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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Legends of Murder 2: Grey Haven Download

Strangely enough one of the most visited post on our blog is for our review of Legends of Murder 2: Greyhaven which we found strange as it's relatively unknown game. Checking the analytics it seems most people are coming to it looking to download the game itself and though it's taken us a while we finally have it available for anyone to download. Click the image below to get it and all the games off that big blue disk collection:

 Due to a change in our hosting we're currently not able to offer this game directly, but  it is available from my abandonware We've downloaded a working copy from that site ourselves to check it out but we are not in any other way associated with that site.

 We've most recently run this game on windows Vista using DosBox, but have also run it on various older OS's including XP, Windows98 & Windows 95 in the past.

We hope that you'll thoroughly enjoy it, it's really a fabulous game.

~Jen & Stephanie

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  1. It's gone! Any way you could upload it again?

  2. The file drops back to the dosbox prompt immediately. I am thinking that there is supposed to be more than just an exe file?

    Vol. 1 had several files with it,, .msg, .pic, etc files.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. May I ask what version of dosbox you are using, and whether or not you have modified the default dosbox.conf in any way?

  5. I'm using Dosbox 0.74 and I can't remember if I edited the config or not it's been a long time since I set it up.

    I'm trying to track down the issue with the files right now and hope to have a version that works for everyone up by Monday.

  6. Looking forward to what you find =)

  7. Just an update - I tried the latest compiled build of dosbox and I get the same problem. I have tried mounting the directory greyhave.exe sits in as the c:, I have tried turning off all upper memory management, and I have tried changing the machine type (cga, ega, & vgaonly), and I have tried all available options in the core/cpu section.

    At this point the only thing I can figure is there is a command line switch or something required.

  8. I finally just put together an entire .rar of most of the contents of that Big Blue Disk that's got Greyhaven on it and had one of my relatives test it on a completely different computer and it seems to be working that way. I'll be uploading it tonight.

  9. Thanks, I'll check it. I have confirmed that there is more than one file required to play the game. So the problem is you were only posting the exe.

  10. Game runs great now, thank you so much.

    The files specifically required for this include:


  11. I can't tell you how long I've been hunting for this game. THANK YOU!!!!

  12. Hello again. I see you now post a link to the offsite page. Is your rar of the entire disk still available. I have found that there is a sign language tutor on that same disk that would be very beneficial to locate.

  13. Hi, I'm of the admins at MyAbandonware, you have put a link back to our site in your post and it's cool, except for the url that is wrong. Could you remove the extra space at the end of the url please ?

    1. Sorry it took me so long, but it should be linked correctly now.

  14. I have killed all the monsters, but can't get into the cemetery. What more is there left to do? I'm stuck...

    1. I uploaded the original the contents of the original text file that came with the game. Which covers the graveyard and will hopefully get you unstuck. It's full of spoilers though so try not to read past the point where you're stuck, but if you get stuck again it'll be there to help you out. :)



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