owner's gallery and immediately jumped at the chance to add him to our collection, but it almost didn't happen, read the story here. We added 3 other moon cels as well so check those and the rest of our moon cel collection out in our main gallery, Acetate Addiction.

Lots more after the jump:

Another section we added multiples to is CLAMP's X/1999 where we added 2 new lovlies. A lot of people don't like the film very much but most anime fans can't deny the the X movie cels are gorgeous.

Kanoe rarely looks so serene.
We'd Searched a long time for a great portrait shot of Kanoe with her head symbol fully visible. Luckily this one was updated during a dealer sale so we got this one at a significant discount too. ^_^ Visit her and our other new X cel (a Kamui) along with the rest of our  X cel collection. (please be aware that this gallery, though not the ones we linked directly, maybe NSFW as there is some character nudity.)

We also added a super cute my little pony commercial cels including this one from the Dream Castle Commercial:

Is there anything cuter than unicorns in love?

This is pretty much a perfect shot of the two unicorns and I LOVE unicorn cels! We also got a new shot of Peachy from a commercial as well , check out that and the rest of our MLP cels here

The last section that we added multiples to is our Random Video Game Cels section with 2 new cels from Pac-Man!:
Looks like there's been a power pellet pick up recently.
Inky, Blinky, Pinky Clyde & Sue. As far as we're concerned Clyde and Sue are the same ghost just with fluid gender identity, so it's interesting to see 5 ghost in this shot. Our other new Pac Man cel is great shot of Pacman himself making a hilarious face very similar to some you see in Pac-Man2.

Finally a one cel Glory, a beautiful shot of Mephisto from the Anime Classic Demon City Shinjuku:

"If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy c'mon sugar let me Knooow"

Mephisto may not sing Rod Stewart lyrics normally, but he is pretty much the perfect manifestation of Kawajiri's chracter designs and we mean that in the best possible way. It was added to our Miscellaneous section as we doubt we'll be adding more cels to this series but why not check out the whole section? It features cels from titles as diverse as Inuyasha and Perfect Blue with many more in between.

We hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our newest paint and plastic additions. Be sure to go to our main Gallery at Acetate Addiction  to see all our new additions and the rest of our collection.  And, while we didn't feature any of them here ,if you love cats be sure to check out our Millions of Cats cel gallery as we recently added some lovely kitties there as well.


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