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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sailor Moon Doll Spa

We get a lot of dolls, usually sailor moon, but occasionally others too, in the mail on a fairly regular basis. Often these dolls come to us in loved, over loved, ignored or even downright abused condition. We think that it's a shame to see those little lovelies in such a state so we treat almost every doll we receive (except the few that come to us mint) to Avane's Special doll spa.

First we disrobe them and let them soak in our solid marble pool filled with heated water drawn from Lake Superior and the finest cleansing bubbles with what the french call La shampooing des enfants. They clearly seem to enjoy being pampered:

Note the censor bars are for your protection and ours, excepting the two Setsunas and perhaps the unknown bandai blonde doll, these girls are all jailbait don't want any unpleasant accusations after all.

After a couple of hours leisurely soaking in the bubbles, we drain the pool and treat the dolls to an intensive total immersion full body steam soak, twice. This insures all dirt and debris and left over bubbles are rinsed away.

After that each doll has their faces and bodies carefully exfoliated before having their hair carefully combed and styled by one of our highly trained doll hair specialists. Great care is taken to keep hair as original and undamaged as possible, so sometimes this process can take an hour or more for just one doll. No pictures due to fear of trade secrets getting out (or because usually it's hard to take a shot of yourself combing doll hair)  During this time the previously removed clothing is soaked and then gently hand washed with Woolite in our exclusive marble wash basin (which looks strikingly similar to the main spa pool for some reason):

After each doll  and her corresponding clothing have had time to dry, the dolls are redressed, re-accessorized and re-primped for their debut to the world. As evidenced by this lovely Japanese Sailor Pluto Doll, who's now a lovely member of our collection.

I hope you've enjoyed your vicarious trip to the doll spa.


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